Hudson & Rex’s Mayko Nguyen Previews a Very Special Season Premiere

Need something to break you out of the winter/pandemic blues? Thankfully, Hudson & Rex returns on Tuesday, January 5 at 8/7c to Citytv for its third season. In Season 3, Detective Charlie Hudson (John Reardon) and Rex, his intrepid German Shepherd partner, are back on the trail of St. John’s most devious criminals. Season 3’s caseload promises to present the Major Crimes team with some of their biggest mysteries yet. Charlie and Rex will need every member of the team, including Dr. Sarah Truong (Mayko Nguyen), Charlie’s closest collaborator, by their side.

 Sarah is always lockstep with Charlie when it comes to solving cases, and their friendship grows even closer in Tuesday night’s season premiere. In it, Charlie brings Sarah along to a trip the past that details how his partnership with Rex began. Nguyen recently spoke with The TV Junkies about what Charlie’s gesture means to Sarah, as well as what lies ahead for Sarah this season. She also previews some great guest stars, including one that offers up a mini-Killjoys reunion for fans of the dearly departed sci-fi drama. Nguyen played Delle Seyah Kendry during Killjoys’ five-season run and looks back upon that experience with us as well.

The TV Junkies: What’s it like coming back for Season 3, especially when you had to film in such unprecedented times?

Mayko Nguyen: When all of this started going down in March, I just assumed that the entire film industry would shut down for a year. So to be honest, I just feel very lucky and grateful to still have work and get to be together in a room full of people. We were socially distanced and with masks, but I feel so fortunate to be with this family again. It’s been a nice mental break from COVID. 

TTVJ: This is also your third season coming back and shooting in St. John’s. Has it really become like a second home? What do you love about being there?

MN: I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m someone that really likes to be in my home. I’ll go away but for a max of like three weeks. Particularly in the first season, I found it really hard to be out here for 16 episodes and six to seven months. The turnaround is quick so we don’t end up being home very long. The second season I got a bit more acclimated to being here, but now, we came in July and the weather was particularly glorious. There’s something that happened this season where it’s really become my second home. Having a new baby and a toddler out here is just so much easier and makes so much more sense.

TTVJ: From the screeners I saw, Sarah seems more confident than ever in her abilities. What’s her mindset like in Season 3 and what were you most looking forward to exploring with her?

MN: Not a ton has changed with Sarah. Year by year the group gets more and more cohesive, and coming from COVID and getting to be together again has been really nice. I think that translates to the show. The four of us become tighter and tighter each year. In terms of Sarah, her work is her life and there’s more references to that this season. She’s pretty reliable and consistent. You know what to expect with her. There’s always stuff happening with her and Charlie here and there. Those are the fun surprises but I can’t talk too much about that. [laughs]

TTVJ: A big part of the season premiere is that Charlie brings Sarah along on a trip to the past, chronicling how his partnership with Rex began. What’s that mean to her to be a part of that?

MN: I loved that episode and it’s quite a departure from how our episodes are typically structured. It felt really special and fun to be outside of the group. Sarah is the newer member to the department and this is a story close to Charlie’s heart. It’s all about how he and Rex started and developed their relationship. In the episode, I’m asked to join this annual tradition and Sarah feels incredibly honored to be a part of that. It further cements her feeling of being a part of the team and not so new anymore. It also makes her feel close to Charlie and their friendship is quite strong.

TTVJ: Hudson & Rex always seems to pull in some pretty fantastic guest stars. Are there any in particular that you’re excited for viewers to see?

MN: In the second episode of the season we have Allan Hawco from Republic of Doyle. I have a favorite, and I don’t think she even knows it, but it’s Cara Ricketts (Anne with an E, Street Legal). She’s on this season and so is Sarah Podemski. I really enjoyed her as well. We’ve had a bunch of really great people.

TTVJ: Because I’m a huge Killjoys fan, I loved that in the second episode of this season there’s a mini-reunion that happens when Gavin Fox, who played Gared, guest stars.

MN: Oh my gosh yes! We were so happy that we actually got to work together. I often don’t have much with the guest stars but we got to share scenes. He’s this big, imposing guy but is just a pure teddy bear. He’s so respectful, lovely, and warm. Just a lovely, lovely person. 

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TTVJ: Speaking of Killjoys, I wouldn’t be who I am as a person if I didn’t ask you about one of my all-time favorite characters, Delle Seyah. Now that you’ve had some time away from her, what do you think about as you look back to that experience and playing such a dynamic character?

MN: It’s interesting because I’ve found that it’s unfortunate actually because you get so caught up in the work when you’re in it. Of course you’re grateful for it and enjoying yourself, but it is also work. I went in and out of having challenges with her, in terms of keeping her based in reality, but then when you leave a show like that you just miss it. I almost feel like I didn’t appreciate how incredible that experience was when I was in it. I’m someone who broods over my work and has a hard time enjoying things. I always reflect back after the fact when it’s too late. I should’ve taken more time to really enjoy that experience and the people.

She was a really great character, and I had no idea when I set out to play her that she’d have the arc that she had. When you’re in it you’re just trying to do good work, and you’re anxious because you have no idea if what you’re doing is going to translate. To be honest, I don’t watch my stuff and I often questioned my choices as Delle Seyah. It’s not until hearing that people liked her and enjoyed that arc that it felt satisfying to me. I definitely miss her, and wish I had allowed myself to enjoy that experience more while I was in it, and not after the fact.

TTVJ: I was always so afraid she was going to be killed off, and I never wanted to lose her!

MN: She came close, right? Michelle Lovretta [Killys creator] is just so great, as is her writing and what she can do. When I got pregnant I just assumed that I was going to be done. The fact that they not only kept me in, but incorporated the pregnancy into the storyline, allowed it to go so far. She’s just incredible.

TTVJ: What do you think the Green Queens would be up to now?

MN: I feel like not too much. After all of that they’d just be arm and arm and lounging.  [laughs]

Hudson & Rex Season 3 premieres Tuesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Citytv.