Hudson & Rex’s Justin Kelly on the Show’s Tight-Knit Team

The team on Hudson & Rex wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of its members. From Charlie (John Reardon) and Rex solving crimes in the field, to Dr. Sarah Truong (Mayko Nguyen), and Superintendent Donovan (Kevin Hanchard) running the show, everyone feels a part of the gang. When discussing that team we could also never forget to mention tech specialist Jesse Mills (Justin Kelly). Jesse is the youngest team member and most at home in front of his computer, but he’s been known to venture out into the field every now and again. 

Season 3 of Hudson & Rex, which airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Citytv, promises to dive even further into Jesse’s history and allow Kelly to play up Jesse’s quirky sense of humour even more. The TV Junkies recently spoke with Kelly about the tight-knit Hudson & Rex team, playing up Jesse’s comedic sides, and what viewers can look forward to seeing as Season 3 of the drama continues.

The TV Junkies: You’ve now played Jesse for two seasons and probably feel pretty comfortable with him. So heading into Season 3, what were you most looking forward to exploring with this character?

Justin Kelly: After a certain amount of episodes, you want to try and find new things to play with. First and foremost though, I was just excited to get back to work, especially this year with everything that’s going on. Every season I really look forward to the episodes where we dive a little further into Jesse’s history outside of the SJPD. Whenever that comes along it gives us the chance to explore a little further, and I’ve really enjoyed that this season. There’s more to come with that.

TTVJ: Jesse is usually the guy who stays behind and mans things back at his desk. He’s gotten into a bit of trouble in the past when he has gone into the field. Will we see him venture out at all this season?

JK: We definitely will see a bit of that. He’s had a pretty rough history of being out in the field and having a near-death experience. So it’s better to keep him behind the desk where he belongs, but we’ll definitely see a little more of that. Jesse will also take the reins of doing a little more field work.

TTVJ: Jesse is an integral member of the team and it’s a team that is pretty close-knit. I imagine that transfers off screen to your relationship with the other cast members. What’s it mean for you to be a part of this Hudson & Rex team?

JK: It means a lot. The work itself comes really easy to us because we get along really well. We’ve built a family out there. I’m usually able to fly back and forth and go home for a bit, but I was hunkered down here for a long time. We hang outside of work and just love each other. I think that translates into the work we’re doing. The team isn’t the same without a single person, Rex included. If one person is missing then there’s a rift in the team. The important thing is that we are a team and work through these cases together. We just have a great time.

TTVJ: In the three years you’ve filmed there I imagine you’ve gotten to feel at home in St. John’s. What’s so special about being there?

JK: I adore it out there! It’s a beautiful province and filled with amazing, friendly people. It’s become a second home over the last couple years. We really have a great time filming out there with a great crew. We have the blessing of being able to shoot in these beautiful locations. One day you’ll just be by the Atlantic Ocean and it’s a great office for the day. 

TTVJ:What I love about Jesse is that he’s kind of quirky and can make things a bit awkward at times. What’s it like for you to get to tap into that nerdy comedic side of the performance?

JK: I love it too. I always find myself just naturally venturing towards the comedic side of things. I grew up loving comedy and it’s why I started doing this in the first place. I love playing a character where we get to really have fun with that. He’s the quirky, nerdy guy who makes all the Dad jokes imaginable. The more uncomfortable or awkward he makes it, the more fun it is. I love doing that kind of stuff. 

TTVJ: Are there any moments in particular this season that you’re really looking forward to fans seeing?

JK: Our first episode alone hits the ground running. It’s exactly what fans can expect from Hudson & Rex but even more so. It pulls at the heartstrings. We also have a few great episodes with some very talented guest stars coming as well.

TTVJ: Many people know you from your role as Robin on Wynonna Earp. Robin wasn’t around much this season because you were shooting Hudson & Rex, but what’s it been special for you about portraying him?

JK: I really love that show and everyone involved in that show. The fandom banded together and without them there wouldn’t have been a Season 4. When I joined that show I was coming off a year or two of not really working and was reintroduced to acting in a beautiful way. I played this character that I fell in love with, and right off the bat Varun [Saranga] and I hit it off. I felt very at home there right away. That doesn’t always happen, especially for someone like me who isn’t a series regular and joined late in the game. Everybody on that show welcomed me with open arms, and I have a soft spot for that show.

Hudson & Rex airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Citytv