The Detail’s David Cubitt On Kyle and Stevie’s Complicated Past

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While solving cases and putting suspects away may be fun, it’s the personal relationships that truly matter on The Detail. The CTV drama series, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET, focuses on three female detectives and their coworkers in the Homicide Division, but the real drama and intrigue comes from what happens in their personal lives. One of those three leads, Detective Stevie Hall (Angela Griffin) routinely has to deal with past personal issues now that her ex, Detective Kyle Price (David Cubitt) has transferred into Homicide Division and works alongside her once again.

Stevie and Kyle have a long history together that includes a case that haunted both Kyle and his mentor, Stevie’s father. In this week’s episode of The Detail, “When One Door Closes,” written by Joe Pernice and Adam Pettle and directed by Grant Harvey, that case resurfaces for Stevie and Kyle when they get a break in the Brooke Dodson case. To get a closer look at Kyle and his relationship with Stevie, The TV Junkies spoke exclusively to Cubitt. Cubitt has a storied television career that includes roles on shows such as Van Helsing, Bates Motel, Medium, The Outer Limits and Traders.


The TV Junkies: You’ve acted on a lot of shows in the past, what was it about The Detail that really drew you to the role and made you want to be a part of this project?

David Cubitt: Well I loved the British show Scott & Bailey. I had watched it before I heard about this show and then I heard this show was derived from that. In the original, I was literally obsessed with it, all the main characters were women. So when they were casting this show and there were a couple of male roles I was really excited to be a part of it.

TTVJ: This isn’t the first time you have played a detective. How is Kyle Price different from other detectives you’ve played before?

DC: The thing about this show that I like, and the one that it was derived from, is that a large part of it is spent on the personal lives of the characters. Kyle has a history going back to working with Stevie’s father on a case that kind of wrecked his life in a lot of ways. He got out of homicide and retreated. So to have that as part of the character moving forward is a lot of fun.

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TTVJ: Speaking of Kyle and Stevie’s history, is that something that you and Angela talked a lot about and sort of built up in your heads before playing these characters?

DC: We all talked about it but not that much. It’s really all on the page so to speak.

TTVJ: Kyle and Stevie’s history is very tied into this missing persons case of Brooke Dodson. What is that history and how might it come back around in this week’s episode?

DC: With this victim Brooke Dodson, we notice the details surrounding her case look very similar to the Alvin Flowers case that Stevie’s father worked on. It drove him crazy and kind of wrecked his life. This brings up a lot of history and a lot of emotion for both Kyle and Stevie, and we think it could be the same suspect.

TTVJ: Not only do Kyle and Stevie have a history working cases together but they also had a personal relationship. What kind of trouble will that cause since she’s married now and has kids?

DC: She is married and this week’s episode goes a little deeper into the complexity of that situation. We see it both with Kyle and Stevie and then with Stevie and Jono (Matthew Edison) at home because of it. It’s all a bit of a mess, in a beautiful way.

TTVJ: Kyle also seems to have a unique relationship with Fiona. What is their history and what’s it like working with someone like Wendy Crewson?

DC: I love Wendy! She’s a force of nature. Kyle had worked with Fiona’s ex-husband and he shifted me into this division. She suspects that I may be angling for her job and there’s a bit of mistrust there between us. There’s also a mutual respect though.

TTVJ: We’re halfway through Season 1 now, is there anything else you can preview about what’s to come, either related to Kyle or other characters?

DC: We do get to the bottom of the Alvin Flowers situation and resolve it. We learn what actually happened with Stevie’s father and we find some resolution in that. We also go deeper into the personal lives of these characters which are fantastically messy and there’s no end to.


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The Detail airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.