A howling Republic of Doyle

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Dare I say I called it? It seems tempting to finally breathe a sigh of relief that Republic of Doyle has outed the last of Sloan’s secrets—and possibly sent her off for good. Except I still don’t believe Sloan, even when she’s telling me what I want to hear, and mulling over her last minute reveal is going to weigh far more on my mind than another excellent round of Jimmy and Wolf on The Rock.

Of all the guests I’ve been most hoping to have reappear in the final season of Doyle, the duo of put-upon Wolf (Alan Doyle) and perpetually inept Jimmy (Scott Grimes) as the worst/most hilarious undercover cops to ever grace our nation were top of my list. And thankfully, in what is probably their final appearance in these roles (unless someone wants to give us a spinoff or a web series, please??), they were at the peak of their game. Or at least Wolf was, and Jimmy was, well, whatever it is that Jimmy is.

There were plenty of hijinks as Jimmy ended up, as per usual, bandaged to the hilt while somehow managing to take Saul down for good–though how he continues to be promoted baffles me. But it was the closing moment of Wolf draping the jacket over the nearly incapacitated Jimmy as they walked out of the office for the final time that really brought home the finality of the season. Leave it to these longstanding staples (who once brought Russell Crowe to our shores and sets) to be the ones to hit me right in the proverbial feels with that final bow and remind me that there are only three episodes and two weeks left to the series.

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While the boys brought the laughs (and impending tears) with what I assume is their final appearance, on the home front there was nothing but more trouble. And not the Jimmy/Wolf fun kind as Sloan’s half-sister showed up to rope her into another job and drop a bomb on Rose and the rest of the clan. I’ll admit I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since Sloan first gazed at her reflection while eying up a picture of Jake, and the fact that she was the one to supply the DNA tests did nothing to alleviate my suspicions.

Except that the timely arrival of said news—again without an independent test to prove things either way—has now left me wondering if Sloan’s now just trying to make it up to her family and get Pam away from them. She finally started doing the right thing by preventing her sister’s identity theft and confessing to stealing all the Doyle’s money, and I can’t help but wonder if her newfound streak of affection for the Doyles had more to do with her surprise admission than any kind of truth. I’d be more than happy to see the last of her, but at this point I’m feeling some kind of Top Of The Lake lingering paternity confusion that I’d like to have properly cleared up before the final credits roll. As it is, I’m betting Sloan’s stay with her aunt in Gander will be temporary and Jake will be welcoming her back with open arms before the end.

It’s just one more thing looming over the last half of the season—tacking itself onto a growing list that now apparently includes some problematic CAT scan results for Leslie. She was popping her secret bottle of pills yet again, telling Jimmy they were for a headache, and until now I’d assumed this was just her anxiety medication. But with that mysterious message I’m now terrified some fatal blow is about to hit this couple before they can drive off into the sunset with cans tied to the back of the GTO. If there was any hope the second half of Doyle’s final season would start the uptick for the clan, I’d say it’s been thoroughly dashed—the problems just keep a-comin’.


  • “You were asking for a shit knocking, Jimmy.” Wolf’s always got the best insults.
  • “I am the decisioner.” No, Jimmy. Just no.
  • “I just swallowed toxic slime from your harbour thanks to Great Big Wolf over here.” OK, that Great Big Sea riff was actually decent, Jim.
  • “Red-headed pissant.” Saul’s description of Jimmy.
  • “I’m seriously thinking of shooting you in the testes. Just to make sure you don’t pass on your genes to some poor, unfortunate offspring.” Do it for all our sakes, Wolf.
  • “We have a bit of a Sloan situation.” Don’t we always, Tinny?

Republic of Doyle airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC.