Killjoys: Nikolijne Troubetzkoy Talks “Blame it on the Rain”

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*** This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys Season 5 episode “Blame it on the Rain” ***

Things have to get worse before they can get better. Isn’t that what they say? That’s certainly the case for Dutch and Co. after this week’s episode of Killjoys. Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) finally succeeded in snapping John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) out of The Lady’s memory wipe, but before they could do any real damage, the team found themselves captured by her forces. This leaves them in a pretty dire situation given they had just learned that they had 27 days left of breathable air.

Dutch was only able to succeed as far as she did thanks to the efforts of Zeph (Kelly McCormack), but unfortunately even Zeph finally succumbed to the rain and loss of memory by episode’s end. “Blame it on the Rain,” written by Nikolijne Troubetzkoy and directed by Peter Stebbings, also introduced a new form for The Lady, as actress Alanna Bale (Cardinal) joins the cast. Just as we do here every week, The TV Junkies went to writer of the episode, in this case Troubetzkoy, to break down everything that happened and look ahead to next week.


The TV Junkies At the end of the episode it seems like Khlyen has sacrificed Jaq in order to save Dutch. We know he will do whatever it takes for his girls, but did he really sacrifice his grandson? What fallout can we expect?

Nikolijne Troubetzkoy: Oh Khlyen… What will he do?! Obviously I can’t give you guys any spoilers, but it’s a juicy question isn’t it? Does he love Dutch enough to sacrifice Jaq for her? Is he even capable of that kind of human emotion? Has the Lady finally broken him? Does he have a secret plan tucked up one of those oh so elegant sleeves? Only Episode 3 will tell…

To me, the underlying thematic questions we’re exploring with Killjoys have always been about family. Has this ragtag group of rebels and ruffians finally become one? Is it the family you choose or the family you were born with? Can you ever actually break away from the family you were born with? Episode 502 really drills down on that overarching question to ask whether Dutch can ever actually trust the family she was “born” with, or whether they will always ultimately betray her…

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TTVJ: Can you talk a little about Alanna Bale, who we now know will be playing The Lady this season? What did the writers think once they saw Alanna in the role?

NT: Peter Stebbings, our amazing director for 501 and 502, and I were on set for Alanna’s first shot, and we both pretty much lost our shit when we saw her first take. She’s creepy! Terrifying! Powerful! Otherworldly! Literally everything we knew Michelle was praying for The Lady to be: an eerie being from another dimension who will turn you inside out and eat you alive!!! The writing room had been thinking about The Lady for… well, pretty much forever. We had so many different possibilities of who she was, what she was and what she should look like running through our heads for (literal) years… so, to snag someone who was able to exceed all that was a real win for us. Alanna’s an amazing talent with a bright future ahead of her. I can’t wait for the chance to work with her again.

TTVJ: Our Killjoys trio seems to have gotten their memories back but find themselves pretty trapped by the Lady’s forces. Where do they go from here?

NT: Oh, you know… where there’s a will, there’s a way and where there’s a Dutch… there’s definitely a top notch escape plan. I wouldn’t worry about whether Dutch, John and D’av will find a way to escape The Lady’s clutches. The real question is: What the mother-sucking balls are they going to do then? It’s one thing to take on the baddest bitch in the J when you have an entire Hullen Armada at your disposal; it’s another thing to do it when you’re outmanned, outgunned and possibly even… outsmarted? Will Dutch and the boys be able to find a way to take the Lady on before she destroys Westerley? And if they do… will it be at the cost of their own lives? This is the last season, people. Nothing is off the table.

TTVJ: Zeph, who really has been a MVP so far this season, finally succumbs to the rain and now seems to have had her mind wiped with the rest of Westerley. Is there any hope that she may find the clues she left herself and remember how to help Dutch and Co.?

NT: I think we can all rest assured that if anyone can follow that blood soaked breadcrumb trail back to the source and figure out what’s going on… it’s Zeph. There are so many other questions through… Well, actually there’s really only one that matters: Who will Zeph become under the influence of the memory wipe? A traveling Hokk saleswoman? An aspiring musician? A… debutante? Oh yeah, there is one more question: Will The Lady and her hench-things kill Zeph before she gets her memory back?

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TTVJ: One of the most fun things from the memory wipe has been seeing our beloved characters in new elements or with a twist. This week we saw both Fancy and Turin. What kind of a challenge did the memory wipe pose for you as a writer? Did you have fun with it?

NT: So much fun! 501 and 502 were challenging episodes to break in terms of figuring out the how and the why of the logic behind it all, but mostly they were just plain fun. Reconceiving the characters we and our fans think we know inside and out was the most fun of all. I like to think that who each of our characters become during the memory wipe is the secret little part of themselves that they most wish they could let out. I mean… who’s to say that deep down in his heart, Turin isn’t an enlightened zen drug dealer? And that Dutch wouldn’t make a kick ass bartender?

TTVJ: One of the episode’s best moments was Dutch and the flamethrower! So awesome! Was that part of the script from the beginning? What was it like for Hannah to shoot with that?

NT: Right?! The flamethrower! The flamethrower! All hail the flamethrower! Um… so yeah, the flamethrower was in the script from the very first conception of the episode and to be honest with you: I NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS THOUGHT IT WOULD ACTUALLY END UP ON SCREEN. Lovretta is the world’s biggest Aliens fan and when we first started talking about 502, she said she wanted the end of 502 to be a homage to the sequence at the end of the movie where Ripley burns the nest, and I was like: “Ok, so I know this is Canadian television, but… oh hey, why don’t I put an actual flamethrower in this script and just see what happens.” I never expected it to live. I mostly just thought it would give people the idea of what we were going for in the episode and then Matt Tulk and our amazing special effects team would come up with something equally cool that was actually feasible.

Taking an episode from the initial idea all the way through to getting it on screen is a long road with lots of dead bodies across the road and every time we came up against one of those, I would think to myself: “Brace yourself, lady-friend; this is the moment where the flamethrower gets cut.” It was a shock to me that it never did. Everyone just went with it like we were all under some sort of collective delusion… I like to call it “the miracle of the flamethrower”. Or “the little flamethrower that could”. Or “the flamethrower that never stops giving”.

Hannah (although I’m pretty sure she would have been game) was not allowed to hold the actual flamethrower. I mean… it’s an actual gun that throws ten-foot-long jets of fire! And she’s the person this entire show depends on! Credit for that goes to our amazing stunts team headed up by Alicia Turner, and Ashley Kraayeveld — who played flamethrower Dutch on the day.

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TTVJ: What can you share about what fans should expect from next week’s episode?

NT: I don’t want to tell you much, but I will tell you this: it’s my favourite! 503 is a totally out of the box episode written by Derek Robertson and Vivian Lin. If you thought 501 and 502 turned the quad upside down when our sassy team of Killjoys loses their memories… 503 really turns things upside down when one of our happy little family of heroes turns on the others. It’s a twisty psychological drama that asks the question: how do you fight the person who knows you best?


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