Grey’s Anatomy: McDreamy is Back



I can’t believe I’m saying this but they’ve done it again. Grey’s Anatomy has done it again. Not only did they take me for an emotional rollercoaster ride but they made me fall back in love with a character that just last week I wanted off the show. This week’s episode, “With or Without You,” finally gave us an answer to that question we have been asking for the past 2 weeks, did Derek cheat? I was sure that he had but I am shocked and happy to report that he did not.

It’s been no secret that I have not been impressed with Derek lately. His constant fighting with Meredith was exhausting to watch and I just needed it to end. I needed it to end so much that I was actually happy when he left. And then, without Derek, Meredith really started to thrive. She excelled in her job, she was building a great relationship with her sister and she was able to find herself again. After seeing all this I admit, I really didn’t want Derek to come back. The show felt better without him.

Watching this week I felt like all of my feelings were confirmed. Right from his very first day in D.C. Derek was flirting with his new coworker, Renee. I was disgusted. Here’s this guy who has barely been away from his wife for a second and he’s already flirting with another woman? All those intimate moments that they had over the weeks, those long adoring gazes, seriously? OK, who are we kidding here? No woman would be able to turn that down. McDreamy got his nickname for a reason. But come on Derek! Did you forget that you were a married man? I was so close to throwing him under the bus when Renee kissed him (OK, I admit I did throw him under the bus during that commercial break, but who didn’t?) but then he said those few amazing words and he took me right back to the time of the post-it notes. Back to the times when Meredith and Derek were everything and I couldn’t imagine them ever being apart. Those few tiny words and all my love for McDreamy came flooding back.

I really am shocked that such a tiny moment made me feel this way. I was happy without Derek on the show. Like Meredith said, “I can live without you, but I don’t want to.” Ten years ago Meredith and Derek hooked up in a bar and started this amazing show that we all continue to tune into and love after all these years. This show is not the same without them and I can see that now. MerDer is endgame and I am proud to say that I am back on their ship and can’t wait to see where things go from here.

jo & worm


While all of this MerDer magic was happening a few other things went down elsewhere in the hospital. One of which was unbelievably disgusting. I know I’m not the only that screamed when Jo found that worm in her patient’s nose. That was seriously gross! How did this woman not know that she had a worm inside her nose? FOR FOUR MONTHS!! Are you kidding me? Even writing this out I’m getting the heebeegeebees. I did love the way that Jo handled everything though. It was nice to see her finally take control of the situation on her own and get things done. Camilla Luddington does an excellent job of adding a little comedic touch to everything Jo does and she never fails to make me laugh. Did she really have to keep the worm though? Seriously? What’s she going to do with it? I still can’t get over how gross that all was.

Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia were dealing with a crisis of their own. Owen’s mom was injured in a fall in her house and was admitted with her significantly younger boyfriend at her side. Owen was a little freaked out by the age difference, as I’m pretty sure most of the viewers were as well. I know I was. This isn’t the norm in our society. Yes we occasionally see younger women hooking up with significantly older men but older women with younger men just doesn’t happen that much. It is confusing when you think about it, what does he see in her? Does she really have something in common with this guy? Is he just using her for her money? As the story played out I was quite surprised to see that he really did love her and was reminded that we can’t help who we fall in love with. Race, sexuality or age can’t change that. Love is love.

It was interesting to watch how much this tormented Owen and how quickly it came between him and Amelia. Amelia obviously cares for Owen and it was nice to see her trying to help him through this. Owen was horrible to Amelia in that moment of stress but I was impressed when he stepped up and apologized for it all. Owen has shown amazing growth this season and I think Amelia can be credited with helping him get to where he is now.

I’ve said before that these two need to get out of that damn hospital if they had any hope in actually hooking up and thankfully this week they did just that. Finally! These two are perfect for each other and I’m so glad that they have finally gotten together. I’m really looking forward to seeing this relationship grow as the season continues.

Extra “Greys”

  • Is it just me or did McDreamy look extra dreamy this week? I don’t know what it was but Derek was looking extra fine to me.
  • Would it not have been easier to just sedate the crazy lady with the worm up her nose and yank it out? It seemed like they spent a lot of time trying to calm her down when they could have just given her some drugs and pulled that disgusting worm out in a matter of minutes.
  • I hate seeing Alex and Meredith fight so much. I really hope that this fighting was just because Meredith was stressed about Derek and that it doesn’t continue. Alex isn’t doing the greatest job as Meredith’s person, but he’s still her person and I really don’t want that to end.

What did you think about this week’s episode? Were you surprised that Derek didn’t cheat? Are you glad that he’s back? Are you happy that Owen and Amelia finally got together? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 pm on CTV and ABC.