Killjoys: Andrew De Angelis Talks “A Bout, A Girl”

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Bell Media / SYFY

*** This article contains major spoilers for the Killjoys Season 5 episode “A Bout, A Girl” ***

There was a prison uprising on Killjoys but not from Team Awesome Force. It doesn’t happen often, but in “A Bout, A Girl” written by Andrew De Angelis and directed by James Genn, our three Killjoys got double crossed and now seem in more danger than ever in the super max prison. Of course, this was all after Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) entered a prison fight ring in order to fight her way to their freedom, as her tension because of what The Lady (Alanna Bale) did to her and John (Aaron Ashmore) continued.

Elsewhere, Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) and Jaq (Jaeden Noel) were back and hunting one of Khlyen’s (Rob Stewart) mysterious cubes. They found one and out of it came Aneela! She seems to be back for good, but what does that mean going forward? To find out the answers to all our burning questions we turned to writer De Angelis. Read on for all the insights he had to share with us.


The TV Junkies: Let’s start at the end, Aneela is back! Was that really her coming out of the cube and is she here to stay? 

Andrew De Angelis: Right?! How great was that! To answer your first question, yes, that really was Aneela. As to your second question… are any of us here to stay? Aside from vampires and Highlanders, obviously. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

TTVJ: Jaq was able to work with Delle Seyah to find the cube and bring Aneela out. Along the way though, it was great to see those two have some breakthroughs and Delle Seyah admit how much she loves Jaq. Will they be able to keep that progress they made and keep moving forward even with Aneela back? 

AD: That’s a great question and definitely something they’ll have to work-out. Plus with D’av in the mix, they’re going to have their hands full with the logistics of co-parenting. But first they’re going to have to deal with The Lady, and that… is a problem.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: I need also just say thank you for the vision of Delle Seyah with a bow and arrow! “Get behind me, I’m huntin’ asshole.” I died. Bless you, Andrew. 

AD: Credit where credit is due on this one: I don’t remember where the idea of Delle Seyah with the bow and arrow came from exactly, but it was some point in the breaking of this episode. So, sure, I’ll take the credit for that… why not (Note: I think it was Adam Barken).  But that great line is a Michelle Lovretta special. I mean, you know, I approved it, but it was all her and I’m very lucky it’s in this script.

TTVJ: Elsewhere, Team Awesome Force is stuck at the prison and while this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fighting ring in a prison, Killjoys did what it does best and flips a trope on its head. Instead of seeing the man out there fighting with the woman cheering him on in the corner of the ring, Killjoys has Dutch fighting with D’av cheering. Can you talk about that moment and why it was so important for you to show that? 

AD: You’re exactly right  — it was an obvious and expected trope so we wanted to flip it on its head and then punch it in the face. I think we were successful. One of the hallmarks of Killjoys is its subversion of, well, everything, and this was a perfect scenario. That said, it was a pretty clear choice. D’av can fight, no doubt, but Dutch is a killer. Like a certified killer. I would take her to win a prison fight any day.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: We also saw D’avin being there for Dutch and helping her work through this weirdness that’s going on with her and Johnny. Way to completely break my heart, Andrew by doing that callback to John being Dutch’s gravity! How worried should I be about those two? Their friendship is very important to me! 

AD: You’re killing me, Bridget! You’re literally asking me to tell you how the show ends, and I won’t do it. I won’t! I love the show too much* (*signed an airtight NDA) to do that. I will say this: people change so inevitably their relationships have to change to compensate. On the other hand, maybe not!

TTVJ: Team Awesome Force has some bigger things to worry about though right now because while it doesn’t happen often, they were blindsided a bit. What’s their next move? How can they get out of this predicament? 

AD: They have to come together as a unit, and not just physically. They have been through a veritable wringer this season, and though they are ’together’ now, they still have a lot of shit to work out between them. And until (or unless) they can do that, they’re not really Team Awesome Force. They’re just Team OK Force.

Bell Media / SYFY
Bell Media / SYFY

TTVJ: All of the scenes with Khlyen and The Lady this season are so great to watch. But what are they going to do with our sweet Gared?

AD: Gared is the best! He quickly became one the writers’ favourite characters, largely due to Gavin’s performance. He breathed so much life into the character, it was impossible not to fall in love with him. Now I can’t tell you what’s going to happen to Gared, but I can tell you about the alternative Gared storyline we decided to abandon at the start of Season 5: The Lady sees Gared’s potential so she decides to send him to a lesser known corner of the J called ‘Westeros’. Once there he does very well for himself eventually becoming the Night King, making The Lady very proud. He does all this crazy cool shit, but then he just dies really easily by falling into the most obvious trap that you would think he would have seen coming a MILE away. And The Lady’s all like, “Seriously? That’s it?”. She takes it hard. Really hard. In truth, she never quite recovers. She loses all faith in humanity and decides to “take some time for herself” and that was how Season 5 ended. Sure the Killjoys won in the end, but it was such a hollow victory that we decided to scrap it.

TTVJ: What can you preview about next week’s episode?

AD: It’s written by the Indomitable Adam Barken, so that right there should be enough for everyone to tune in. The other thing to know about Adam’s episode is that it really is a continuation of this week’s episode. It’s basically a Killjoys movie. Yeah, that’s right. Me and Adam wrote a Killjoys movie and the early Oscar buzz is pretty promising.

What did you think of this episode of Killjoys? Got any predictions? Sound off below!

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