Exclusive First Look: Owain Yeoman on Turn


A new face is coming to AMC’s Turn—but it might not be the most welcome one. That’s no fault of actor Owain Yeoman, who’s best known for the six seasons he spent as Wayne Rigsby on The Mentalist. But his character, the infamous Benedict Arnold, still has the ability to make Americans hiss at the sound of his name.

“It must be a touch of the sadist in me,” Yeoman tells The TV Junkies about why he signed up to play the most hated man in American history. “I love a challenge, and I knew that after the success of The Mentalist I wanted to do something completely different because I think typecasting is the enemy of any actor.”

Thankfully for us Canadians (and Brits like Yeoman) who are tuning in without the added help of some American history lessons, Arnold will still be sporting his blue coat when we first catch sight of him in Season 2. The show plans to take us all the way through his transition from celebrated American general to notorious traitor, introducing Arnold at the height of his military career so we can all get a taste of why he remains at the top of the blacklist.

Not only is Arnold’s treachery a far cry from the goofy yet lovable Rigsby, but Yeoman’s had to get used to a whole new look too.

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“It’s very different from when I was doing The Mentalist,” he adds. “I just had to put on a suit and that was it, I was an FBI agent, end of story. Now I’ve got to put on seven layers of clothing, pantaloons, stockings, boots, wig… It’s quite a transformation and it’s amazing.”

Although, having asked about it, we have to reveal that the really amazing transformation Yeoman undergoes has everything to do with the hair.

“They shaved my head to be able to give me long, luscious locks, which I find incredibly ironic. So in real life right now I’ve got no hair. But in the show, I look like a revolutionary Fabio. I’ve never had such long hair that I can actually shake. I look like a constant commercial for L’Oreal or something.”

He jokes, “I’m hoping for a hair endorsement out of this show.”

Get a look at Season 1 here:

Are you excited to see Benedict Arnold on Turn? What about having Owain Yeoman back on the small screen? And how jealous are you of that hair? Let us know in the comments below!

Turn returns to AMC in Spring 2015.