Jann Arden Returns With the JANN We Know and Love in Season 2

Ready or not, here she comes! After about 18 months off the air, JANN will return Monday, September 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV for its much anticipated Season 2. While the global pandemic may have shifted some priorities for viewers, there’s no doubt plenty of TV fans will be excited for the return of Canada’s most-watched new comedy of the 2018-19 broadcast season. “People were busy making sourdough starters and weren’t watching TV,” star Jann Arden jokes to The TV Junkies, but said returning this fall feels “so serendipitous,” and that “this is the right place for us.” 

An expanded eight-episode Season 2 will find Arden’s fictitious self trying to win over her family and ex-girlfriend Cynthia (Sharon Taylor) after taking off on our tour. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of professional tension as Jann’s new manager Cale (Elena Juatco) lines up gigs that are way outside of the singer’s comfort zone. The second season will also feature an all-star guest star lineup that includes singer-songwriters Sarah McLachlan and k.d. Lang, Elisha Cuthbert (Happy Endings), Cynthia Loyst (The Social), and more.

JANN’s first season was the first major acting job for Arden, but she says that she “felt a lot better” about returning to work for Season 2. She says that “being on stage and storytelling is one thing, but this is completely different.” Arden made sure to continue to work with her acting coach, Tom Carey, throughout production on Season 2, and credits her co-stars with helping her to get through as well. “The actors that we’ve surrounded myself with are just superb and funny.”

Arden also previews that her on-screen persona is still the self-centered Jann viewers met in Season 1. “TV Jann is quite something! You want so badly to like her and cheer for her, but she makes such terrible decisions. She continues to foil her own plans.” As poorly as Jann can sometimes come off, Arden says “there’s an innocent to her that reads as so earnest.” Having so much self-worth tied into success and what others think, though, is not something Arden can really relate to with Jann. “I’m the antithesis of that, and it’s so not in my body, so it’s hard for me to see someone do this to themself.”

While Arden also promises that “Season 2 sees all the people you’re familiar with, but they are forced into completely different situations,” one important aspect of the show remains just as strong as Season 1: the focus on Jann’s mother’s health. For Arden, telling that story remains one of the huge benefits of JANN. Shooting and making the show allows her to “live in a world where my mom is still alive for a month or so.”

Arden says that Nora’s (Deborah Grover) dementia will progress some, but that they wanted to use the series as a bit of a teaching tool as well for Alzheimer’s. “We’re basing so much of this off of my personal experience,” says Arden, who’s mother was a longtime sufferer of the disease. “I had a lot of fun with my mom, and we laughed a lot with her dementia. She was also sick for a decade and it was a very slow process.” By showing how Nora’s disease slowly progresses and how Jann and her family deal with it, Arden says the show can then “teach people as we go and help them make decisions in their own family.”

JANN Season 2 premieres Monday, September 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.