Killjoys: Adam Barken Talks “Reckoning Ball”

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*** This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys Season 3 episode “Reckoning Ball”***

Well any warm fuzzies Killjoys fans may have been feeling over Aneela (Hannah John-Kamen) these past few weeks just flew right out the window! At the end of this week’s episode, where everyone is making their last moments count on Reckoning Night, Aneela posed as Dutch and went to see Alvis (Morgan Kelly). Once there, she took matters into her own hands and shockingly, killed the monk, making it clear that this war has finally come to Dutch’s home. Will Dutch continue with her plan to kill Aneela, even though it means death for her as well? Now that John (Aaron Ashmore) is aware of the plan, will he and D’avin (Luke MacFarlane) be able to stop her?

John had his hands pretty full in “Reckoning Ball,” written by Adam Barken and directed by Peter Stebbings, as Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) paid him a visit during an act of parlay. She wanted his help discovering just what the Hullen impregnated her with, and as it turns out, it’s a baby with D’avin and Aneela as its parents. This was also the perfect opportunity for John to finally confront Delle Seyah about killing Pawter (Sarah Power) in Season 2. In order to break down Season 3’s penultimate episode even further, we spoke with co-executive producer Barken to get all the details.


The TV Junkies: It wouldn’t be a great penultimate episode if we didn’t head into the finale on a bit of a shocking note. Here we saw Aneela, posing as Dutch, board Alvis’ ship and kill him. What is going on there, and were you guys as sad as me to lose Alvis and Morgan Kelly?

Adam Barken: Devastated. Alvis (and Morgan) have been a part of this show from the very first episode, and one my absolute favorite aspects of Michelle’s world building has always been the religious component. But… it’s war. And that means no one can be safe. Alvis has always been a constant for Dutch. Even when he was struggling with his own crisis of faith in Season 2, he was one person Dutch could look to as a trusted advisor – and friend. And hookup buddy. So yeah. This one hurts. But it was one of the first images I had for this episode, along with the concept of Reckoning Night – Aneela as Dutch, stroking Alvis’s face like a lover, then killing him in an instant. It felt right. I mean, also bad. It felt very bad. But also… right.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: Speaking of Dutch and Aneela, it seems as though Dutch is still set on her plan to kill Aneela, and thus herself in the process. I was glad to see the Jaqobis brothers now both in on it, but how are they are going to be able to stop this from happening?

AB: Not to worry, everything works out great! Do you believe me? You probably shouldn’t. But I do promise you this – it may not be what you expect, but I do think it will feel like the only way it could have gone.

TTVJ: It was great to see D’avin stand up to Dutch and call her out for always protecting John’s feelings and not his. Luke and Hannah were great in that scene. Will this cause a shift in the Dutch and D’avin relationship going forward? You know, assuming they survive the finale and all.

AB: This has always been a big question for us, the Dutch/D’av thing. Especially since Season 1 and… the unpleasantness. We worked hard for them to get back to a feeling of mutual respect and trust in Season 2, but never wanted to force the romantic angle. If it happened, it happened. Right up until this episode, we were allowing it to blossom at its own pace. But really, when we got to That Scene… again, it just felt right.

It IS Reckoning Night. If they were never going to see each other again, this is how they wanted to spend that last moment. (I mean, who doesn’t, amirite?) Does that mean, when/if they ever see each other again, they’ll follow it further? We’ve been very lucky, allowing the relationship to unfold as we feel it wants to. I think we’ll keep letting it, and hopefully these two characters will continue to surprise, confound and delight us.

But let me just take a moment to slow clap Hannah and Luke in That Scene. I watched them work it out on the day, just feeling their way through it. And when it came time for ‘Action’ – they just blew us all away. The moment when Luke’s voice catches when he says ‘Why does everyone think I can?’ The way Hannah says ‘I’ll miss our little talks’ and laughs about Captain Bucktooth. I didn’t think I could love these two anymore than I already did. I was so wrong. And happily so.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: I loved seeing Tara Spencer-Nairn back as Kitaan, even though the plan D’avin and Dutch had was eventually foiled. Kitaan was pretty easy to hate and I’m glad she got spaced, but Tara did a great job making her compelling to watch, and that fight scene with Dutch was amazing. How was that to film and was a lot of it Tara and Hannah?

AB: That fight scene is another highlight for me, and is really all down to director Peter Stebbings’ vision, Stunt Co-Coordinator Alicia Turner and Fight Choreographer Tig Fong. They came up with as brutal a fight as we’ve ever had – my favorite. And Tara and Hannah were in a lot of it, but so were their stunt doubles. I won’t ruin how much was who – that’s TV Magic!

As for Tara… from the first frame we shot of her as Kitaan in “Attack the Rack,” we knew we had something special. Tara’s already well known as a comedic superstar up here thanks to Corner Gas, so add that sense of timing and character to the meanest, most deadly woman in the Quad this side of Dutch (as well as those abs, My GAWD) and how could you go wrong? I think my favorite scene is just her and Dutch in the cockpit. As powerful as Dutch is, Tara has to do everything without moving anything but her head. And she more than holds her own. That’s power.

TTVJ: John and Delle Seyah finally got to have their confrontation, and Aaron and Mayko were really fun to watch in those scenes. Does doing that, standing up to her and telling her he doesn’t forgive her, help John get some kind of closure on Pawter’s death?

AB: Another Christmas List moment we promised ourselves, and which Mayko’s very real pregnancy allowed us to make even more powerful. We got so lucky there. But closure? I think for me that exchange best sums up this whole storyline, when Johnny says ‘I will never forgive you,’ and Delle Seyah replies ‘I wouldn’t respect you if you did.’ That was one of Michelle’s additions, and as per usual, it’s perfect. Because there can never really be closure for Johnny – Pawter’s murder was unforgivable. Delle Seyah will never get a pass for that. But she also understands that, and finally respects Johnny for understanding it too.

The old Johnny always found a way to get past the badness, to ‘have my Dutch and eat my Pawter too.’ Not anymore. Some wounds never heal. They just hurt more or less, depending on the day. So no. I don’t think this gave him closure. But I do think it finally gave him the chance to say what needed to be said. And then lock that woman up! That probably felt good too…

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: We found out that the parents of Delle Seyah’s baby are D’avin and Aneela, which after the initial horror is a little funny to think about. What does this mean going forward?

AB: Well, for one – some very awkward co-parenting classes. He’s a former mind-controlled soldier in love with her mortal enemy. She’s CRAZY. It will probably get tense. But… the question of Dutch and Aneela is now (since the reveal of Episode 7) one of identity: if Dutch was drawn from Aneela’s own memories, in a way, aren’t they one and the same? Or at least so close as to make one wonder if that baby in Delle Seyah’s belly isn’t just as much Dutch’s? Am I just asking questions because I don’t want to give anything away? Should I stop now?

TTVJ: It was so much fun to get to see Thom Allison sing again! I also loved seeing that Pree and Gared are doing so well that we’re now meeting the in-laws! How important is it to have a lighter story like that interwoven with the seriousness of everything else going on?

AB: Super important. My first thought/feeling about this episode was, I wanted it to be like the scenes in Shakespeare’s Henry V, when young King Hal walks the camp the night before the battle. It’s a somber, introspective mood – so it also needs some levity. We are KILLJOYS, after all. So when we asked ourselves who else we wanted to check in with, the two obvious ones were Turin/Fancy, and Pree/Gared. They’ve all had just as momentous a season as our leads, and for Pree and Gar-Bear (thank Co-producer Julian Doucet for that one) it felt like absolutely the right time to seal that deal. Everyone deserves love, even the guy who tried to steal your bar so you had to stab him in the hand for it. I mean, has there ever been a cuter meet? How could we NOT hook them up?!

And yeah, anytime you can get Thom Allison to sing in your movie, you get Thom Allison to sing in your movie.

TTVJ: I am a little sad that we’re already here, but what can you preview about the season finale?



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