Detention Adventure Uses Science to Send You on the Ultimate Quest

CBC Kids
CBC Kids

Do you long for a good old-fashioned adventure? Wish to share experiences like Goonies, Stand by Me and Home Alone with your children or a new generation? The new CBC Kids series Detention Adventure may be just the thing for you. Detention Adventure comes from the minds of director/writer Joe Kicak (Must Kill Karl, Frigid) and writer Carmen Albano (Saving Hope). They both “share a love of stories about the kinds of adventures kids used to take before cell phones,” says fellow Detention writer/Executive Producer Karen Moore (Mary Kills People, Workin’ Moms, Rookie Blue).

The potential series’ first season, would consist of 10 x 11 minute episodes this coming summer on the CBC Kids platform, and is one of many potential series currently seeking IPF (Independent Production Fund) funding for 2018. Detention Adventure follows three sixth grade nerds and a school bully who purposely get themselves thrown into detention after discovering the entrance to a labyrinth of tunnels, laden with traps and riddles, protecting Alexander Graham Bell’s hidden laboratory. Can these four students overcome their differences and put their science knowledge to the test in order to discover the fabled lost laboratory of Alexander Graham Bell?

While most stories for kids now involve technology or superheroes, the creators behind Detention Adventure wanted to call upon fond memories of stories from their youth to create a similar adventure for kids today. “Detention Adventure was born out of the desire to make a more cinematic kids series with grounded, three-dimensional characters, that will show kids that they don’t need superpowers to go on adventures in their own lives, and inspire them through the real mystery and intrigue of science,” Moore told The TV Junkies.

Science will regularly be used in the series to explore “themes such as the importance of failure and the flaws of quick judgement,” says Moore. By using science as a backbone for each episode, Detention Adventure can convey to kids the need “to question things they are told and explore for themselves. They must learn that no chemical reaction happens on it’s own — they are stronger as a team,” explained Moore.

Detention Adventure is currently competing for IPF funding and a trailer for the series can be checked out below! If you like what you see and want to see more Detention Adventure, make sure to “like”, share and view the trailer as much as possible to increase the series’ funding chances!


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