Heroes Reborn Peter Mooney is Having Fun Being Bad


Being bad can be so much fun. That’s one of the reasons Canadian television actor Peter Mooney was excited to join the cast of Heroes Reborn for a few episodes this season. The cigar smoking craps player we saw him portray in the premiere is a far cry from Mooney’s Nick Collins on Rookie Blue. When we last saw his character, Francis Culp, he was taking away Molly Walker (Francesca Eastwood), an evos who can find anyone in the world, for his employer Renautas, a mysterious technology company.

What does Renautas want with Molly and why is Francis, an evos (evolved human) himself, OK with working for a corporation that is after other evos? The TV Junkies recently caught up with Mooney to ask him these questions, as well as get his take on being a part of the series, playing a bad guy and look ahead to his upcoming role on Saving Hope.

The TV Junkies: How did this opportunity to be a part of Heroes Reborn come about?

Peter Mooney: It was fortunate scheduling. I just finished working on the sixth season of Rookie Blue when it came up. I read for it and I was in town, and felt really, really lucky to be a part of it.

TTVJ: There’s a lot of secrecy around Heroes Reborn. Has it been hard to keep those secrets and not give anything away?

PM: It’s not been too bad because I’m only in three episodes. So for the majority of the season, just like the viewers, I don’t know what’s coming. It’s going to be equally a surprise for me.

TTVJ: Francis is quite a departure from Nick Collins. What was it like to play a bad guy?

PM: It’s so much fun, especially after so many years as a good guy. It’s nice to tackle something different. Bad guys are always fun, especially when you are playing a bad guy that doesn’t think he’s a bad guy, that has his own motivations for doing what he’s doing. That’s always a lot of fun.


TTVJ: When we last saw your character it was revealed that he was working for someone who wanted Molly Walker. What can you tell us about who he works for?

PM: I don’t want to give too much away on that front, and it’s all going to come down the pipe in this episode coming up. But as the viewers have gathered, there’s big interest in finding her. She might just be the missing piece to this whole thing that’s coming down the pipe, and it will be very surprising for the viewers, and very surprising and unfortunate for the heroes we’re following.

TTVJ: Francis is an evos himself, so what’s he doing capturing other evos?

PM: I think any time you’re working for a big, sprawling corporation the further you get down the chain the less information you have. I do think Francis thinks he’s operating on something for the greater good, not fully aware of how that will manifest in the coming episodes.

TTVJ: Will we learn more about the relationship between your character and Eve Harlow’s Taylor?

PM: We will. There’s a few twists and turns coming down on that front. There’s a lot about the true nature of their relationship that becomes clear.

TTVJ: We’re pretty excited about your upcoming stint on Saving Hope. What can you tell us about Dr. Jeremy Bishop?

PM: I’m going through all the professions! He’s a doctor that recently came back to Hope Zion from L.A. after a malpractice suit drove him out of the country. He’s a really, really talented general surgeon but also pretty off the cuff, impulsive and flies by the seat of his pants which can have its own dangers.

TTVJ: Are you as frustrated as the rest of us that we still haven’t heard any news about Rookie Blue’s fate?

PM: I was hoping you might have news. You’ve got nothing? [laughs] But there’s still nothing official yet. It’s been quite awhile now so who knows what will happen. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed.


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Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC and Global.