JANN: Jann Arden Previews What’s Next for Jann and Cynthia

Jann Arden is on a mission. The fictional Jann Arden that is. During the second season of CTV’s hit original comedy series JANN, its title character has made it her mission to win back and get in the good graces of her family, along with ex-girlfriend Cynthia (Sharon Taylor). However, given what we know about her, Jann’s idea of “thoughtful” can usually be very over the top. In this week’s episode, Jann and Cynthia have reconciled, but they are attending couple’s counselling sessions. 

Arden recently told The TV Junkies that seeing a continued focus on Jann’s same sex relationship with Cynthia “was very important for me.” She said that she actually “expected some kind of blowback or tweets like ‘I’m burning your records.’” However, she was pleasantly surprised and “didn’t have a single comment” about her character’s queerness. She credits some of that to the fact that the JANN writers treat “the character and her sexuality with such normalcy.”

She also credited the writers with capturing her own real-life feelings about life and love in her fictionalized self. “The way they wrote for TV Jann is so great because of my bravado and absolute ownership of who I am and where I’m going. I play a character certainly past middle age, and so I’m not fucking around with this! I’m not going to let you do anything to my life in that regard. I love that and it’s really fun to play.”

Arden continued to pass the praise around to her co-star Taylor. She said that Taylor plays Cynthia “in such a clever way,” that makes Cynthia “so polarizing” to Jann’s “narcissism and selfishness.” She said that she thinks Cynthia “really does love Jann,” but that “I am pushing it.” Regardless, Arden believes that “fans will really enjoy how their relationship unfolds over the eight episodes.”Part of that enjoyment particularly comes in this week’s episode with the couples counselling. Arden told us that she “felt sick at the end of that day” due to how much she laughed with Taylor while filming. “My stomach hurt and I might have even developed an ab,” she joked before saying that she “felt like Laurel and Hardy” with Taylor that day. Viewers will have to tune in Monday, October 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out firsthand if Jann and Cynthia come out of counselling as a stronger unit or grow further apart.

JANN airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.