Killjoys Cast Prepares to Say Goodbye


As much as it pains us to say, the end of Killjoys will soon be upon us. The fifth and final season of the SYFY and Space Channel space adventure series premieres on Friday, July 19 at 10 p.m. ET. If you’re anything like us here at The TV Junkies, then you’re not prepared to say goodbye just yet to space bounty hunters Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) as they prepare to face their biggest enemy yet, The Lady.

When approaching the final season, showrunner Adam Barken said “there was certainly a feeling of ‘what do we have to pay off? What have we promised in the past?’” while we were on a set visit last summer during filming of Season 5. When SYFY and Space renewed Killjoys for Season 4, they also renewed it for Season 5, allowing the writers, actors and everyone involved with the show to give it a proper ending. This was something that John-Kamen said was especially nice because it allowed for “a wonderful kind of closure because we know that we’re going to say goodbye to the show.”

When we visited the set, the Killjoys team was still early on in filming of Season 5, but Ashmore told us that fans can expect that the show is “always jam-packed and interesting how we get from A to B.” John-Kamen quickly added that Season 5 is no different from other seasons of the show, saying they’ve always had “that blender of emotion, anxiety and excitement.” Macfarlane shared that the cast is just like many viewers who want to see a satisfying final season. “We all really care so much about our characters at this point. Let’s make sure we land this plane as good as possible,” he said.

Caring deeply about the Killjoys characters means that saying goodbye to them is going to be even harder. As for what the actors will miss most though? “For me, one of the coolest things playing this character is all these vulnerable moments and getting to kick butt and do all these things you want to do in real life,” said Ashmore. Kelly McCormack, who plays the nerdy feminist hero Zeph, she wondered whether she would “ever have this opportunity again? I don’t know. The synchronicity of the writers with the actors is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

McCormack and the cast say the Killjoys writers deserve a ton of credit for really bringing many real life bits of the actors to the characters that they play on screen. “There’s been two times I’ve read the script and I’ve started crying because I thought ‘how can I be so lucky for people to see me so clearly and go ‘Kelly will get this. Kelly wants to say this stuff. This is how Kelly thinks about the world, let’s give her this moment.’’ It’s so hard and I can’t believe it’s ending,” said McCormack.

Just as in the show on screen, where Dutch, Johnny and D’av fight off some of the galaxy’s scariest foes, at the end of the day, everything comes down to the people, to their family and that’s who they are fighting for. The same goes for star John-Kamen, who said the absolute biggest thing she will miss about Killjoys is “just laughing every day, and being part of Team Awesome Force with these guys here is just something that’s completely brought a smile to my soul. It’s been incredible, to not just work with Aaron and Luke, but to work with Johnny and D’avin and to explore the amazing journey we’ve all been through.”


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Killjoys Season 5 premieres Friday, July 19 at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY and Space.