Jane the Virgin: Why We Still Have Hope After That Shocking Twist

Jane the Virgin/ The CW
Jane the Virgin/ The CW

***Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Jane the Virgin episode “Chapter Fifty-Four”***

Monday’s episode of Jane the Virgin wasn’t just a big episode, nor did it feature a jaw dropping cliffhanger; instead, it was the closing of the beautiful, beautiful series’ second chapter. During the final moments of an episode jam packed with Michael and Jane flashbacks and special memories, Michael Cordero Jr. died. He was handing in his LSAT test and collapsed onto the floor.

Moments before Michael’s death I turned to my friend who had never watched the show before and tried to sum up the gist of the series, the drama between each and every character, much like our JTV Narrator, and she seemed pretty lost. I babbled my way about crazy twin sisters, artificially inseminated virgins, love triangles, and telenovela stars all to explain to her that, through all this crazy lay an underlying theme of hope and love. So when just mere minutes later Michael died it was absolutely shocking!

It was a twist that wasn’t expected, but in a way that’s kind of the point. Jane never said it was a cookie cutter show, it never tried to be an easy-going comedy. It never has been and it never will be. Just because we usually see these characters smiling and enjoying life doesn’t mean they do not experience pain and loss. Yes, this show is a comedy, but even in life’s funniest moments bad things can happen. Jane proved that Monday and they did so in the most Jane way possible. In a shocking twist we still have a glimmer of hope that even though things seem bad now, we assure you they’ll be OK soon.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a few words about the man that brought Michael Cordero Jr. to life every week, the ferociously talented Brett Dier. He brought a relatable quality to Michael, a tough yet calming nature that made us instantly fall for him. He was tough and protective, but at the same time had an irresistible boyish charm to him. It was a gift to watch him week after week and it’s something I unfortunately took for granted. His talent is unreal and over the past three seasons we were able to have a front row seat for all that he could do.

Words can’t begin to explain how truly truly saddening it is that we will never get to see the wonderful and pure Michael grow old with Jane. The two of them were perfect together, plain and simple. But the writers have prepared us for this. Sure, they didn’t come right out and say, “Hey! We’re going to kill off our most lovable character. You’re good with that, right?” But they did prepare us in another way. They made us see how truly resilient and unbreakable Jane is. She’s had to deal with more curveballs in her twenties than most people ever see in their entire life.

If this was any other show, with any other writing staff or creative team I would be worried. I would be scared. But that is not the case with Jane the Virgin. I have not a single doubt that Jennie Urman (who posted a lovely message to fans) will steer this ship in the right direction and will continue to make a show that has been a source of hope and light for so many people. Shows like Jane don’t come around very often and when they do it’s a beautiful thing. This was hard, extremely hard for any fan of the show, but we’ll get through it. We’ll get through it because if Jane can make it, so can we.

So thank you, Jane the Virgin for not only being a source of constant happiness and light, but for also being real, and for portraying life as it is; unpredictable, tragic, beautiful, and heartbreaking.

P.S. We’ll always be Team Michael!

Credit: lovelace-media
Credit: lovelace-media


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