Grey’s Anatomy: Is this the end for Derek?


This week’s Grey’s Anatomy “One Flight Down” has left me in a bit of shock. Not only did I watch one of my favourite couples crumble but I was left wondering if one of my favorite characters is still alive.

For Meredith the episode began pretty much right where it left off last week. She still hadn’t heard from Derek and she had no idea where he was and why he hadn’t shown up for his meeting in D.C. Her worry about Derek coupled with the PTSD flashbacks that she was having while attempting to treat the plane crash victims caused Meredith to be so distracted that she eventually had to leave the hospital. Watching her remember those horrible moments after her own plane crash were traumatizing enough for me, I can’t imagine that being coupled with her worry for Derek. I’m impressed she was able to do as much as she was but I’m glad that she eventually went home. She did not need to be zoning out while trying to save other people’s lives.

When Meredith wasn’t flashing back to the plane crash she was flashing back to just that morning when she and Derek had been in bed. Although I can’t deny that these scenes were magical, because they were, they really were, I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy while I was watching them. I just had a bad feeling about them. I kept wondering why they were showing us these scenes now? Well my uneasiness was confirmed when Meredith met her 5 p.m. freaking out deadline and that police car pulled up outside her house.

I know Shondaland likes to torture us but come on! This might be going too far. They aren’t actually going to kill Derek off are they? That would destroy Meredith. Heck, that would destroy me. I’m not sure I’d survive it. I just fell back in love with Derek. Plus, didn’t Patrick Dempsey sign a two year contract last year? I’m really hoping that that police car was just bringing Derek home. He’s not dead. I’m just going to keep telling myself that.

Owen & Amelia

Amelia and Owen were breaking my heart this week. Amelia obviously has strong feelings for Owen but she just can’t seem to let herself be happy. Her past has been riddled with tragedy and I think she’s afraid that if she lets herself be happy, even just for a second, that something tragic is going to happen again. Unfortunately Owen doesn’t quite understand Amelia’s fears. I had really hoped that things would go well for these two but now I’m not so sure.

Amelia hurt Owen when they were in the elevator. She didn’t mean to but she did. And after that Owen just gave up. He gave up and then he got mean. First he accused Amelia of just wanting the high and the rush of their relationship, seemingly using her history of addictions against her, then he called their relationship a plane crash. I was shocked. My heart broke for Amelia when they were in that on call room. She was really trying. It was a messed up way of trying but that’s who she is. I thought that Owen understood Amelia better. I really didn’t think he would give up on her that quickly.

I hope this isn’t the end for Amelia and Owen. I really do like them together and I’d hate to see them end so quickly. Hopefully this is just a little blip on their journey and they will find a way to work things out.

I can’t help but see a little bit of a spark forming again between Callie and Arizona. It almost seems like they are starting over again from the beginning. Every good relationship starts with friendship. Maybe if they can rebuild their friendship they can rebuild their love for each other as well. Here’s hoping because I need these two back together. It just doesn’t feel right when they are apart.

Extra “Greys”

  • Steph is still annoying the crap out of me. I do like her romantic side and was impressed when she put Amelia and Owen in their places, but she’s still annoying. I think she maybe just needs to stop trying so hard.
  • What was the point of Bailey recapping all of Meredith’s tragedies to her while she was already freaking out in the operating room? Was that supposed to make her feel better?
  • Was anyone else having Meredith and Cristina flashbacks when Jo and Steph were sitting on the stretchers in the hallway? I know I was.
  • I just wasn’t feeling Richard’s story this week. Could seeing a plane crash (somewhat) near him really be that life changing? I’m glad that he’s now grateful for everything that he has now but I’m not convinced that this was enough to get him to feel that way.

They didn’t kill Derek did they? Are you worried about Owen and Amelia? Sound off in the comments below and take a look at next week here:

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