Haven: Death by Print


After a lacklustre new twist last week, I went into Thursday’s episode of Haven, entitled “Exposure” wondering if it was going to be a hit or miss. And I’m glad to report that it was most definitely a hit as it paved the way for things to move forward in the future.

First and foremost, the good news is Nathan’s stint as a ghost was resolved. I’m really glad that even though Audrey lost her immunity to the Troubles she can still fix them. Audrey’s bravery, among her other great qualities, is why she risked her life going into the ghost world to save Nathan, on top of the fact that it was such an Audrey thing to do (and why we love her so much). Duke made one phone call to the Darkside Seekers, requesting the knowledge of Seth who was actually quite funny and helpful. But I won’t talk at all about the Trouble that kills you with the click of a button. Nope, I won’t do it!

As for Mara and Duke, I think we can see quite clearly what is brewing there. Of course they would create a love match with Duke and Mara; they completely insinuated it when Mara asked Duke why he really brought her back. We found out that he subconsciously wanted to keep Mara alive so he separated Audrey from her. How do you go from sweet and caring Jennifer to disgruntled and psycho Mara? I understand Duke has always fancied Audrey and I guess Mara is the next best thing. Maybe this new love stirring is going to bring out the darker side of Duke all over again? She did get Duke to talk about his mother. I’m unsure why she chose that topic or what she knows, but it was an interesting insight into the already messed up Crocker family. In their little gab fest, we learned that Duke’s mom abandoned him when he was just a little boy and also happened to be very creepy, to say the least. It’s no wonder Duke is always conflicted about something, but that also gives Mara plenty of fodder to toy with.

Vince and Dave were also back onscreen after their one week break. Down in North Carolina, they tried to escape the hospital before lab tests on Dave’s wound revealed its supernatural origins. We also discovered Vince is a terrible burglar — it’s a bit odd to think the man used to lead the Guard but can’t steal a tissue sample from a med lab. That’s like basic level crime skills.

I really liked that for once it was Dave who got Vince out of trouble and not the other way around. Season 5 Dave is really growing on me and we still have so much to learn about “Croatoan” and the “thinny” that nearly gobbled him up a few episodes back. Which alludes to the new character that made her entrance. Actress Laura Mennell from Alphas rolled into Haven as Dr. Charlotte Cross from the CDC and I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to the town, or how she shakes it up.

Still, there was no Dwight or Gloria, which really is two strikes against any episode. However, things seem to be moving towards a more normal flow. We can breathe easy now that Nathan is back, which means Nathan and Audrey can thrive as a couple now. And hopefully Audrey will get that special kick to her personality back. I’ll jump on the Mara train only if I see some real depth to her character — they’ve taken long enough so if she is sticking around she needs to be slightly more likeable. What really struck me was what we already knew — she tried to trap Duke into admitting he wanted a piece of Audrey to himself and that’s why he split them in two instead of simply allowing Audrey to emerge as one.

The entire concept is quite twisted if you ask me, but Mara is a bit rougher than Duke which probably suits him just fine.

Team Mara + Duke = MAYBE? (sigh)

Could you ship Mara with Duke? Are you also missing Dwight and Gloria? Sound off in the comments below!

Haven airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.