Haven: Ding Dong Mara’s Gone


Finally! After Thursday night’s episode of Haven, things have somewhat been restored back to how they should be! Whether this is a good thing or not will solely depend upon the personality Audrey carries with her now that she was “Chosen” by her mother, Charlotte, to carry on as her daughter. It couldn’t have been easy for Charlotte to choose between Audrey and Mara, but I will say her reasoning left me slightly confused.

What absolutely did not work for this episode was how abruptly Mara vanished and the reason behind it.

So basically everything evil Mara has done, was out of “misguided love” and grieving her father’s death. So in this other world, they will punish people for acting badly because of that? This seems way too harsh of a punishment, particularly the way that Charlotte went about it. Charlotte somehow set it up so that Mara took the personalities of Sarah, Lucy and the others using the barn and attached them to Mara to make her realize the error of her ways. Which didn’t work at all as far as it was indicated.

Charlotte didn’t even know to what lengths Mara went, such as cutting off her own toe, in order to have things go her way, but she still made the right call to end her sufferings. For the record I still have no sympathy for Mara.

As for Dwight, well he was quick to turn on Charlotte when he learned she wasn’t exactly who she said she was, just like everyone warned him prior to discovering the truth. Originally, I thought they’d make a cute couple, so what if she’s 1,100 years older? She looks fantastic and has a great personality. Come on, It wouldn’t be the most outrageous idea in that lovely mystical town of Haven.

Duke’s attempt to kill off Mara and then himself if they made it inside the thinny was commendable. Poor Charlotte really thought Mara did one last random act of kindness by removing whatever spell she casted over Duke. If she had any lingering doubt over her choice to retain Audrey, surely it disappeared when Duke started to explode. It wasn’t easy watching Duke spasm out of control, he is going to be so upset when it’s all over though and he realizes he infected all of the Haven people with Troubles that were gone for centuries. It wasn’t Duke fault, it was Mara!!! She’s always the bad guy. See note above.

Looking forward, I do have some predictions. Charlotte will stick around; she’s going to atone for her daughter now by helping to locate the genetic marker. Oh and with all the talk of Mara’s father, certainly William Shatner is going to play that role. I think he will make a fantastic addition to the series. Let’s hope he teams up with Duke or something, they would be an awesome duo with lots of laughs to be had.

So where did Mara and Charlotte think dear old dad went? Hmmm. Perhaps we’ll find out.
The only other outstanding issue is the Teagues. We saw a glimpse of the Croatoan story resurfacing with a flashback, I think we are only a few episodes away from discovering what it all means, when Haven returns in 2015.

What did work for the episode was after a rough start to the beginning of Season 5, the Haven mid-season finale brought back everything that is great about this show. Audrey and Nathan have their happy ending, for now…. Once Duke comes around, the three of them can start hanging around like old times. Right? It’s time to get back to some normalcy. Let’s hope Mara is really gone for good, I personally don’t even want to see flashbacks of her! However when they begin the origins of her father, I’m sure she’ll be right there to annoy us all over again. So until then…

Happy Holidays Everyone!