Killjoys’ Writer Julie Puckrin Previews What’s Next For Dutch

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“What now?” That’s the question not only Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), but many a Killjoys viewer is now asking themselves after last week’s revealing episode of the Syfy and Space Channel drama. After wondering about her true origins, and just what her tie to Aneela may be, Dutch finally discovered that she was extracted from the green plasma by Aneela, essentially giving her the life Aneela would have had if she were not Hullen. It’s a revelation that is sure to have many ramifications, especially on Dutch, as Season 3 continues this week.

Dutch will try to distract herself from that news though in “Heist, Heist, Baby,” written by Julie Puckrin and directed by April Mullen. Dutch, John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) all work together to plan a dangerous theft on an armored convoy as they continue planning for their impending war with Aneela. Meanwhile, Aneela will find herself desperately searching for Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen). Killjoys writer Puckrin, who joined the show in Season 3, previewed for The TV Junkies what to expect this week. She has also written for shows such as X Company and Motive and discussed what it was like joining the Killjoys team this year.


The TV Junkies: This is your first season writing on Killjoys. What was it like joining the show and Michelle Lovretta’s writing room?

Julie Puckrin: Killjoys was a blast! Michelle was so welcoming and collaborative. And obviously, she is hilarious. All the Killjoys writers are very smart, funny humans. Michelle assembled a great team, and we laughed a lot. It can be a little intimidating to join a show in its third season – there is a lot of history, and these are fully formed characters, with an established fan base that you want to do right by. But the whole team was so supportive, they made it easy.

TTVJ: Were you a fan of Killjoys before joining? It’s definitely got its own style and fun vibe to it. What are the challenges of trying to get into “Killjoys-mode”?

JP: I was a fan! I hadn’t seen anything that fresh and fun since Firefly. Michelle has built an incredible world around Dutch, and the RAC, and the Hullen. There’s a lot of rich mythology there, and I was excited to get to play with it. But what makes Killjoys, Killjoys, is obviously Michelle’s slick, sparkly style. You always want to do your best to mimic your showrunner’s voice, and having never written comedy before, that was certainly something I worried about – whether or not I would be able to nail that Lovretta wit and sass. I don’t know if I was completely successful, but I do know I made her laugh, which felt pretty great.

TTVJ: You also spent some time on X Company, a show where the theme was the importance of the resistance, and that feels more important than ever. I think about the show a lot lately with everything going, and I was just curious if you do the same and what being a part of that was like?

JP: I do think about X Company a lot. We filmed in Hungary, and being there, where so many of these terrible events happened, the history feels very immediate. The things I’d read about in my research happened right there, on the streets I was standing on, and not that long ago. I think sometimes, being in North America, it’s very easy to have a kind of naiveté that comes from distance. We all know the history, but it feels so far away – it happened in another place, in another time. That kind of thing could never happen here. But of course, it absolutely can, and North America has its own dark history. When I was doing the research, and writing the characters on X Company, I often wondered – would I have their strength? In this situation, faced with this choice, who would I have been? And now, a year later, that question has new urgency.

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TTVJ: Dutch learned some pretty major news about herself last week, basically that she and Aneela are the same person. How is she dealing with that news this week?

JP: I think Dutch is processing in a very Dutch way. She’s just learned she is basically someone else’s memory personified. She hasn’t told any of the other team members, as she’s been turning that over, trying to wrap her head around it. But she’s also a born leader, and these are the people she loves most. So she’s protecting them – and herself – until she’s figured out what this all means. She knows there’s a war coming, and it’s going to change them all forever, so in the time they have left, she’s going to live in the moment and enjoy one last Killjoys-style mission to the fullest.

TTVJ: What are the challenges for you in writing the episode that follows such a huge one like that? Who Dutch is and her connection to Khlyen, those are questions we’ve been asking since the beginning of the series. I have to imagine it’s hard to write the episode that’s a follow up to that.

JP: Absolutely, 307 was a very powerful episode! Dutch and the team have been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff this season. We were all feeling the need to have a little levity – to let our Killjoys take a breath, have some fun, and be Killjoys before the race to the finale (which of course, is going to be intense). The heart of the show is the relationship between Dutch, Johnny and D’av. They’ve been torn in a lot of different directions this season. We really wanted to let them have a chance to come together as a team and have some fun – one last hurrah before the shadow of war descends.

TTVJ: The other surprising thing that happened is that Delle Seyah seems to have been impregnated by Gander and the Hullen. Will we see more of that story this week and how Aneela may react to this news? We already know she wasn’t happy (at all!) that Delle Seyah was taken.

JP: Yes! We all really love the relationship that’s building between Aneela and Delle Seyah. It was really important to Michelle that no matter what these two characters have been through, the emotions and connection between them was genuine. And I think as we explore Delle Seyah’s pregnancy – and what it could mean to the war – we will see the strength of that connection.

TTVJ: Did you find that you have a favorite Killjoys character to write for?

JP: I love them all! D’av is an awful lot of fun. He’s obviously very strong, and brave – but it’s so much fun to put him in awkward, ridiculous situations. Luke is so great at self-deprecating humor. He gives D’av this great dignity, so he can be in these really silly situations, but we’re always laughing with him, never at him. Hannah is great at that too – Dutch is strong and badass, but it’s fun to see her be a little silly sometimes.


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Killjoys airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.