Killjoys: Julian Doucet Talks “Bro-d Trip”

Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY
Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY

*** This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys Season 4 episode “Bro-d Trip” ***

Killjoys took us on the road trip to hell this week, as John (Aaron Ashmore) continues to lose his mind over the Green. “Bro-D Trip,” written by Julian Doucet and directed by Samir Rehem, finally brought the team back together–if only it were under better circumstances.

Once again Ashmore pulled out a great performance as Johnny fell deeper into insanity, with only an imaginary Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) acting as his conscience. When all was said and done, the real Dutch was forced to shoot him in the back as he tried–for the second time–to kill D’avin (Luke Macfarlane). All the while Zeph (Kelly McCormack), Pip (Atticus Mitchell), and Pree (Thom Allison) risked life and limb to rescue Lucy (Tamsen McDonough)–who put herself in self-preservation mode–and track down the boys. And Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen)? Well, no need to worry, she could handle herself just fine, even in the face of getting sold for her, and her baby’s, organs.

This week The TV Junkies are joined by Doucet for our weekly postmorterm, who shares his thoughts on writing Hullen Johnny and why Aaron Ashmore is the show’s “secret weapon.” We also dive into what will happen now that Dutch is back, Delle Seyah as a mother, and a deleted scene between Pree and Gared.


The TV Junkies: First and foremost, Aaron Ashmore did a phenomenal job in this episode. He really was hilarious, frightening, and heartbreaking all at once. From a writer’s perspective, what was it like to see such a kindhearted character take a turn like this?

Julian Doucet: It was such a salty treat to dial Johnny’s supernova charm to wicked, because it’s a very special actor who can flirt with fratricide and the audience still roots for him. Aaron Ashmore is our secret weapon. He wins all the acting Olympics. We’re constantly blown away with how damn easy he makes it all. The man has chemistry with anyone he plays against. Half his scenes are with a bodiless A.I. and they’re the hardest shipped couple on the show.

As a writer, it wasn’t just tasty fun to take Johnny to a darker place, but also almost necessary. The series leans on Johnny–and Aaron–really hard: to carry the heart, to come up with the amazing solve, to bring the joy. But John has been through some tough shit and done amazing things. I think we all take that for granted a little bit. A forced Hullenization lets Johnny come out swinging. All the hard stuff he’d never say to Dutch or D’av because it might hurt them, even if it’s true, comes pouring out. In a weird way, Hullenizing John allowed us to let the character put himself first for maybe the first time in his life. Yes, that’s because the Hullen are sociopathic narcissists, but no one said inner growth was easy.

TTVJ: How is D’avin in all of this? His little brother genuinely tried to kill him, so is this going to hurt their relationship moving forward?

JD: Weirdly, I think it’s going to help. Hullen Johnny doesn’t keep it in or play it noble. All of the private hurts and worries regular Johnny hid from D’av get thrown in his brother’s face. As icky and awkward as it will be, they’ll be in a more honest place with each other. Will there be fallout? Sure. But their cards are on the table now.

Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY
Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY

TTVJ: Now that Dutch is back, Team Awesome Force is technically back together, though not in the best of circumstances. How will Dutch react to Hullen Johnny?

JD: Um… We all agree that Dutch isn’t a feelings ninja, right? They give her the sweats–glowy, gorgeous sweats. And without Johnny to walk her through them? Well, it’s a safe bet she’s going to direct any guilt and rage she feels into some not so super choices.

TTVJ: Mayko Nguyen was another huge standout for me in this episode. How important was it to show Delle Seyah was fully capable of handling herself even when she’s just days away from giving birth?

JD: Delle Seyah would have my manbits if I didn’t say she’s always fully capable of handling herself–nine months pregnant or not. As writers, we keep trying to find what will rattle that perfect chignon of hers. So far, Aneela is the only thing that’s come close. I think Delle Seyah is still reeling that Aneela grifted her heart from the uncrackable safe she kept it in. And when you have an actor like Mayko, you don’t just give her the Kendry colours to play with. You give her the whole damn box.

TTVJ: She also had what some could consider a tender moment with her protégée on the debtors colony. Is that a sneak preview of a motherly Delle Seyah?

JD: Not so much a preview as a sample. Delle Seyah‘s mothering is more realpolitik realness than kisses and cookies. Mama Bear is too soft for Delle Seyah. She’s a Mama T-Rex.

Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY
Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY

TTVJ: Killjoys is no stranger to subverting gender stereotypes, so it was fun to see Zeph be the one to put the brakes on any emotional attachments in her and Pip’s sex life. But how long can Pip deny his feelings?

JD: Pip has never been good at denying himself anything. Runs against Qreshi DNA. But Pip worked in sales a long time, trading in valuable intel, so he knows that every customer needs a different pitch. What I can say is that Pip really, really, really doesn’t want to blow this deal. And no one is more surprised by this than Pip himself.

TTVJ: Pip and Pree have officially become deputized Killjoys in one of the episode’s most surprisingly heartwarming scenes. Will those two get to continue revelling in their new Killjoy status?

JD: Pree and Pip don’t need a badge to revel. Or an excuse. But will they use their badge to skip the line at the spaceport and not pay duty on rare vintages? You bet your tush they will.

TTVJ: The official photos for this episode showed what looked like an adorable moment between Pree and Gared, but it wasn’t in the episode. Was that from a deleted scene?

JD: Sure was. But it, heartbreakingly, got cut for time. One for the Blu-Ray…

Here’s a little peek behind the cutting room floor curtain: the kiss happened at the beginning of the episode just before Pip and Zeph talked about their Hail Mary hook-ups on the RAC. Pip was watching Pree and Gared say a sexy, snappy goodbye. Gared was leaving for Westerley to take care of the Royale and Pree was giving him his marching orders. Pip feels a little jealous of how openly affectionate the newlyweds are and starts sulking. Zeph picks up on this and calls him out on it. The rest plays out as it is in the episode.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: The Green crystallized when Dutch emerged from it. What can you share about some of the potential consequences of that, or why it happened in the first place?

JD: I can say that how and why the Green was sealed will be revealed next episode. The consequences are pretty straightforward: The Green is how the Hullen share memories and communicate. It’s what powers their ships and the source of their immortality. So crystallized Green means the phone lines are cut, the gas tank is emptied, but you’ll stay immortal forever because you can’t poison a frozen pool.

TTVJ: Delle Seyah is about to go into labor with an unstable Hullen on board. How worried should we be for everyone next episode?

JD: Buy stock in Kleenex because you’re going to bust a gut and cry your eyes out. Delle Seyah and D’avin in the delivery room will give you life. Literally.


What do you think will happen now that Team Awesome Force is back together? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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