Killjoys: Michelle Lovretta Talks “Heist, Heist, Baby”

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*** Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Killjoys Season 3 episode “Heist, Heist, Baby” ***

The good news is that Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) now has a plan for her war against Aneela on Killjoys. The bad news is, that because of their connection, if she kills Aneela she’ll also be killing herself. This is a plan that no Killjoys viewer can be excited about, and hopefully one that D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) will be against as well. For now, he’s promised to keep her plan from John (Aaron Ashmore). While the end of the episode got a little dark, all in all this week’s episode was a good old fashioned mission for the trio.

In “Heist, Heist, Baby,” written by Julie Puckrin and directed by April Mullen, the team planned a heist to steal a weapon that will hopefully help them in their impending war. Along the way, they ran into old foe Jelco (Pascal Langdale) living in some very new circumstances. Aneela also tortured Gander (Ted Atherton) as she was finally reunited with Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen). With only two episodes remaining in Season 3 we have plenty of questions about what’s next for Killjoys. Showrunner and creator Michelle Lovretta joined us for her weekly discussion and provides some answers about that below.


The TV Junkies: Dutch’s plan is to kill Aneela, the only problem is that in doing so she’ll also kill herself. D’avin may have said he’s OK with that plan, but please tell me we’re not OK with that plan. I’m not OK with that plan!

Michelle Lovretta: Oh, I’m not sure anyone is OK with that plan! But the real question is – does a better plan exist, or not? Because with stakes this high, Generals don’t have the luxury of playing it safe, nor the latitude of choosing who is worth saving at the expense of all others. Everyone is at risk right now. Which is as it should be, this close to war.

TTVJ: It seems as though Dutch wants D’avin to stay quiet on this plan and keep it from Johnny. He’s not going to do that though, right? I mean, he’s got to tell Johnny.

ML: Episode 309 deals with that conflict directly, and it leads to some really lovely character moments for pretty much everyone. I’m not a big “let’s keep secrets for secrets sake” person so we never keep them long or for artificial drama. But I also know that in real life there really are moments when you hide things from someone you love as a supposed kindness to them… when in reality, it’s more about you hiding from something you aren’t ready to face. What Dutch is truly avoiding here isn’t John’s likely interference with her plan. She’s hiding from the unavoidable moment when she’ll have to say ‘”goodbye” to Johnny’s little beardy Jaqobis face. She just can’t yet, and I get that. She’s being a little emotionally cowardly here, sure, but I think that’s very real.

She’s also being hurtful to D’avin, without knowing it. Because what D’avin is hearing is “John wouldn’t be willing to let me die… but you would.” That’s weighing on him.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: We learned a little more about this mysterious Lady that seems to be leading the Hullen, and Aneela has a plan on how to deal with her. What can you share about Aneela’s next course of action against The Lady?

ML: Not a damn-ass thing. You’ll find out in the finale, Bridget. You can’t trick me into spoilers, BB, nice try!

TTVJ: I have to say how satisfying it was to see Gander finally get what he deserved, though thankfully you didn’t show us most of his torture. However, I did love getting to see Aneela take out that group of soldiers. Why was it important to show she’s also a skilled fighter and does Hannah do a lot of those fights herself?

ML: Can we applaud Ted Atherton here for a moment? Atherton makes Gander someone I love to hate and just all ‘round enjoy watching. “You put something inside me, Gander, now I’m putting something inside you” was such an intensely satisfying payback moment for Delle Seyah, and hopefully for the audience as well. Gander is a self-healing Hullen, so a fair amount of damage would have realistically been done to him by Aneela — but Delle Seyah’s ultimate vengeance cut deeper than torture ever could, no?

And man, yeah, I loved that fight scene! Even mid-fight Aneela has very different body and facial language from Dutch, which gives you a taste of how epic their final show down will be. As for Hannah, I’ve honestly never had stunt choreographers compliment an actor’s natural fighting skills to me more. Much of it is her which is why you see her face so often. As a fan I get a kick out of knowing how badass she is in real life; as a producer I’m just frankly grateful for how much time it saves us! But she definitely has a killer support team – truly important, often invisible work done by our stunt pros, coordinated by Alicia Turner and Ali Reid.

You also may have noticed Ms. Hannah’s in three big tentpole action franchises within three months next year – Ready Player One and the sequels of Lara Croft and Ant Man. Her fighting skills are gonna help her kick arse on the big screen. Honesty, I can’t wait. All screens need more Hannah John-Kamen.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: I find myself deeply invested in this relationship between Aneela and Delle Seyah, and it’s become quite the love story for those two. I then remember that they are evil queens and I should be hating them. Why was that relationship so important to develop and what do those two have up their sleeves in the next two episodes?

ML: Oh good! I love them, too. I’m not trying to make them evil or good, I just feel their rage and know why it drives them.

TTVJ: “Do you want to go and torture Gander for a bit?” A line only Killjoys can make seem like a comforting activity. I loved it!

ML: I loved Julie’s “do you want to torture Gander a bit” line, too! There’s another great line we had to cut from the cryo rescue scene that really embodies their relationship engine: Delle Seyah looks around in confusion at the dead Hullen and Aneela tells her shyly: “Some girls bring flowers. I brought you vengeance.”

I think Shared Vengeance is, like, ideal third date material for these warrior queens.

And there’s more for them ahead. Buckle up, Buttercup.

TTVJ: Can you give any hints as to what has been done to Delle Seyah?

ML: I can tell you that one of the best things about heading into Episode 9 of a 10 episode season like ours is that you won’t have long to wait for that answer. Like, say, maybe seven more days, give or take–?

I will say that the answer is both a little horrifying and a little hilarious, depending upon your POV.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: I never thought I’d say this, but I enjoyed seeing Jelco this week. How do you guys make someone who was basically a shoo-in as “The Worst” into someone I was actually rooting for? Also, why did you want to bring him back into the fold this season? On a similar note, I kind of loved Borna in her brief Season 2 appearance so the fact you guys brought her back also made me smile.

ML: How can you NOT root for …Borco? Jelna?? Whatever, they’re adorable. That’s totally to Adam Barken’s credit, along of course with writer Julie and the actors themselves. Last year we shot Jelco’s death scene in 209, but also shot a version where we could leave it more open ended (the version we went with in edit). That’s because Adam was really excited about the thought of what Jelco might do next. He pitched out that Jelco might run back to Borna, make a deal for her protection, and eventually fall in love but have to really work at wooing her. We’ve had that in our back pocket ever since.

TTVJ: What can you share about what Season 3’s penultimate episode will bring?

ML: This is a straight up Adam Barken-baked cake, and one of my favorite eps of the series so far. It has one of our funniest scenes, one of our most romantic, a crazy twist, an epic Dutch fight… and heartbreak. Prepare yourself for a real treat from our amazing cast as the chips begin to fall: John and Delle Seyah will finally face off, as Dutch and D’avin fight for Dutch’s life.

Don’t miss it. It’s Reckoning Night, y’all, and anything can happen…

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