iZombie: Six Best Romantic and Bro-tastic Moments

Diyah Pera / The CW
Diyah Pera / The CW

iZombie went heavy on the relationship-centric moments Tuesday night–those complex, engaging character pairings that make the universe of this series so wonderful and so fully realized. And we’re totally digging it!

“Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues” featured Liv and Peyton’s long-awaited reunion (and reconciliation!), a new best friend (man’s best friend, in fact), movement on the Liv/Major relationship, and a surprising brand-new connection that none of us saw coming.

As in past weeks, the Murder-of-the-Week was not particularly important or relevant to the major storylines, so we’re bypassing all of that to give you our top six picks for the best relationship moments of the episode.

Can you think of one that we missed? Be sure to chime in by commenting below!

Liv & Peyton Make Up Over Green Juice and Girls’ Night

Diyah Pera / The CW
Diyah Pera / The CW

Peyton was gone for months after she discovered Liv’s zombie secret identity (which, y’know, understandable). The fact that she quickly forgave Liv and resumed their friendship so soon after she returned was an unexpected, pleasant surprise. We love the unbreakable friendship between these two ladies! Last week, Peyton extended Liv the ol’ olive branch by way of a surreptitiously delivered birthday cake and this week Liv returned the gesture by stalking Peyton to her fitness class and bringing her green juice. They both admitted they’d missed each other (and, amazingly, Peyton emphasized that she understood Liv’s situation and how she’d acted) and soon enough they were having a girls’ night complete with wine (Peyton) and tabasco sauce (Liv). They talked boys (and by boys we mean BLAINE!) and Peyton snarked a bit about Gilda. It was a wonderful moment! Fingers crossed that Peyton sticks around this time.

Major Ditches Gilda/Rita To Help Out Ravi

This was a small moment, but in an episode that wasn’t particularly good for the Ravi/Major friendship, it was an important one. While it’s not like Major was particularly into the idea of sticking around and cuddling with evil Gilda post-coitus, he did jump up and out of bed once he realized that Ravi was expecting him to be home to drive Ravi to work. Even in Major’s downward spiral, he still makes time for his main bro. Rajor for life! Here’s hoping that Ravi forgives Major for being such a flake recently.

Ravi Supports Country-Brain Liv’s Musical Endeavors

Diyah Pera / The CW
Diyah Pera / The CW

At this point, it’s obvious that Ravi is way more than just Liv’s boss at the morgue. He was the first person to find out her secret (the only one to know her secret for a good chunk of time). He helped her (and is helping her) work on finding a cure for zombieism. This episode featured a particularly fantastic moment in the Ravioli (Ravi/Olivia) friendship when Ravi accompanied Liv to cheer her on at her musical performance debut–fully decked out in cowboy gear, no less! He even recorded the performance for posterity. What a bro.

Ravi & Minor the Dog (Rajor On the Outs)

It’s clear that Ravi and “Dog” (as Major called him) bonded on some level. Ravi expressed his concern that Minor had been whining all night while Major was gone–he even named the dog (the cleverest name, in true Ravi fashion). Near the end of the episode, Ravi and Major’s friendship started to show signs of dysfunction, and some of those signs were dog-centric. Ravi noticed that the dog had vanished and was freaked out that Major didn’t know where he’d last seen the dog, or even care much about the fact that the dog was missing. We next see Minor after Ravi has retrieved him via a lost dog board and is cleaning him up. Aww. A man and his dog–the beginnings of a beautiful friendship!

 Peyton & Blaine?!?!

Diyah Pera / The CW
Diyah Pera / The CW

Pump the breaks on this one. The vast, wide Internet is freaking out a little bit now that iZombie has introduced Peyton and Blaine (two characters who had little reason to cross paths in the first season) to one another. While we’re already busy formulating ‘ship names for these two, thanks to the flashes of chemistry that their brief encounter displayed, it’s important to keep this in perspective. Peyton was clearly interested, as she even mentioned him to Liv, but how long can we expect Peyton’s mystery man to remain a mystery to Liv? Peyton’s BFF will absolutely put a stop to any and all burgeoning Peyton/Blane (Bleyton? Paine?) feels once she figures out it’s Blaine that Peyton is getting all moony-eyed over.

Yeah, we’re definitely going with the ‘ship moniker Paine for this pair. It’s far too apt to not.

Non-Hallucinatory Liv/Major Makeout Session!

Oh. My. God. After Liv’s full-episode hallucination of her and Major reconciling last season (which basically ripped our hearts in half), here we had a REAL, LEGITIMATE (pseudo) reunion between the two soulmates. We’re still not sure that Liv/Major is endgame, but it’s hard to argue with chemistry like that. Plus, the fact that Liv immediately went to comfort him despite their awkward and tense stand-off earlier that same day? Yeah, the love there is strong, it’s real, and it’s not going away any time soon.

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