Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country: Top 5 Paso Robles Moments


The first episode of Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country premiered Thursday, April 9 via internet, giving viewers a choice of watching on YouTube or Google Play. The web series finds actor Stephen Amell, best known for playing Oliver Queen on the hit television series Arrow, partnering up with his closest friend, and Nocking Point Wines co-founder, Andrew Harding as the pair take viewers on a journey through their amazing wine making process. But if you ask us TV Junkies, this new web series is just another way for Amell, who apparently isn’t busy enough playing a DC superhero, to make us love him even more than we already do.

The show certainly lives up to its slogan of “Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country … Who know a little bit about wine and a whole lot about having an incredible time.” We can assure you that you’re definitely going to crave a glass of wine while watching. Not only does Amell and his friends, whom we call his wine connoisseurs, make you laugh, but they give some great insight on the right kinds of bottles to be drinking for those of you with a hearty palette for the red stuff. If we were to sum up the experience of watching the first episode, “Paso Robles,” it would be one of great comedic relief mixed with profound thoughts while having a glass in hand.

But let’s take a minute and review the Top 5 Moments of Paso Robles:

1. Stephen Amell repping his Canadian roots

We can’t help but be partial to the fact that the Arrow star always reps his Canadian roots. You can always spot this Torontonian supporting his favourite sports team by wearing his Toronto Blue Jays cap.


2. Watching Stephen and Drew “punching down”

How could we not like it when Stephen compared his wine belly with Drew as these two joked about which one looks better? Check out the evidence below:


3. No sympathy for quitters

Note to self: Don’t come whining to Amell with your problems. The actor’s humour struck again and we just loved when he said “let’s not have sympathy for quitters” in response to Tyler’s explanation that often people don’t realize the amount of work that is involved with making good wine that sells.


4. Stephen Amell’s evil laugh

There were plenty of laughs in the premiere for Amell. During the many corky analogies that were made, such as “make sure all your furniture is in the same room,” we couldn’t help but notice his laugh sounded a little bit evil, but you know, the good kind of evil.




Stephen and Drew went zip-lining in Paso Robles with the cameras attached to their heads so we could see them try to dump beanie bags in a bucket while gliding by. Stephen claimed he won, but we think we all saw him miss the bucket. That’s OK, he’s still go superhero status with us!



Did you watch Dudes Being Dudes? What were your favourite moments? Are you planning on watching? Sound off in the comments below.