Jane the Virgin: Brett Dier On Michael’s Growth and More

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With a lead that practically stole America’s hearts after five minutes of meeting her, it was pretty clear that Jane the Virgin was something special and going to win over millions of people. Over the three season (just picked up for a fourth!) run so far, we’ve seen each of the show’s wonderful and unique characters not only grow as individuals, but grow together as a family. While each has changed and progressed enormously on their own, one character’s growth in particular stands out from the rest. Michael Cordero Jr. has gotten married, buried his problems with Rafael (Justin Baldoni), been shot and betrayed by his partner, and has taken full control of his life. Brett Dier’s Michael is one of the most underrated characters on prime time and definitely a character likely to melt your heart.

Right off the bat it was clear to see that Michael was not only charming, but incredibly kind and compassionate. He took the news that Jane was artificially inseminated by another guy much better than most, and from the first moment we saw he and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) together it was clear that they were meant for each other. OK, so some people are still Team Rafael, but no one can deny that those two perfect nerds are truly going to make each other so happy. Michael’s also had to deal with his partner betraying him and getting shot and almost dying. He’s had a lot to overcome over the years and The TV Junkies were grateful to catch up with Dier and hear his take on Michael’s growth and what he thinks about Michael’s milestone moments on The CW series.


The TV Junkies: What was your initial impression of Michael?

Brett Dier: I wasn’t sure. Because I only had one episode about him, I had to use my imagination. I have changed Michael the more I learned about him, and made adjustments along the way. The problem with television is you don’t have the finished arc. With movies you know the character’s journey from beginning to end. So it’s easier to figure out where the character ends up. But when you have one script out of the twenty two in that first season, you kind of have to guess. So the first seven episodes I played Michael more guarded and intense because all I knew was he “had a dark secret.” My imagination went nuts when I read that. I wasn’t sure if Michael would end up a villain or what! But the more I did the show the more love I put into Michael and the more I understood him. Michael is an amazing dude, and incredibly written. I feel like he will always be apart of me, and I never thought I’d say that about a character I play! But when you pretend to be someone for three years, you are left with a part of that person.

TTVJ: Michael and Rafael have had their ups and downs but it seems like the two are somewhat in a good place now. How would you describe Michael’s feelings towards Rafael? Do you think they’ve changed over the years?

BD: Michael and Rafael have matured greatly over the last few years. I think there is an acceptance of the situation now. I think getting married did that. Michael and Jane are in it for the long run, and Rafael had a deep realization about that. That gave him an opportunity to let go and accept what is. Just like Michael did towards Rafael. I wouldn’t call Michael and Rafael good friends. But I think they are becoming good acquaintances.

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The CW

TTVJ: Marrying Jane was a big thing for both of them. How do you think it has helped him grow and mature? How would you describe their relationship over the years?

BD: Love helps you grow. You no longer think about just yourself. You now have another person you have to care for, support and love. I think relationships also bring up a lot of insecurities that you didn’t know existed. The love between the two of them has bettered them as people. Learning to be selfless isn’t easy when all you have is yourself. I think there are big moments in the show where both Jane and Michael have been selfless towards each other and that’s what great love does. I think the relationship between Michael and Jane has developed into a true love, when at the beginning of the journey, the bond wasn’t strong enough to trust and let go. They’ve developed that.

TTVJ: How do you think getting shot has affected him and has it changed his outlook on life?

BD: I think it has turned him into a more positive, fun loving person. I think once it hit him, he realized how short life is. I still think he deals with anxiety sometimes from the shot. Perhaps more sensitive towards the subject, but I do think it’s made him a stronger and better person. Michael is super reflective. He has grown so much since we first saw him. He’s matured, learned from his mistakes and tries his best to be a loving positive dude. After going through all the things he’s gone through, I think he does a darn good job at staying positive and not letting it affect his life!

TTVJ: How do you think he’s grown from when we first met him in the pilot to now?

BD: They are almost two different people. Michael had a lot of trust issues after the baby incident. I honestly think that large amount of space between Jane and him was necessary for growth and realization. Michael realized the importance of Jane in his life. So he made it a mission to win her back and show her that he would be there to support her forever. And for however long “forever” is, I think Michael will do just that.


Michael is charming and sweet and has proven over and over again that he is the perfect guy for Jane. Add in Dier’s performance and it’s safe to say we are all on Team Michael from here on out!

credit: lovelace-media
credit: lovelace-media


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