First Look: The Americans Season 3


Sadly there are no fun wigs involved, but the intensity and high stakes at play are on full display in this first look at Season 3 of The Americans, easily one of television’s best dramas in 2014.

FX released this brief promo of the show’s upcoming third season, which debuts on Wednesday, Jan. 28. The show’s second season (which you can get here) saw Russian spies Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, who live and work undercover in the United States, preparing to have their loyalty tested by Mother Russia as their handler Claudia revealed the KGB’s shocking recruitment plan for their daughter Paige. Even more shocking was the fact that Elizabeth (Keri Russell) thought it may be a good idea.

The promo picks up right where things left off, as Peter and Elizabeth are both strapped to a lie detector machine and being asked about their loyalty. The answer up until now has been a resounding “YES!” but when asked to sacrifice everything, including their children, will they be able to fall in line with their comrades?

Take a look at the upcoming season here:

Are you as excited as us to see how the Jennings will react? Will Elizabeth really sacrifice her daughter for the cause? Sound off in the comments below!