Killjoys: 7 Reasons To Renew It For Season 4

Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy
Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy

It may be hard to believe, but like it or not, Season 3 of Killjoys is already almost over. The finale airs this Friday at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space, and with only 10 episodes in a season, we know we’re not alone in thinking everything went by way too fast. Not only does Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and Aneela’s impending war have us feeling anxious about the finale, but not knowing yet whether or not the adventure will continue into Season 4 is cause for even more stress than usual.

It’s no secret that we here at The TV Junkies are huge fans of Michelle Lovretta’s show and that we’d love to return to the Quad once again for Season 4. The ratings have been good and fans continue to passionately chant for Syfy to #RenewKilljoys on various forms of social media. We figured we’d join in the party and lay out a few reasons why we think Killjoys more than deserves to come back for another year. Hopefully by the time we’re done, Syfy and Space will have no other choice than to put us out of our misery and #RenewKilljoys!


This story is far from over

Throughout Season 3, the world of Killjoys has expanded even more. We finally met Aneela and learned not only all about her motivations, but also just what her connection is to Dutch. Through her we gained more knowledge about the Hullen, and even learned that she is not the one in charge, but rather it’s the mysterious “Lady” who lives inside the green that may be the true enemy. We also visited new lands and met new groups such as the Ferran, proving that this world is always capable of getting bigger. From what we’ve seen out of the upcoming finale, there’s no way we don’t want this story to continue on at least another season!

The powerhouse that is Hannah John-Kamen

There’s a reason Hannah John-Kamen just booked a slew of soon to be box office hits. Steven Spielberg cast her in Ready Player One, and she will also appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp and the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Hollywood sees what any Killjoys fan has known since Day 1: John-Kamen is a force to be reckoned with and her range as an actress seems to know no limits. She’s been delivering Dutch, one of the best and most complex characters on television, for several seasons, but here in Season 3, creator Lovretta asked her lead actress to go one step further. John-Kamen not only continued to be strong, kickass, vulnerable, witty, and at times wounded, as Dutch, but she also stepped full force into the role of Aneela. The unhinged, slightly psychotic, evil Hullen queen was a tour de force performance at times for John-Kamen. From the crazy look in Aneela’s eyes, to her change in voice and posture, John-Kamen completely transformed into Aneela and made viewers forget this was the same actress who embodies our hero Dutch. She’s clearly a talented performer and it’s hard not to feel lucky as a Killjoys fan that she’s the lead of the show. How could we not want more John-Kamen for as long as we can get her?

Dutch and John’s Relationship

The friendship between Dutch and John (Aaron Ashmore) is the beating heart of Killjoys. It’s a relationship unlike any other on television, and one we desperately need to see more of. Friendships in general are relationships that we don’t get enough of on TV, let alone a platonic friendship between a man and a woman. These two are soulmates and “each other’s person,” and John-Kamen and Ashmore do a beautiful job of portraying that every week. There’s a sibling vibe between the characters and a real, genuine love. It’s a love that many other shows would take the easy way out with and have these platonic feelings turn into something romantic. Killjoys is too smart and too good to do that though. Lovretta has promised that she has no desire for that to ever happen, and we’re thankful because keeping Dutch and John platonic leads to moments that we don’t get to see elsewhere on TV. We always will need more of these two best friends.


From the very beginning, Killjoys has been one of the most diverse shows on television. The show routinely has people of color and all shapes and sizes in not only supporting, but lead roles. That commitment to diversity was taken one step further this season by Lovretta and casting director Jason Knight and his team. Together, Season 3 of Killjoys introduced the Hackmod society, and the show cast actors with real life disabilities to fill the roles. Guest stars like Viktoria Modesta and Prince Amponsah brought to life characters that we don’t get to see elsewhere on TV. Yes, the Hackmods were disabled, but they were also sexy, badass superheroes who could kick tons of ass. It was an interesting futuristic world that we would love to know more about and return to come Season 4!

Queer Representation

While Killjoys always far and away had been one of the most racially diverse shows on television, it still had room for improvement when it came to LGBTQ storylines. However, Michelle Lovretta and her team have left no room for doubt, as they seriously upped their game when it came to queer representation in Season 3. The show delivered relationships between both Pree (Thom Allison) and Gared (Gavin Fox), as well as the unexpected delight that is Aneela and Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen). The great thing about science fiction stories is that they can tell of a world that we all dream of. A world that is inclusive and diverse and where people are so busy trying to stay alive and win a war, that they realize it’s not so important who you may be sleeping with. Killjoys’ queer representation is just another reason why this show is so important and why we need more of it.

Women power behind the scenes!

Not only does Killjoys have some of our favorite female characters on screen, but they have tons of women killing it behind the scenes as well. Everything starts at the top with creator and showrunner Michelle Lovretta, but she’s also joined in her writing room this season by Julie Puckrin, Nikolijne Troubetzkoy and Shernold Edwards. Lovretta also lined up both April Mullen and Ruba Nadda to direct episodes during Season 3. Killjoys diversity extends behind the scenes and we here at The TV Junkies can’t help but get behind that!

It nails the “extras”

There are many things that add to our television viewing experiences that as every day viewers we just don’t realize. These are things like wardrobe and music that accompany our favorite shows. Sometimes it’s easy to take these things for granted, but Killjoys consistently knocks it out of the park on these types of “extras”, and they really help elevate the show to a whole other level. Just when you think the clothes, hair and makeup can’t get any better on Killjoys, along comes Pree in that glorious blonde wig! Costume designer Trysha Bakker and her team seem to be in a competition with themselves at this point. Along those same lines, music supervisor Andrea Higgins, along with composers Jim McGrath and Tim Welch, help give Killjoys a soundtrack unlike any other on TV. The music really adds to what’s happening on Killjoys and makes us feel everything in a whole new way. These “extras” are just another example of Killjoys excelling and why we need more of it.


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Killjoys’ Season 3 finale airs Friday, September 1 at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.