The most kick ass TV women of the year


2014 was no stranger to kick ass TV women, from the gals of The 100 taking their world by storm, to the clones of Orphan Black battling their patented DNA, this year saw some major butt kicking done by ladies.

But ass kicking isn’t purely physical. Sometimes kick ass women are those who stand their ground, let honesty be their guide or simply handle what they are given with incredible courage. Whether it was beating the bad guys or defeating the tough times, these are the women that owned 2014 for us here at The TV Junkies.

Kate Beckett, Castle


This year was a big one for a favourite detective. She was kicking butt and takin’ names– including Castle’s (okay, not literally). Kate has been keeping New York City in check for almost seven years now, in her high heels and leather coats, but this year brought some personal wins her way. She finally put her mother’s murder case to bed by taking down Senator Bracken, and took that long awaited walk down the aisle. She powered through Castle’s disappearance despite having to reawaken the murder board she was so elated to put away. Regardless of what this next year brings, she’ll take it down, one incredibly good-looking shoe at a time.

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation


How many times can one woman be knocked down? Countless, if we’re talking about Leslie. However, regardless of how many times this woman is told “no,” she continues to turn around and keep her favourite city of Pawnee in check. She married the man of her dreams in a newspaper wedding dress, she said goodbye to her favourite friend, and in the finale she even jumped a few years (and a few kids) in time. Amy Poehler brings a sense of innocence and determination to this Parks and Rec worker and we will be sad to see her go. Until then, keep kickin butt, Leslie!

Kristina Braverman, Parenthood


There are multiple ways to be a kick-ass woman and Kristina Braverman personifies the word. From beating cancer to running for mayor to opening up Chambers Academy, she took 2014 by storm. This woman might not be punching bad guys square through the nose each week, but she managed to make all of us look like underachievers. In 2015 we’ll say goodbye to Parenthood, but that won’t stop us from imagining Kristina Braverman taking life into her own hands one step at a time.

Sarah Manning & the Clones of Orphan Black


Of all the Orphan Black clones, Sarah Manning is the one to rough up a few bad guys. With her little Cosima-powered stint involving a pencil and Rachel’s eye standing out, Sarah had a pretty intense year, and we haven’t even mentioned her sisters. Cosima continued to battle a mysterious respiratory disease while using her own biology to figure out the cure, Helena escaped from barnyard from hell, and Alison hid a body under the cement in her garage. Season 3 promises to be even more intense than last year and we could not be more excited!

Claire Underwood, House of Cards


Although Frank Underwood might have taken over as Top Dog in the nation, Claire Underwood was not only right by his side, but she made some pretty big waves of her own. From publically admitting to an abortion to agreeing to a threesome with her husband and his bodyguard, there’s no doubt that Claire is anything but a stranger to living a controversial lifestyle. How does one follow up a crazy year such as Claire’s? By taking over as First Lady of course! That’s sure to bring many more jaw-dropping moments from this powerhouse and we can’t wait!

Emma & Maggie – Playing House


These ladies kick ass for surviving the long, LONG wait for their season two renewal. But what exemplifies a kick ass woman more than two besties raising a baby together? When Maggie realized that she was going to have to divorce her husband, all while nine months pregnant, BFF Emma decided to help her raise the baby. “Kick ass” doesn’t always mean physically injuring someone for the greater good. No, sometimes it means bunking down with your best friend to help her bring another human being into the world.

Annalise Keating – HTGAW


Is she good? Is she bad? Either way, she’s freaking fantastic. Viola Davis established that right from the start of this freshman drama. Leading a group of grad students through her cases, Annalise got more than she bargained for when everything got a little too personal. With an unfaithful husband who was linked to the missing student on campus, she definitely had her hands full. Annalise has a history that we are excited to explore in 2015, but she also has some explaining to do: like what happened in that winter finale? And what is she doing with Wes? And why is she playing with Bonnie’s emotions like that? Anyone that can make an audience drool with anticipation week after week the way she does deserves a kick-ass title.

The women of Lost Girl


One’s a succubus with some serious ass kicking skills, one’s a doctor that appears to be learning those ass-kicking skills and one’s a best friend that goes through all of it, even though she’s human. (Okay, Lauren is also human, but she has some advantages). All of them protect each other and themselves at all cost, even while battling a tricky love triangle, which is probably more like a love square by now. Now with Tamsin in the mix, there’s plenty of ass-kicking women on this show. Whatever these women might go through, they have each other to take on the Fae world and we’re here for the wild ride.

Molly Solverson – Fargo


Upon first glance Deputy Molly Solverson isn’t your typical kick ass character, but take a closer look underneath that “Minnesota nice” exterior and you’ll find one of the smartest characters on television. Molly was on to Lester Nygaard right from the beginning, but had the patience and intellect, along with a dogged determination, to finally catch him and the sinister Lorne Malvo. Despite having to often go against her other officers, Molly always remained secure in herself and her abilities, and Allison Tolman turned in one of our favourite performances of the year. Oh yeah, and she’s pretty good with a gun too. Remember when she managed to shoot that hit man despite hardly being able to see in that crazy blizzard? Yep, that was pretty badass.

The Women of The 100


If you’ve made the mistake of overlooking The 100 because it’s on the CW then you really should reconsider. Not only are you missing one of the best shows on TV, but you’re missing out on some of the coolest, smartest, fiercest and badass women on television. No other show on TV has more women who are kicking ass and taking names than The 100. They are everything from doctors, leaders and oh yea, even a space mechanic. Sure, they have some flaws, but what real woman doesn’t? Bottom line is these women are strong and powerful and are especially fun and fascinating to watch. There’s not a whole lot more to ask for if you’re looking for kickass females than what The 100 is serving up.

Who do you think kicked some ass on television in 2014? Tell us who we might have missed in the comments section below.