Frankie Drake Mysteries Begins Production on Season 2


Production is officially underway on Season 2 of the Shaftesbury drama series Frankie Drake Mysteries. The 1920s-set series will air Mondays on CBC this fall. Starring Lauren Lee Smith (This Life, The Listener) as private eye Frankie, Season 1 saw secrets emerge from Frankie’s tightly hidden past, from discovering her mother alive and working as a con woman, to her friends uncovering her past as a spy. In Season 2, Frankie and her team will tackle cases across prohibition-era Toronto, from renowned museums and high fashion houses, to dance halls and baseball leagues.

That team is made up of Frankie’s fearless and clever partner Trudy (Chantal Riley, Race); Rebecca Liddiard (Alias Grace, Slasher: Guilty Party) as keen police morality officer, Mary Shaw; and Sharron Matthews (Mean GirlsOdd Squad) as spirited morgue attendant, Flo Chakowitz. Wendy Crewson (The DetailSlasherSaving Hope) will return as Frankie’s occasional-con-woman mother, Nora; as well as Grace Lynn Kung (Mary Kills PeopleThe Carmilla MovieStar Trek: Discovery) as café and speakeasy owner, Wendy Quon;

Just as there was in Season 1, Frankie Drake Mysteries boasts a great guest star lineup as well. Natalie Brown (The StrainDark MatterChannel Zero), Steve Byers (SlasherShadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, Far Cry 5), Lara Jean Chorostecki (Designated SurvivorX CompanyHannibal), Alan Davies(Jonathan CreekDamnedThe Bromley Boys), Anthony Lemke (BlindspotDark MatterThe Listener), Romane Portail (FearlessSense8Urban Jungle), and Vincent Walsh (The FallPlayedDeception) all will guest star in Season 2.

“There has never been a more exciting and important time for sharing women’s stories, creating new role models, and changing perceptions of what women can do,” said Christina Jennings, Chairman & CEO, Shaftesbury / Executive Producer, Frankie Drake Mysteries. “Viewers connected with these strong characters in Season 1; we’re thrilled to bring more of these stories to life and continue working with our incredible cast, led by Lauren Lee Smith.”

Season 2 episodes will be directed by Ruba Nadda (helming five episodes as lead director), Cal Coons, Peter Stebbings, and Sudz Sutherland, and written by co-creator Carol Hay, showrunner James Hurst, Andrew Burrows-Trotman, John Callaghan, Cal Coons, and Jessie Gabe.


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Frankie Drake Mysteries returns for Season 2 to CBC in Fall 2018.