The Flash: 5 Post-Flashpoint Questions

Katie Yu/The CW
Katie Yu/The CW

The Flash returned to form in the Season 3 premiere episode “Flashpoint,” where Barry experienced the real consequences of his actions. Faced with choosing between a life with his parents or losing all of the people he loves, he chose the selfless act of changing things back to the way they were. Or, more accurately, undoing the selfish act of changing the past for his own personal gain. To-may-toes, to-mah-toes, right?

Judgement of Barry’s actions aside, the premiere had everything we love about The Flash, especially its uncanny ability to have us doubled over in laughs one second and wiping away our tears in another. It was also the first–and hopefully not the last–appearance of Wally West as Kid Flash, who brought so much enthusiasm to the role it was nearly infectious.

Of course, it also gave us that last minute punch to the gut when it turned out the consequences of Barry’s creation of the Flashpoint weren’t the end of his problems. Here are five lingering questions we have in our post-Flashpoint haze.

Will this affect the entire DCTV universe?

The West family dynamic is one of the (many) highlights of the show for me, so learning that Joe and Iris are no longer on speaking terms is a little devastating. While the question of how the timeline became slightly altered is high on the list, what I want to know is what else was tweaked in this version of time, and not just in Central City.

On a practical level, the obvious answer seems no. Multi-episode crossovers is one thing, but having the storyline of three other shows impacted by a fourth is dizzying for an audience not always able to keep up. Still, for the fans devoted to watch everything in chronological order, seeing how the butterfly effect take a toll on more than one character would be a terrific nod.

Is The Rival going to become Savitar?

In the final moments of the episode we saw the current timeline’s Edward Clariss, also known as The Rival, woken by an ominous figure who may or may not be the hinted villain Dr. Alchemy. At least the scratched-in word on Clariss’ mirror told us as much. The shows producers have already confirmed this season’s big bad speedster will be Savitar, also known as the God of Speed. Is that what Clariss will become? Or is he just another wannabe speedster?

Katie Yu/The CW
Katie Yu/The CW

Has Iris’ feelings for Barry changed?

If “Flashpoint” taught us anything, it’s that Iris and Barry are drawn to each other no matter what Earth or timeline they’re in. However, if something so terrible can happen that Iris and Joe are no longer on speaking terms, what are the chances that Iris and Barry’s romance has been cut short as well?

That being said, we still don’t know if Iris’ relationship with Joe is the only thing that’s changed in Central City. While it could be hard to stomach a change in dynamic with Cisco or Caitlin, there’s no telling what we’ll discover in next week’s “Paradox.”

Will Barry revisit Nora’s death once more?

While it may seem like Barry has now put his mother’s death behind him, evidence suggests that we have one more visit with Barry’s mother left to do. After all, the version of The Flash we’ve seen battling Eobard Thawne, and preventing Barry from stopping his mother’s death the first time he tried, still hasn’t been accounted for yet. His experience with Flashpoint explains why he prevents himself from changing the past the first time, but what leads him to battling Thawne further down the line? Or is this from a timeline that no longer exists? Raise your hand if all this time travelling on The Flash is giving you a serious headache.

What’s the deal with the return of the Reverse Flash?

Thawne’s ominous parting words hinted that we haven’t seen the last of him, which is doubly tragic when you consider what–and who–they lost trying to get rid of Thawne the first time. But the real question is, what does his reappearance mean? If this Thawne is able to use the speed force to travel through time again, is there no longer a Thawne stuck in the past trying to regain it? Is that what has created this timeline’s paradox. Somehow I have to believe a change like that would yield major consequences.


Did “Flashpoint” leave your head spinning too? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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