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“Chemistry” was one of the best episodes of season five so far! Wait, have I said this before? It must have been back in September when I wasn’t quite sure where the show was going. Nevertheless, there was tons of shock value Thursday night.

First we had Nathan and Duke’s showdown. I hate it when those two fight, but Duke took matters into his own hands when Mara temporarily went missing. Nathan was on the hunt for the aether so of course the two clashed for the millionth time. You could say they “DUKEd” it out (laugh track, please) when Nathan discovered Crooker could actually be against his friends over psycho Mara. I was surprised when Duke actually knocked Nathan on the head and left him unconscious; he definitely expressed where he stands in their doomed friendship. But GUYS for whatever reason please don’t fight over a girl, especially when that girl is conniving MARA!

The second great thing that happened in “Chemistry” was when WWE duo Edge and Christian reunited onscreen! Yaaaaay! Adam Copeland, who plays Dwight Henderson, and Jason Reso, who guest starred as Dwight’s longtime friend McHugh, were beyond awesome. I hope we see these two more often since it was quite a treat to watch Thursday night.

I was happy to see some of my predictions from last week came true, one being that Mara and Duke’s one night stand didn’t amount to anything–thank Goodness! Duke deserves better, don’t ya think? We all know by now Duke rarely gets a “happy ending,” especially in the love department and I was certainly not tricked into thinking Mara and Duke would be a REAL thing. Could you really look past all the crazy that Mara truly is? Hells NO! She conjured up the most diabolical plan to let Duke think she was captured by Kirk and by covering all her bases she left a trail that in the end leads right back to her. Only Mara would cut off her own toe to send a message. What did she do to Duke? He is out of control and Mara mentioned that he has crossed over to the “next level” but what does that mean? Has Duke unwillingly turned to the dark side for good?

And on a serious note, does anyone else think Duke looks pretty damn hot with silver eyes? The black ones? Not so much.

Meanwhile when Audrey and Vince paired up for a short while to track Charlotte’s real reason for showing up in Haven, they discovered way more than they could have ever guessed. Audrey’s degenerating cells fuelled her to dig deeper into the truth, and so she discovered the ring in Charlotte’s possession. Obviously when they confronted her she had no choice but to come clean. CDC my arse.

Last week I also mentioned that Dwight was developing a soft spot for Charlotte, and this week, well the flames sure did ignite! It appears Charlotte really does like Dwight and, thankfully, doesn’t give off an evil vibe like her daughter. Wait what?? Yep, it was revealed that Dr. Charlotte Cross is actually Mara’s mother (and by extension, I guess, Audrey’s). The idea is pretty damn exciting to be honest. It’s no wonder she’s been so fascinated with Audrey. If Mara saw Charlotte, surely she’d recognize her own mother? The two of them are yet to cross paths. If my daughter created havoc such as the Troubles, I’d want to know as much about them as possible. I believe Charlotte is, unlike Mara, a good person and that she wants to set things right.

It took far too long to get here, but this is a good place to be. Charlotte’s presence has a larger purpose and I want to know more. It was also proven again that when the entire cast is involved in a single episode, it turns out to be a great one. This includes Gloria’s small talk with Duke!

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Quote of the night: “Do baby bears poop in the woods?” Probably, Vince.

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