Grey’s Anatomy: Sarah Drew On the Future of Japril

ABC/Richard Cartwright
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Over the past two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy we’ve seen Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) go through a lot. In #tearsofgreys last season we watched them go through the horrible experience of losing their first child and then this season we saw the dissolution of their marriage as a result.

Jackson and April, coined “Japril” by their fans, have been one of the it couples on Grey’s Anatomy for years. Viewers loved watching the two of them grow close over the seasons and fans were elated when they finally got together. This love for the couple made it especially difficult for fans to understand when they weren’t able to work things out, but they haven’t given up on them yet. April’s recent pregnancy news has brought new hope to their fandom that maybe there is still hope for these two.

The TV Junkies spoke exclusively with Drew to get some insight into the Japril relationship, and to get a look in to what’s to come for the couple as we head into the last few episodes of the season.

The TV Junkies: Jackson and April are two very different people and have two very different ways of coping with tragedy. Those different coping methods pretty much tore their marriage apart. Do you think that April feels responsible for her marriage ending or does she put the blame on Jackson?

Sarah Drew: I don’t think that she’s throwing blame around anywhere. I think it was just an impossible situation. Nobody knows how they’re going to handle the death of a child. You can’t plan for it, you can’t prepare for it. And what happened with them is that the experience and the aftermath revealed some profound differences in the way that they look at the world and look for ways to heal. And I think that she did absolutely what she needed to do and I think if she had stayed home and tried to heal with Jackson I don’t think that she would have recovered. In order for her to continue on she needed to do what she did.

But that came at a profound cost because that’s not what Jackson needed to heal. I’m sure that she wishes he stuck it out with counseling for more than four sessions and tried to make more of a go of it, but I think that she also recognizes that the situation that she put them in also made it really hard to recover from. I think it’s just sad all around more than anything.

TTVJ: Do you think they’ll ever really be able to talk it all through and apologize for how they both handled things?

SD: I really hope so; I think there’s potential for healing with this new baby. And hopefully everything goes smoothly with that, we never know, it is Grey’s Anatomy after all. But I think that the fact that she emerged from the divorce pregnant with his child is a glimmer of hope for them. So we’ll see how it all plays out. But I don’t think it’s the end of their story.

TTVJ: April and Jackson finally seem to be in a good place. Are they finally going to get a break from all the drama in their lives now?

SD: [laughs] There’s never really a break from drama of Grey’s Anatomy, but they had a huge turning point the moment that everything hit rock bottom and lawsuits were flying and then Jackson went and read the post-nup and remembered who they were. I think that really has created a pretty dramatic turning point for two of them moving forward. They’re in a much better place in terms of being civil and wanting to do what’s best for one another instead of being completely selfish and self absorbed and hurt and reactive. So it’s certainly better than it has been for the last several episodes.

ABC/Eric McCandless
ABC/Eric McCandless

TTVJ: Is there still a chance for romance between the two of them or is that over?

SD: Oh absolutely I think there is. I don’t think that anything is ever truly over on this show. I think there is always hope for redemption and there is always hope for restoration. I don’t know how it’s going to play out. It might play out in a really beautiful co-parenting friendship type of way and it may play out in a beautiful reunion and a rekindling romance type of way. I really don’t know how it’s going to go, but I definitely think that there is hope for good things.

TTVJ: Where would you like to see Jackson and April go from here?

SD: I always want them to get back together. I love them together. I think that they are so connected to one another and they’ve been through so much, it would be so sad to end this relationship after they’ve had this incredibly epic story. My heart always moves towards reconciliation, especially if there is a baby in the mix. I think the hope would be that they get to be one big happy family, but that might not be ultimately what’s best for all three of them.

TTVJ: In #JaprilTheMovie we saw the demise of Jackson and April’s relationship, but we never really saw why April didn’t want to tell Jackson she was pregnant before the divorce. Was it just because she didn’t want it to influence his decision or was there more to it?

SD: I think that she was completely blindsided by the pregnancy test. She was so completely overwhelmed by it and she so did not want to walk in to that lawyer’s office and so did not want to get divorced. But the thought of looking into his eyes, asking him if he really wanted to be done with her and then just throw in a wrench of – oh, you should stay with me because I’m going to have your baby. The thought of walking into a life and a relationship with someone that is an unwilling participant seems like a pretty hellish thing to walk in to. I think that she needed to know that he would choose her for her and not just do what a good man would do in that scenario. So I really do think that’s what it came down to. If she had seen in his eyes a glimmer of doubt [when she asked him if this was really what her wanted] then I think she absolutely would have told him, but because he was turned away and said he was done, she couldn’t tell him.

TTVJ: That’s what I got from it too but Catherine (Debbie Allen) certainly seemed to think otherwise. So there were definitely no ulterior motives there?

SD: Oh my gosh, no. I cannot imagine April wanting to maneuver a situation to cut this child’s father out of its life. That’s not in line of who she is as a person. I don’t think there were any bad ulterior motives there at all.

TTVJ: Are we going to see the Japril baby this season or do we go in to hiatus with April still pregnant?

SD: I am not allowed to say, sorry. I can’t tell you things like that. You will just have to watch.

TTVJ: What else can we expect to see from April in these last few episodes of the season?

SD: We are going to see her be pretty badass in the finale. I’m very excited. I’m very very excited about the finale. We are going to see some pretty incredible strengths and it’s super high drama. I’m excited for it, badassery, more April 2.0 coming your way.

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