Killjoys: Michelle Lovretta Talks “Boondoggie”

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*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys Season 3 episode “Boondoggie” ***

Well Killjoys fans we don’t know about you, but it sure felt good to return to the Quad! The Season 3 premiere wasted no time in thrusting us back into the world of space bounty hunters, Hullen and Hackmods! War is on the horizon and one thing we’re sure is that Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) is ready for the fight! While she think she may be ready for Aneela, her doppleganger, it was quite the surprise when Turin (Patrick Garrow) revealed that armada of cloaked Hullen ships. Elsewhere, John (Aaron Ashmore) followed a missing Clara to Rat City, where he went undercover into the world of Hackmods with Ollie (Tommie-Amber Pirie).

In order to get a deeper look at everything that went down in this week’s episode of Killjoys, “Boondoggie,” written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Stefan Pleszczynskias well as get an idea of what is still to come, The TV Junkies spoke with creator and showrunner Lovretta. Just as we did in Season 2, readers can expect these type of post-episode breakdowns after every Killjoys episode this season. Our interviews with Lovretta will go live as soon as the show is done with its Friday airing on Syfy and Space Channel (around 9 p.m. ET). As always, we invite fans to join in on the discussion, and add their thoughts and predictions about the show in the comments below.


The TV Junkies: We know Dutch and the team are facing a war versus the Hullen, but the reveal of all those cloaked ships drove home how big of an enemy they are up against. What kind of fight does Dutch have ahead of her this season with the Hullen and Aneela?

Michelle Lovretta: Big fights, sexy fights, funny fights – we got em all this year. Hell, we have them all just in the first episode. But the season is split into two main fights for Dutch: the definitive underdog kind, when it comes to Killjoys vs Hullen; and the painfully personal kind, when we’re talking Dutch vs Aneela. Dutch has her hands full with both of those battles this year, but in the best of ways.

I love seeing all these new shades of Dutch in Season 3 – she’s a complicated hero played by a really gifted actress, and we’d be wasting that if we didn’t evolve and challenge both Dutch and Hannah in unique ways each year. After burying her father-figure at the end of Season 2, Dutch seems really centered and confident this year and just different, somehow. Unburdened. She’s fully her own woman, making her own free choices without running from anything, and I’m so here for that journey.

TTVJ: Speaking of the ships, Turin mentioned that they haven’t been able to open them yet, but D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) was able to. Any hints as to what that was about?

ML: It’s all a continuation of D’avin’s odd connection to Khlyen (and the green) that we first introduced in 201. We’ll dig deeper into the ship stuff again in 303, and what the team discovers in that episode ultimately leads them to a whopper of origin-backstory goodness in 307. You won’t want to miss that one, it shakes the whole series.

Syfy/Bell Media
Syfy/Bell Media

TTVJ: I really love when we get a chance for Luke to do some comedy as D’avin. With the seriousness of Dutch and John’s stories this year can we expect D’avin to keep filling that comedic role?

ML: Oh yeah, one of my great joys as a writer on this show has been realizing how goddamn funny Luke is, and we gleefully exploit the balls out of that in Season 3, no mistake. He has made the D’avin character better and more nuanced than I ever could on my own, and I’m so grateful. But you know, it’s odd – maybe my humor-versus-trauma sensor is busted, but I don’t really think the John or Dutch storylines are all that dark this year, compared to emo Season 2?

Personally, I think this season is pretty damn zippy and light and hilarious and even romantic at times, despite these huge looming stakes of coming war. Or maybe because of them. Last year we ripped open all of our hearts and dug a few necessary graves. The team faced their worst demons, took their licks, and grew up a bit in exchange. NOW they’re ready for the big fight, because they know on a deeply personal level what everyone in the Quad stands to lose if they fail. This unified focus really brings them closer as a loving little oddball family.

TTVJ: It was a little disappointing to not see Clara in the premiere, but I really enjoyed Ollie, who coincidentally had Clara’s arm, Alice. It seems like Johnny always finds super cool ladies to pair up with and that’s why I’m hoping Ollie will be sticking around for a while. What’s going on with Clara and will Ollie prove Johnny wrong about people always leaving him?

ML: Stay tuned! This season we’re giving out answers like Oprah dealing out cars-and-bees, y’all. There were a few unplanned behind the scenes turns for us this year but it’s kind of great to sit back now and see how many amazing things came out of that. With showrunning you spend so much of your time running around trying to control everything and trite as it sounds, sometimes the greatest rewards really are the ones you couldn’t see coming. Tommie (and her smartass Ollie) is one of those happy surprises I’m thrilled about. I can’t say too much without spoiling some Episode 302 stuff or ruining the overall magic, I’ll just say Tommie and especially Aaron know how much love and respect I have for their hard work (ditto our badass directors Stefan and Andy [Mikita]) and for sticking the landing together on a really deeply beautiful, emotionally challenging, and exciting story arc. I love, love, love their storyline together, and you get more of it in 302.

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Syfy/Bell Media

TTVJ: We go to Rat City in the premiere and really get a look for the first time at this world of the Hackmods, and it seems like it’s going to let you discuss some pretty major themes such as disabilities, human rights and choice over our own bodies. What should we expect from the Hackmod world this year?

ML: Yeah, bodily autonomy, agency and consent are probably my biggest hot button issues so they usually pop up in my work, but the Hackmod culture is definitely a new way for me to explore those things through a science fiction and futurism lens. My nerdy heart is just really curious about how future technology may merge with our physiology, and what that will do to our culture, our laws, and our prejudices. Also, like most human beings I have people in my extended family with various disabilities and frankly we just don’t see them centered enough in fictional worlds, and this was our chance to put them out there as aspirational badasses. Yeah, they’re disabled – they’re also futuristic superheroes who can kick your ass. Owning both those identities at once is something you don’t often see, and I really wanted to, so …that’s what I wrote.

Best damn part about writing is the power to make happen the stories you personally want to see. If the fans enjoy this storyline I hope they shout that out to us, because I want to go back there. I think there’s a lot more of the Hackmod story to tell.

TTVJ: I loved that even though they were apart, we still got some really great Dutch and John moments. Any indication on how long we’re going to see them apart, especially since last season was pretty rough at times on their relationship?

ML: Dutch and John got their BFF growing pains out of the way last year and are a solid team again once he returns to the fold… which happens pretty soon, promise! But even when they’re “apart”, I couldn’t keep them apart because their stupid friendship owns my stupid heart. One of my favorite scenes this episode is that last one between John and Dutch. Ugh, every time I watch it, I’m dead.

I broke two very different versions of 301 in the early days, but in both of them that “messages in a bottle” format featured, because I was so in love with those little oases of contact between Dutch and Johnny and how quietly meaningful those moments were for them. You’ve lived a good life if you’ve ever had a friend who means that much to you and vice versa. The true friendships in my life have been gut-deep and life changing, and I will never tire of honoring them on screen. John and Dutch let me do that every season, bless those beautiful dorks forever.


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