Grey’s Anatomy: What would you do?

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After several weeks of focusing on its characters, Grey’s Anatomy switched things up a bit and focused on a story of the week that ripped our hearts out. Because, in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, the writers showed how this amazing story impacted all of the people involved and turned what we thought we knew on its head. This week’s heart wrenching episode, “When I Grow Up,” really made me think about my life and it left me–as well as many of the characters on the show– asking ourselves, “Am I living the life that I want to live?”

The story focused on two police officers and a young boy who were injured in a robbery. Sadly both officers died from their injuries and their mother was left with the horrible choice: whether to donate her son’s organs to help save the boy that had shot them in the robbery. Eventually the officer’s mother, brilliantly played by Libby Villari, decided to donate the organs and save the boy, as well as countless other needy people who would receive their other organs.

I admit that the stories on Grey’s Anatomy usually fall to the background for me. I often find them interesting but rarely think about them after the episode and chose to instead focus on what is going on with the characters themselves. This week was a little different for me. This story really got to me. I found myself getting more involved than I usually do in the story and was really impressed with how it all played out. All of the twists and turns kept me guessing and sent my emotions on a bit of a ride. I really liked how in the end they turned the story around and made it about second chances. It could have been heartbreaking but instead we were gifted with a heartwarming ending and a bit of an education on how important and amazing organ donation can be.

Over the years we’ve seen Amelia and Derek working together but we haven’t seen a lot of their personal relationship away from the hospital. Wasn’t it great to see them sit down together at the end of the episode and just talk? I think that might have been my favourite part of the entire episode.

So many people try to be superman in their everyday lives. For some reason they insist on over achieving and continuously trying to one up themselves. It was so nice for Derek to finally realize that that is exactly what he has been doing in DC. I loved watching him realize that what he was already doing at the hospital is pretty impressive in and of itself and that he doesn’t need to be doing more. Derek is happy with his life staying exactly the way it is right now and he doesn’t need to do anything more. Amelia was right about her and Derek when she said that they were runners. That’s exactly what both of them have done in the past. I think that now Derek can finally say that he has moved past that.

I get that Amelia is terrified of what might happen if she does fall in love with Owen. She doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record. But I think that this time will be different. I think that she, like Derek, has finally figured out what she wants in her life and Owen fits in perfectly with that. I really do think that for both of them this could be the one relationship that finally sticks. I love these two together and I really hope that it works out.


It will be interesting to see how the professional relationship between Derek and Amelia plays out. We saw earlier in the season that Derek doesn’t do second place and really, that is exactly what he is going to have to do now. Amelia has proved herself over the past few episodes to be an excellent neurosurgeon and she has more than earned her place as Derek’s boss. I think that now that Derek is relaxing a bit in his professional life that this relationship could work out quite well. I’m sure they will continue to question and challenge each other, but in a good way. If these two get along they can only make each other better.

Watching Steph and Callie looking for love this week left me a little torn. I do want them to both be happy but I can help but compare everyone they date or are interested in back to their exes. Is Callie really ever going to find someone as great as Arizona? I don’t think so. I really want Callie and Arizona to get back together. There was something really special about their relationship and I miss watching it every week.

Steph has always been a bit of a background character to me. I never liked her and Jackson together and ever since then she has been of little interest to me. I’m always a little turned off by her and can’t quite seem to make myself care about what happens to her character.

I do love watching her and Jo work together though. It’s great to watch them bounce ideas off of each other and compete for patients and surgeries. It reminds me a little bit of the early days with Meredith and Cristina and even Izzy and George fighting for attention from Bailey and trying to win the chance to get in on whatever surgery they could. I’ve missed that fun competitive edge that the show used to have. Hopefully as these residents start to get a little more confident we will start to see a little more fun competitions amongst them.

Extra “Grey’s”

  • I’m really liking all of the Meredith and Maggie scenes that we are getting lately. They are really starting to develop a great relationship and they never fail to make me laugh. I know I said it before but I really think that these two are going to make quite the power couple once they start teaming up to treat patients.
  • Has Jackson always been this great of a guy? I’ve always liked him but I don’t remember him being this amazing in previous seasons. That scene with him and April could not have been any sweeter and really do hope we get to see more great moments between these two before the end of the season. They deserve some happiness after everything they’ve been through.
  • I’m putting my request in now for the return of The Plastics Possy. Those scenes between Sloan (aka. McSteamy) and Jackson were always lots of fun.
  • Did Derek call Amelia, Amy? Is this new? I’m kinda liking it.
  • Whats up with Jackson’s beard? I’ll be the first to say that a little bit of scruff makes a guy extra sexy but a full on beard, not so much.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you love that moment between Derek and Amelia as much as I did? What do you think is going to happen between these two now that they are working together? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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