Killjoys: Adam Barken Talks “The Hullen Have Eyes”

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Syfy / Bell Media

*** This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys Season 3 episode “The Hullen Have Eyes”***

What do you do when the enemy is not just one queen, but two? Another week has passed and the Killjoys team is still gearing up for war against not just Aneela (Hannah John-Kame), but now Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) as well. The ladies have joined forces, for what we’re not quite sure, but it’s certain to not be any good. At least, thanks to a mission following coordinates of a Black Root ship to a radiation scorched planet, the team is one step closer to having some power behind them when D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) was revealed to be the key behind commanding the fleet of Hullen ships.

Elsewhere, Johnny’s (Aaron Ashmore) return to the team was met with some mixed results as he butted heads with new nerd Zeph (Kelly McCormack). In the end, they came to an understanding, but there may be some tension that still needs to be worked out. “The Hullen Have Eyes” was written by Adam Barken and directed by Ruba Nadda, and this week our Killjoys postmortem has a bit of a change up in that instead of chatting up showrunner Michelle Lovretta, we spoke with Barken, also a co-executive producer on the show. He’s a veteran Canadian TV writer and we were excited to pick his brain about the episode and what is to come.


The TV Junkies: You’ve been a writer on Killjoys since Season 1, but have also written on shows like X Company, Rookie Blue and Flashpoint. Killjoys is one of the most fun shows I watch as a viewer, but what unique challenges does it have for you as a writer and what do you enjoy most about it?

Adam Barken: Right from the beginning one of the most exciting aspects of Killjoys, for me, was the classic mix of Episodic and Serialized Storyline. Our ragtag team take Warrants that send them on all sorts of adventures, but as they go this larger mystery about the RAC, the green plasma, and now the Hullen, plays itself out over time. And one of the challenges I loved about doing “The Hullen Have Eyes” was finding that balance – like Johnny himself says, to dust off the booties and have a good ole fashioned adventure. But of course, it also points to much deeper, darker things on the horizon…

TTVJ: We got to see more of Aneela this episode, and she’s very, very different from Dutch. What was the process like for Hannah, the writers and everyone figuring out what Aneela was going to be like?

AB: It was definitely an organic process. It began, as these things always do, with Michelle’s remarkable vision of her – mad, dangerous, broken. Our villains always have many shades to play. As we worked through her backstory – and as you see more and more of it – we found the parts of her that best dramatized both the danger, and the pain. Hopefully you’re torn, as we were, between fearing this adversary, and growing to understand and feel for her. Yet never, ever thinking she’s anything other than the most dangerous foe Dutch and the Boys have ever faced.

But then Hannah came along, and just blew. Us. Away. The voice, the attitude, the completely different posture and movement. I’ll never forget hearing that voice for the first time in the readthrough. And how she could go back and forth on a dime. Just remarkable. Can’t wait for you to see how much further she takes it. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I think Ms. Kamen just may have a future in this biz. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go put in my pre-orders for all the upcoming blockbusters she’s co-starring in…

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: I won’t lie, while I’m terrified about this Delle Seyah and Aneela alliance, I’m also super excited to see what awful goodness it brings about, especially since Aneela seems a bit unhinged. Can you preview anything about how those two queens will work together against Dutch?

AB: Imagine how bad it can get. Then double it.

TTVJ: While we saw hints of it before, this episode confirmed that D’avin was the key that fleet of ships, thanks to Khlyen. What does that mean for him going forward?

AB: As always with D’avin, what I love about his character is the journey – from his beginnings as a broken, mind-fucked ex-soldier just looking for some answers, to a Killjoy, to a hero, to the Magic Pony with inexplicable powers. And now… to something even bigger. The revelation about his connection to the ships starts him on the next phase, and his place within the RAC – and even within our group – undergoes some very big shifts. It’s war. Nothing can stay the same.

TTVJ: I kind of adore all the nerd talk this season and Zeph has been a fun addition. Can we expect her and Johnny to keep butting heads? I quite enjoy that she doesn’t back down from him.

AB: Zeph is one of my fave additions – Kelly is an utter treat to write for, and I’m glad her voice is distinct enough from Johnny’s that they complement (and complicate) each other. By the end of 303 she and Johnny are definitely in a… tense place. But Johnny’s opened the way for her to become more than she is. It’s up to her to take that path. Will she?

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: Team Awesomeforce now has this Remnant in their possession. Can you give as any hints as to its significance and what it can do or what it contains?

AB: Nope. But it’s frickin cool. Promise.

OK, one hint: one of the definitions of “remnant” is “A surviving trace.” Just what it’s a trace OF is going to change things big time – for the Quad, but for Dutch and her concept of herself, even moreso.

TTVJ: I was glad to see there was still some tension for the team regarding Johnny’s return, as that felt realistic. Can we expect there to still be some fallout from him taking off at the end of Season 2?

AB: Yup. Johnny leaving was big. Yes, everyone understood and gave him space. Yes, he kept helping how he could. But like D’av tells him in this episode, “This is what coming back feels like.” It’s weird and awkward and can bring up feelings our gang never even knew were lying just below the surface. It takes a big change to shake us up sometimes. All I’ll say is – Johnny and Dutch have some talking to do. But this being Killjoys, they’re going to do it with chains. And some very good drugs.

Syfy / Bell Media
Syfy / Bell Media

TTVJ: What can you preview about what’s to come in Episode 304?

AB: Pree, glorious Pree. Fans of Thom Allison, get ready. You thought you loved him before. You have no idea.

TTVJ: Is there anything I missed that you wanted to mention?

AB: Actually, this is a great time to give a HUGE thanks to our fans. There is really nothing more gratifying than watching an episode in real time with them online, and seeing them get delighted, scared, distraught, overjoyed. We all know, these days, things can feel… dark. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I can get as caught up in all of that as the next gal or guy. To have a chance to escape into the worlds of the Quad, and into the heart of this Killjoys family – what a relief. But to hear from fans, how much it means to them – that’s even better. So thanks for watching, for cheering, for arguing, for pushing us to do better. It means everything.

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