HTGAWM: Should’ve Worn A Condom


With next week’s midseason finale quickly approaching, How To Get Away With Murder turned up the heat during Thursday’s episode, revealing more details about Sam’s affair with Lila and Rebecca’s involvement in helping Nate take Sam down for her murder. It also took the audience a few steps closer to seeing how Sam’s own murder played out and presented us with a number of very possible outcomes. The hour revolved greatly around the theme of secrets, lies and betrayals, pushing many of the characters to their breaking points as their seemingly perfect lives began to crumble around them. But, most of all, Thursday’s stunning episode delved deep into the emotional turmoil that forced many of them to face their greatest fears; learning the truth.

Written by Doug Stockstill and directed by Debbie Allen, Thursday’s “He Has A Wife” was truly one of the most complex episodes of the season so far, touching on each and every ongoing storyline while also presenting Annalise and her team with their latest case. Gretchen Thomas was a wife, mother and successful real estate agent who was seemingly guilty of murdering her nanny while in the midst of a pill-induced sleepwalking state. With very clear-cut video evidence of a sleepwalking Gretchen dragging the nanny’s body out of their house and attempting to wash away any blood or DNA from the body, it seemed as though their only defense would be to prove that Gretchen had committed this murder while completely unaware due to the effects of her sleeping pills. But, as with most things on this show, not everything was as it appeared to be, and as Annalise and her team uncovered the true story behind the lies and the evidence itself, so too did they begin to uncover the truth in their own ongoing storylines.

The relationship between Laurel and Frank continued to heat up, the two covertly sneaking around without anyone suspecting any more than usual. But when they opted to go back to Frank’s place later on in the episode for one of their trysts, Laurel soon came face-to-face with Frank’s girlfriend, a devastating truth that would explain her trying to keep her distance from him later on. Meanwhile, Michaela learned that her would-be mother-in-law had been behind Aiden’s decision to ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement, a truth that would pit the two against each other in a very dramatic scene that eventually led Michaela to give her mother-in-law the leverage she could use to ruin Michaela’s relationship with Aiden entirely.

With the time gap between the present-day murder cover-up and the past lead-in nearly closed, Thursday’s episode was able to take us back a little further still, presenting some very vital background on Lila’s friendship with Rebecca as well as her affair with Sam. It was revealed that Lila had fallen deeply in love with Sam, believing that there was a chance he could leave his wife for her, and when she became pregnant just as Sam opted to end their affair, Lila became quite unstable. Noticing her friend’s pain, Rebecca seemed to grasp the seriousness of the situation, and even though Lila did not tell her about the pregnancy, it was clear that she knew exactly what was going on and why Lila was so upset. Though she did not know at that time that “Mr. Darcy” was actually Sam, it did beg the question as to how far she would go to avenge her friend’s murder now that she did know the truth.

This also seemed to propel us into the storyline between Rebecca and Nate, with Nate working very stealthily to uncover the truth and find out if Sam actually killed Lila. After Rebecca came up with a new plan to copy the files, even the deleted ones, from Sam’s phone in order for Nate to find the evidence of his affair with Lila, it seemed as though the two were on the verge of uncovering the truth. Of course, Rebecca’s attempt to sneak into Annalise’s house to gather this evidence from Sam’s phone is the event that we now know will lead to Sam’s death, an event we will be sure to witness during next week’s midseason finale. But something Wes said to Rebecca when he learned of her schemes with Nate seemed to present a very interesting concept; could Nate actually be doing all of this for Annalise? While he appears to be just a man out for revenge and the truth, especially since he lost his job over his previous involvement and could very well be reinstated if he closes this case, one does need to wonder if all of this could have been Annalise’s idea in the first place, once again turning to her lover to help her in her time of need.

Meanwhile, Bonnie seemed to discover her own devastating truths about Sam, finally coming to understand that he had lied and manipulated her, all while betraying the woman who Bonnie looked up to the most; his wife. While it seemed as though Bonnie could be swayed to help keep Sam’s secrets, she proved her ultimate loyalty to Annalise towards the end of the episode, tearfully telling her mentor everything and begging for forgiveness for her own sins. But the truth was too much for Annalise, who had already started to unravel because of Sam’s lies. With venom in her voice and pain in her eyes, Annalise delivered a crushing blow to Bonnie, telling her that she was fired and was never welcome in her life again. While this was clearly an emotional reaction from Annalise, one that could very likely be taken back and rectified later on, it was certainly very real and very painful for Bonnie at the time.

In the end, Michaela found the evidence needed to free their client, Gretchen, discovering that it was actually her husband who had murdered their nanny out of blind jealousy. But when her actions still did not lead to her getting her hands on the trophy she coveted so deeply, she snuck off to Asher’s home to steal it from him. Since we know that trophy will become the murder weapon in Sam’s death, one has to wonder if Michaela is actually the one who delivers the deadly blow or if she just finds herself at Annalise’s home with the trophy at the wrong point in time, giving Rebecca the means to murder Sam.

Prompted by the revelations of her case as well as the revelations delivered by Bonnie, Annalise decided to stop protecting her cheating husband and provided perhaps the most shocking moment of the night; she had worked to convince the D.A. to gather DNA samples from all of the men in Lila’s life in an attempt to uncover who the father of her unborn child really was. In fact, she had specifically suggested that they include her teachers in that investigation, something that would surely lead them to Sam as a prime suspect. Was this her way of getting back at her husband and hurting him the way he had hurt her, or was this Annalise’s way of bringing the truth to light and letting the justice system take its due course, whether Sam is proven to be Lila’s killer or not? Or, perhaps, it is simply and truly a stark reminder that she will go to any lengths needed to protect her client, knowing that putting the spotlight on Sam would undoubtedly set Rebecca free. Time will tell. At least we only have to wait a week.

What did you think of Thursday’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder? Were you surprised that Annalise pushed the D.A. into testing Lila’s teachers for a possible DNA match or are you glad that she finally wants the truth to come out? Do you believe that Rebecca killed Sam or was someone else involved? Did Bonnie deserve to be fired or was that just the emotional reaction of a wounded wife? What do you think will be revealed in next week’s midseason finale? Share your thoughts with us below!

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