Into the Badlands’ Emily Beecham on The Widow’s Plan to Fight Pilgrim


Make no mistake about it, the Widow (Emily Beecham) always has a plan, regardless if no one else knows what it may be. That certainly seemed to be the case as she put into motion another one on Sunday’s episode of Into the Badlands, “Black Wind Howls.” In a surprising move to her regent, Moon (Sherman Augustus), the Widow handed Castor (Dean-Charles Chapman) back over to Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay) without making him return the refugees. Instead, the Widow is out to gain Pilgrim’s trust so that she can eventually capture and use Chau’s army to get back the refugees.

The episode also saw the Widow once again butt heads with her former regent, Tilda (Ally Ioannides), despite the fact the two have now entered into a very tense alliance to bring down Pilgrim and Cressida (Lorraine Toussaint). It’s just the latest struggle in the ongoing battle between the two women. In order for them to take down Baron Chau, they will no doubt need to use the help of her brother, Gaius (Lewis Tan), who we learned has his own past with the Widow. To break down the battles ahead for the Widow in Season 3, as well as whether there’s hope for her relationship with Tilda or a new one with Gaius, The TV Junkies spoke with Beechum.


The TV Junkies: What did you and Ally think when you guys found out that Tilda and the Widow would be butting heads so much this season? As a viewer, it’s admittedly been hard to watch at times.

Emily Beecham: Ally was very pleased about it because she was keen for Tilda to be strong, have her own mind and grow up to be tougher and follow her beliefs, heart and instincts. Tilda does that a lot more this season which is great because last year she was a bit of a puppy. She definitely breaks away from that and the Widow has to adjust to having this new dynamic with a young, strong, argumentative woman instead of one that just looked up to her and was frightened. It’s a very different relationship and I think it’s exciting for Ally to play, but also refreshing for me to play a character who is now alone.


TTVJ: In this week’s episode, Tilda does make a firm stand and makes a final deal with the Widow that she’ll fight with her, but that she’s not her regent or her ally. After something like that, is there any hope that relationship can somehow be repaired?

EB: I think so. I don’t want to give spoilers, but the new characters like Pilgrim, who is difficult and a big force, mean people are forced to become allies to fight against him. He’s a danger to the whole of the Badlands so people have to work together and that produces unlikely allies. It makes an interesting chemistry for upcoming episodes…

TTVJ: Give me some hope though, Emily! [laughs]

EB: Yes! [laughs] But with a different dynamic and it’d be a very different relationship. I do think it evolves, but yes.

TTVJ: Speaking of Pilgrim, it was a bit surprising to see her hand Castor back over to him for nothing. Why was she willing to do that and what’s next in her battle against him?

EB: Giving Castor back pacified Pilgrim and earned his trust a tiny bit. That buys her time to use other strategies, even though Moon was annoyed with her and didn’t quite understand why she had done that. She had to gain Pilgrim’s trust and she wouldn’t want to, at this moment, get on the wrong side of him until she has a plan.


TTVJ: We see that Cressida correctly guesses that the Widow used to possess the gift, and she says that the Widow longs to have it back again. Is she right? Does the Widow ultimately want her gift back?

EB: I think it’s exciting for the Widow to hear somebody say it. It’s been a secret yearning for her to have the gift back and to have people who have the power to control it is exciting to her. It makes regaining the gift a reality since she felt that it was unfairly taken away from her when she was younger. It makes her dream a bit, but she’d never want to give away how much that means to her.

TTVJ: Earlier this season we got to see that the Widow and Gaius have some history together. We know how the Widow feels about men, but might there be a chance for romance happening there and will we learn more about their past?

EB: They come from different backgrounds, but relate to one another and feel the same about things like cogs, slavery and the like. They have a lot in common, and while she’s unwilling to trust him because of her history with men, he’s a little bit different. He’s also very handsome, a good fighter and he pulls her guards down a little bit. So something will evolve, but with the Widow it’s never simple! [laughs]


TTVJ: Into the Badlands is one of the absolutely most beautiful shows on TV today and part of that is the gorgeous, colorful costumes. The Widow in particular, with her signature black velvet, has some really great wardrobe choices. What’s that like for you as an actress to get to dress up in those beautiful costumes?

EB: It’s amazing and I swear I get the best costumes of all the cast. They are all so gorgeous and some are old vintage things, but they are always really unique. It’s like we have this Victorian legion flavor, but there are times when they want that corset so tight that are killer. I’ve also been pushing pump heels instead of stilettos because those are just too cruel. [laughs] Everything is so intricate and beautiful that they really affect the way you move. I spend about three hours in hair and makeup every morning and then it takes awhile to put the costumes on.

TTVJ: I’m constantly wondering where they get all this velvet in the Badlands!

EB: I want to know that too! [laughs] They must have some very good tailors there. We would never need it, but I think they should introduce some tailors into the story. Maybe some horticulturalists as well!


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Into the Badlands airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.