Falconette Readies for a Revolution


Get ready for a revolution because that’s exactly what Falconette, the new prequel series from KindaTV, is bringing your way. Set in the year 2099, Falconette, is created by Paige Haight and Dillon Taylor from Shaftesbury, and is the newest series written by BARBELLE creators Karen Knox and Gwenlyn Cumyn. In a country run by an oppressive totalitarian regime, Falconette follows the story of pop-girl band Pure Vision. The trio pumps out daily musical propaganda to a nation that, unbeknownst to them, is full of lies designed to manipulate the enslaved and starving population. 

Thankfully, as soon as Pure Vision learns the truth about their songs, they soon learn that they are the key ingredient to the Revolution. The Revolution aims to take down the evil ruling regime as Artemis (Samantha Cole), Joshi (Keara Graves), and Bou (Chelsea Clark) aka Pure Vision become Falconette, fulfilling their thrasher destiny. To get a closer look into Falconette, writers Knox and Cumyn shared more details with The TV Junkies. They preview Falconette’s real life parallels to resistance and revolution, as well as preview the fun roles each of them will be playing in the series. The first three prequel episodes are available now on KindaTV’s YouTube channel.


The TV Junkies: Falconette is a bit different from your other projects, in that you didn’t create this series. How did you get involved with it and what made you want to be a part of it?

Yes, creators Paige Haight and Dillon Taylor from Shaftesbury reached out to us when they were looking for writers, and we were very excited about their concept. The idea of a YA series about a bubble-gum pop group transforming into Pussy Riot really got our imaginations going. We were inspired by the world, and all the contributing stylistic factors, including bands like AKB48, BLACKPINK, Blondie, and The Donnas colliding with the political backdrop of a dystopian future.

TTVJ: What is Falconette about and can you discuss the style of the series?

Falconette follows three young musicians (Bou, Joshi and Artemis) who together make up the state-run propaganda group called Pure Vision. Throughout the prequel, they discover that the government they’ve been representing is corrupt, and thus begins their shift into a rebel punk group. We like to say that the style is Josie and the Pussycats meets the high stakes political drama of The Hunger Games (with some style notes from The Runaways).

TVJ: While this series is set in the future, here in 2019 the themes of resistance and revolution seem especially relevant. Is it safe to assume that Falconette will have some strong social commentary and a lot to say about our current life and culture?

Absolutely. With young activists like Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, and Emma Gonzalez leading the charge in terms of advocacy for a greener, non violent, discrimination free future, it is clear that Generation Z is poised to be the most politically active generation in recent memory. There is an appetite among our youth for critical thought when it comes to politics and a vision for the future. This is reflected in Joshi, Artemis, and Bou’s journey as they are forced to contend with conflicting political ideologies, and determine for themselves what is right, and what is just. While the prequel is just the beginning, we hope to put differing ideologies to the test throughout the series, and showcase the importance of political engagement and discourse.

TTVJ: Could you share a little bit about the main cast and the characters viewers can expect to meet?

We have an incredible cast that we can’t wait to introduce to the KindaTV audience! Keara Graves (Lost & Found Music Studios) plays Joshi, the poster girl ‘leader’ of Pure Vision, with total horse-girl energy and a big old crush on her bandmate Artermis, played by Samantha Cole (UnREAL). Artemis is the hot headed bass player, who doesn’t always think before she acts, and is the most natural punk among them. Rounding out the girl group is Bou, played by Chelsea Clark (Degrassi: Next Class). Bou is the youngest member of Pure Vision, and is less reverent about the rules of the state than her bandmates, with a troublemaking sense of humour.


TTVJ: Outside of the main pop trio, you are playing characters very different from others we’ve seen you play in the past. Who are the Directrice and The Rebel?

The Directrice played by Karen Knox is the Vice Commander of Erebania, and all around EVIL lady. She understands the value of the girls as a critical tool of the regime’s propaganda machine, and has been charged with the task of making sure they stay in line. Which means ensuring that the girls abide by Erabian rules stipulating that any member of a state run band remain single and “in a relationship with the fans” aka no dating, and ESPECIALLY no forbidden lover affairs between bandmates. The Directrice, jaded by her past is hellbent on making sure Joshi and Artemis’s love is doomed. The Rebel, played by Gwenlyn Cumyn has a story line in the later season that we can’t tell you too much about right now, but rest assured it’s badass.

TTVJ: Since there is a pop-girl band Pure Vision at the center of Falconette, does that mean we can expect some more fun, catchy original songs from this series?

Oh hell yes. The original tracks in the prequel were written by Erik Solarski who did a fantastic job of finding the bubblegum pop tone of Pure Vision vs the PUNK as all hell sound of Falconette. We’re definitely hoping we’ll be able to bring some musical stylings to Season 1. I mean who doesn’t want another banger like Barbelle’s Le Crush…..but dystopian.


TTVJ: Your past work always has taken topics that are very relevant and heavily covered by other films or series and put a queer lens on them. Can we expect that to be true again in Falconette?

To be honest, there are some pretty good precedents when it comes to queer rep in sci-fi. Orphan Black, Wynnona Earp, Sense 8, Killjoys to name a few! But Falconette isn’t straight sci-fi, and honestly, it’s the gay Hunger Games we never knew we NEEDED.

TTVJ: Anything else I missed that you wanted to share about the project?

That while we work away on developing Season 1, we would LOVE for people to share the project and get the good word out there! The more buzz, the better. The world we’re developing is so nuanced and rich, and we want to show you MORE of it!


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Falconette premieres on Friday, December 6 on KindaTV’s YouTube channel.