iZombie’s Malcolm Goodwin on “Fancy Zombie Hair” and His Ideal Crossover Show

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The CW

The midseason finale of iZombie aired over a month ago, and we don’t know about you, but here at The TV Junkies we’ve been waiting on pins and needles ever since.

The show left off with more than one cliffhanger as Ravi (Rahul Kohli) suddenly discovered his cured test rat had reverted to its zombie state (indicating that the same would likely happen to Blaine (David Anders) and Major (Robert Buckley), who’d both been cured during the first season finale), and Liv (Rose McIver)–after a superhero-brain induced near death experience–was banished from the police station by an angry Clive (Malcolm Goodwin).

Will Liv and Clive be able to reconcile? Will Major and Blaine go pale-faced and bleached-blonde again? We’ll have to wait to find out until iZombie returns Tuesday, but before then, we chatted with Goodwin about who he wishes he shared more scenes with, onset hijinks, and what show he’d love to see iZombie crossover with.

The TV Junkies: Clive, for the most part, just interacts with Liv and Ravi in a professional capacity. Who, out of the rest of the cast, do you wish you shared more scenes with?

Malcolm Goodwin: I would say David Anders. David Anders is just, in terms of eating up the scenery—he’s just so incredible at what he does, so fun. I call David Anders’ performance “delicious,” it’s tasty, you can taste it through the screen.

As an actor, it’s great to work with another actor who has the opportunity to go there and have fun, explore with their character in that way. It would be David Anders if I had an opportunity to do more scenes with. But I know why Clive doesn’t, yet, because obviously he’s in the dark. But it would be David Anders.

TTVJ: So I noticed that you said “yet”… do you think there’s any chance that Clive is going to get brought in on the big secret any time soon? Or do you have an idea of how that might play out?

MG: You know, I don’t know. As of right now, I’d say he’s nowhere near the truth, in terms of his mind. I know in the audience’s mind, he had brains. But Liv forged that document, so now he thinks it’s bovine brain. I think, eventually, it will go there. It’s going to be very interesting. I’m curious how Clive is going to take that, because that will just turn his world upside down. I always say Clive represents the “everyman,” in terms of a person living in the world who knows that zombies don’t exist. He watches The Walking Dead and any other zombie show or supernatural show. And these things just don’t exist. I think he’d have a real world, honest reaction versus a so-called “TV reaction” or what you would expect. I think it’s going to be a really unexpected reaction that he’ll have.

If he finds out about Liv, I think that’ll be the most interesting because, obviously they’re on the outs right now, but they’re on the outs just because he cares about her. He doesn’t want her to lose her life. She’s getting in a little too deep. He understands that, from his days going too deep, working undercover. But I think, eventually, it will happen.

The CW
The CW

TTVJ: Playing off of Liv week to week, it’s almost like working with a slightly different character. Out of all of the brains we’ve seen Liv under the influence of so far, which one was your favorite to play off of?

MG: I think it was the housewife brain. It was probably the most fun because Liv actually made a physical transformation. I think that’s the first brain she ate where she actually took on the physical attributes of that particular victim. And so to see Rose [McIver] in all these fancy outfits, and they’ve got the fancy zombie hair—it was fun, you know? And she just had a really good time with that. We did some improv and played around. [laughs] Just fun banter between takes, after takes, in that particular character.

TTVJ: It seems like you guys have a ton of fun on set. Do you have any favorite on-set story or anything that happened that was particularly memorable?

MG: There’s quite a few. One that sticks out, at least this season… One night we were out, we went out for some drinks, and we were like “Hey, what can we do to help promote the show on our end? What can we do?” and we came up with the idea of doing these videos, “Badass Women Onscreen”—that’s what we called it, I think. We did a video on set the next day. We told everyone, “Hey, we’re going to do these videos, it’s going to be awesome,” and then, I swear, two days later, we forgot that we did that. And then we got the busiest schedule–the busiest schedule–that week. There was a new episode. Holy crap, to put all these videos together last minute, I mean, every video must have taken–literally, there was only one minute to shoot these things.

We kept on moving and we powered through. People came in on their days off. It just showed our unity, the fact that everybody committed to these ideas that just came on the spot. These weren’t planned, these weren’t like storyboard or anything. [laughs] There was no time to figure any of these things through, they just had to trust. And we just dove into it as a unit. And we always talk about that. When we got the last one done, and I edited them altogether, we were like, “Wow, we really pulled this thing together in like, 3, 6 hours with this crazy busy schedule.” These happened between takes, it was super fast. There wasn’t really any time, but nonetheless we were still really happy with the results.

TTVJ: OK, last question, if you could pick any show for a crossover with iZombie, what would it be and why?

MG: [laughs] I’m going to say, just because it’s one of my favorite shows of the moment–I’d say Luther. Let’s bring some zombies into Luther-world. Have Clive work with Luther (Idris Elba) to figure out what’s going on with these damn zombies. You’ve got this experienced detective in Luther who’s been there, seen it all, done that, and then you’ve got this rookie detective, who’s been on the force for only less than a year now, and I think it would just be fun to see this professional detective, this seasoned detective with this rookie detective and working with Liv to try to figure it out. And also, imagine if the character Alice, if you find out she’s a zombie. To see Ruth Wilson, who plays Alice, partnered up with David Anders–those are two badass villains–wow! I don’t know if I can handle that. Call it iLuther, or something like that. Yeah, I’m with that.

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iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW and is available on Shomi in Canada.