Angela Griffin and Shenae Grimes-Beech on Why The Detail is More than Just “Hot Cops”

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If you can be lucky enough to love what you do for work then it’s not really work. Isn’t that what they claim? Well that may prove to be the case for Angela Griffin and Shenae Grimes-Beech, two of the stars of CTV’s upcoming series The Detail, premiering Sunday, March 25 at 9 p.m. ET. The series will follow the lives of three Metropolitan Police Service detectives on and off the job as they navigate the complicated demands of the work they do and their somewhat messy personal lives. “It’s a show that I want to watch on TV,” Griffin told The TV Junkies in a recent chat.

Griffin plays Detective Stevie Hall, an experienced interrogator who works alongside rookie Detective Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Cooper (Grimes-Beech). During the first season of The Detail, both of the women will see their personal and professional lives get complicated as they work for convictions alongside their boss Staff Inspector Fiona Currie (Wendy Crewson). Griffin, familiar to viewers from her role as Fiona Middleton on Britain’s Coronation Street and Grimes-Beech, a Canadian actress known for her lead roles on the CW series 90210 and CTV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation, recently previewed what’s to come if viewers tune in and what they love about the show.


The TV Junkies: Hearing that a show centers around three female leads has to be appealing to you right away, but what was it about The Detail that made you both really want to be involved with it?

Angela Griffin: Ultimately, I fell in love with my character and the storyline that these women are characters and not defined by their gender. Women weren’t the wives or the girlfriends, it was about us, about me and the individual. They are in this male-dominated field and they are kicking ass!

Shenae Grimes-Beech: I second all of that! [laughs] I was really drawn to Jack though, and the cop thing was so far out of the realm of what I thought I’d ever be cast as. When I did the audition that day there were all these women that looked just like the “hot cop” you see on TV so many times. I went in with a flannel, messy hair and Converse on, but I walked out feeling comfortable and like I stepped into her shoes. They were interested and it just seemed to fit. What they had in mind for Jack was what I was bringing to the table — this unkempt, messy, imperfect woman struggling to figure it all out and unapologetically doing it her own way.

TTVJ: Your characters, Stevie and Jack, are partners. What can you share about their relationship?

AG: Stevie is Jack’s mentor and more experienced. She’s trying to pass down her knowledge, and if you put a familiar take on it, they are kind of like sisters. Stevie would be the older sister, but she has a lot of admiration for Jack. Stevie is very much by the book and thinks the rulebook is there for a reason. Jack colors outside the lines all the time, and as much as that worries Stevie, she admires it because it gets results. So as much as she’s the older sister, she also really wants to borrow her clothes. [laughs]

TTVJ: All of the women seem to really support one another, like you said, which is so great to see on screen.

AG: That’s so true!

SGB: It’s so true! It’s a great example for women to set nowadays. This whole women empowering women thing is very popular to talk about, but not a lot of people practice what they preach. It’s about time we collectively start to kick ass!

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TTVJ: We also see the women a lot outside of work and get to see how messy their personal lives are. Can you preview what they’ll both be dealing with this season?

SGB: Just like real life they have issues that keep coming up. What’s really great though is that these women are not victims in those scenarios at all. They are the ones calling the shots and dealing with it in their own imperfect way. That’s one of the most fun parts for us to play.

AG: As an actor, this really is just the ideal job. You get the emotional storylines and then you get to run around and do the action as well. It’s my perfect job!

The men in Jack and Stevie’s lives are important, but it’s not everything. It’s not the only thing that defines them as human beings. They aren’t defined by men and Stevie does have a choice to make eventually because she has an old flame that still holds a candle, but it’s not her only story. She’s also got kids, crimes and her family to deal with.

TTVJ: Speaking of Stevie’s ex (David Cubitt), having him back into the picture seems to bring up a lot of her past with her father, who was also a cop, but also ties into this overarching story where a girl is missing. How does that all affect Stevie?

AG: There was an old case from about 10-15 years ago that comes up with these missing girls. Kyle was also involved in that case, so all these little strands tie up into quite an explosive ending. Watch every detail because every single detail matters.

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TTVJ: It’s got to be a lot of fun having someone like Wendy Crewson playing Fiona. What was it like working with her and what is Jack and Stevie’s relationship with their boss like?

SGB: I loved Wendy in all of the Santa Claus movies. [laughs] I told her that immediately. It was so great getting to work with her and the three of us had an easy, awesome and supportive dynamic. Jack’s relationship with Fiona is really fun to play because I’m always in trouble. She’s the principal always sending me to detention, but at the same time I’m one of her favorite students. She sees a lot of herself in Jack and definitely wants her to win and succeed. Jack needs that character in her life to lay down the law and Wendy’s character is that for her.

AG: I think Stevie is the peacemaker between the two of them. I love Wendy though and she’s such a pleasure to work with. The dynamic between the three of us on and off set was just ideal. It doesn’t get any better when you’re spending so much time together. It’s really important working long hours that can be grueling that the three of you get on and Wendy is just huge in that. She’s just a queen and really, really good.

SGB: And she’s a babe! She’s such an inspiration in every way.

TTVJ: Is there anything else we should keep an eye out for?

AG: After every episode go over to CTV’s website and there will be some funny after show chats for each episode. In them we just talk through scenes and we’re just genuinely very funny. [laughs]


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The Detail premieres Sunday, March 25 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.