Killjoys’ Mayko Nguyen on What Makes Delle Seyah the Perfect Ally for Aneela

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

A war is being waged between queens on Killjoys this season. On one side is Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), working with John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane), to fight the enormous power and strength that is her doppleganger Aneela. Through it all, Aneela has found herself an unlikely ally in Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen), former member of the Nine, who John thought he killed at the end of last season. Viewers still aren’t quite sure why Aneela is so intrigued and happy to have Delle Seyah by her side, but we’re guessing we’ll get an idea soon.

While we still very much hate and are upset with Delle Seyah for killing Pawter (Sarah Power), there’s a part of us here at The TV Junkies very happy to have one of those “love to hate” characters back on the show. Speaking of hate, Aneela’s right hand man Gander (Ted Atherton) isn’t a huge Delle Seyah fan either. Will he be right about Aneela only seeing Delle Seyah as a new toy who will quickly lose its shine? To get all those answers, as well as some more insight into one of Killjoys more delicious characters, The TV Junkies spoke exclusively to Nguyen. The Vancouver native has appeared on Slasher, Rookie Blue and Cracked, and also discussed what it’s like working with a different version of John-Kamen as she plays Aneela.


The TV Junkies: Delle Seyah has long been one of my favorite side Killjoys characters. What did you think when you found out she was not only going to be back, but playing such a big role this season?

Mayko Nguyen: I had no idea that I was coming back until close to the third season. I then knew I was coming back, but I didn’t know what was in store for my character. I don’t think I necessarily knew it was in a big way, and just thought it’d be like every other year where there’s a few episodes I feature in. This year though, Delle Seyah definitely plays a much bigger part. The show unfolds as we go and we never really get a heads up as to what the endgame is, so I didn’t realize, really.

TTVJ: Delle Seyah’s on board Aneela’s ship and Aneela really seems to be intrigued by her. Why is that and why is Aneela keeping her around?

MN: I think Aneela has been alone a lot of her life, and as much as she’s got this insanity about her, she’s very vulnerable and I think a bit lost. From Delle Seyah’s vantage point Aneela’s very lonely and, while she has people around her, they are all her minions, and she has no one she can be friends with. Delle Seyah is a bit more on her level and my guess is that she just needs a friend. Delle Seyah is somebody who is a similar creature.

TTVJ: It’s amazing the work Hannah is doing as Aneela, she’s so completely different than Dutch.

MN: Oh, it’s just so good! I remember my first day on set when I saw Aneela for the first time, as an actor I just thought ‘whoa! This is crazy!’ I’m so used to being around Dutch, and they are vastly different, so it’s really fascinating to watch her switch between the two.

TTVJ: I agree, because the voice and everything she is doing is just so great and so crazy.

MN: Right? Even the pace of her character is different and the tone is just completely different!

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: You’re still working with Hannah, but for viewers, we’re not getting to see Delle Seyah and Dutch back and forth which, admittedly, was one of my favorite relationships on the show. Do you miss the hate flirting as much as I do?

MN: Oh, absolutely! Absolutely! All of that was so much fun! I was getting to the point of ‘where is this relationship going to go?’ So I am curious still as to what will happen with Dutch and Delle Seyah, and also how this alliance with Aneela will inform Delle Seyah’s relationship with Dutch. I definitely miss the Dutch stuff for sure.

TTVJ: Speaking of hate, Gander is not too happy at all to have Delle Seyah on board with Aneela. Why does he have so much contempt for her?

MN: It’s really simple, because Delle Seyah has an in to Aneela that he doesn’t. He’s not somebody that can get close and he’s got a working relationship with Aneela, but he can’t get close to her the way Delle Seyah can. He wants to rise in his position and there’s things he can get out of Aneela, but Delle Seyah is in a position where she can usurp him and get closer to Aneela, where he can’t.

TTVJ: We saw Delle Seyah try to get some revenge on Johnny for shooting her. She seems like someone who doesn’t easily get over that. Will she still be out to get him in some way?

MN: [laughs] No, she’s not. Now with Aneela and this relationship burgeoning, there’s so much more. At the end of the day, while she’s out to get Jaqobis, her endgame is really Dutch. With this alliance with Aneela the picture gets bigger, so I think she’s looking forward to seeing Jaqobis again, but she’s got bigger plans. It’s not pressing and she’s not too devastated the warrant was called off because there’s other things brewing.


Are you happy Delle Seyah is still around this season? What do you think she and Aneela have planned? Add your thoughts below!

Killjoys airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.