Glee-cap: New kids, new couples and one very precocious child star



Fiiiinally, we got a chance this week to dive into these random new New Directions kids that were thrust onto our screens eight episodes ago! And they were actually given valid and valuable storylines to carry through for the rest of the season. (Although don’t hold your breath, it looks like they get put on the back burner again next week.)

Let’s see how the newbies fared!

Throwback thorns: Climbing the rope in gym…does every American have a somewhat traumatizing memory of this? Yes, right? (Sorry, I went to Canadian private school. There was no rope.)
Roses: For the use of “behoves” and for the out-of-left-field pairing of Roderick and Spencer in this episode. Classic “I’ll help you, if you help me” high school plot, though slightly subverted by Spencer trying to get the guy, not girl.
Roses: Myron Muskovitz. SO MANY ROSES for his Beyoncé “rehearsal” and Schuester’s singular mid-song clap.
Roses: LOOK! The new kids are getting a PLOT! ACTUAL STORYLINES! Mason and Jane getting a little flirtation on.
Real-talk roses: It’s about time the New Direction kids gave Berry and Schue sh*t for alumni stealing their spotlight. We haven’t heard from them since the premiere basically.
Child star slavery and an unnecessary plot device: Obviously, Myron is a small but mighty nightmare. But using his insane demands to force Schue, Rachel, Sam, Sue and Beiste to be his back-up dancers? I call foul on this subplot. Let the new kids shine for a full episode, Glee writers!
Thorns of compassion: Spencer is a terrrrrible trainer/coach. Like, Sue-level bad.
Ugh: We finally get more Madison and she’s even crazier than anticipated. Their weird inseparable twin thing was funny in passing; it’s not a promising character trait to build on though.
Roses: Spencer covering The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” was pure, fun and unexpected.
Rosy personality change: Apparently all it took was a leather jacket, tight black T, a fence and a Queen song to make Mason a total heartthrob? I’m confused but welcome the change. That was also a killer performance. And awwww, the twinsies made up!
Exchange that made my night: Spencer: “Look, I know I was a dick before but I was the wrong kind of dick. And this time, I’m being the right kind of dick and I’m telling you, you can do it. “ Kitty: “Can’t we just get a ladder? There’s gotta be one in here somewhere.” Seriously, climbing a rope backstage – especially one on a pulley – seems like a terrible plan.
Roses and then PUMP THE VOLUME: “Uptown Funk” should always be blasted at max volume and rocked out to. Thankfully, random breakdancers took over the stage, because the New Directions choreography was, well to be nice, LACKING.
Roses: ”Shut up, dreidel!” “Can I call you Suzie, Q?” The only good thing to come out of this back-up dancer subplot is Sue and Schue’s verbal assault of one other.
Thorns: Hipster dude jamming out on his “uke.”
Roses: Not only did Spencer get the dude, he also found another member for New Directions! (Are we at the minimum 12 yet?) Seriously though, those two had some cute banter.
Group sing and sequins: Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” seemed weirdly fitting for this totally bizarre bar mitzvah, all-hands-on-deck performance. Everyone had their moment. Everyone was smiling.
FRIENDSHIP: Spencer + Roderick = BFFs.
Thorny new member: Myron joining New Directions…yeeesh. However, Myron and Kitty will be a hilarious terrible twosome.
Thorns: Wait, Sue’s back to taking down the glee club!??! I have whiplash from how quickly she turns.
Blaine’s bowtie tally: NONE! Blaine (and Kurt) have forsaken us! (Possibly on their honeymoon?) We remain at 32 over the season.
Secondary group sing! The newly expanded New Directions finally get to own the stage solo, subtly defining themselves with green t-shirts (instead of the original Gleeks’ red Ts). Enjoy it kids, it looks like all the originals are back next week. Siiiigh.

Hit the comments with your own roses and thorns!

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