Big Brother: deja vu & detonators domination


With less than one month remaining in this latest installment of Big Brother, one of the most dominant alliances in the history of the series is beginning to crack. Finally. The Detonators have stuck together since early on in the game, choosing to drop its own members only when the majority felt it necessary, all the while picking off their opponents with ease. On one hand, this clear domination has led to a fairly uneventful season, with the all-male core of the Detonators delivering one predictable eviction after another. On the other, the precision of their plotting and strategic planning while standing unified has been entertaining to watch.

At the center of it all has been Derrick, a clever police officer who has used his job-related skills to catapult himself onto the list of the best players ever to compete on Big Brother. He has carefully yet quietly masterminded the evictions of the vast majority of the house while maintaining great relationships with everyone, and he has done all of this while keeping the blood off of his own hands and convincing his fellow houseguests that each eviction was someone else’s decision other than his own. He has been able to put out numerous fires, keeping the core of his alliance intact, even when they have been ready to turn on one another at various points in the season. He has always come across to his fellow houseguests as the voice of reason and the voice of sincerity, though each and every move he has made and each and every word he has spoken has been nothing more than brilliant manipulation. Truly, Derrick has played one of the best strategic games in recent history. At this point, it would be a shame if he did not make it to the final two and secure himself that $500,000 prize.

Nicole was the latest casualty of Derrick’s determination to win this game. After earning herself a second chance to compete in the house, she found herself back in the crosshairs of the Detonators. When Caleb won last week’s endurance competition to earn himself the title of HOH for the week, he made it clear who his target was, nominating Nicole and Christine for eviction. And while there seemed to be a glimmer of hope for Nicole to find safety for at least one more week when the Detonators, led by Derrick, began to see Christine as much more of a threat to them than Nicole was, Christine’s victory in the POV competition literally blew up their plans to evict her instead.

The week became very interesting, however, when a rather devious plan to backdoor Frankie began to fly around the house. With the Detonators on board to blindside their narcissistic pal, it looked as though Frankie’s days were numbered. But Derrick was once again able to control his alliance and plant the seeds of doubt in their minds in order to focus their attention back on Nicole after she pointed out just how much she had noticed the way in which Derrick had been playing this game all along. Not wanting his secret strategies and his utter dominance in the game to become public knowledge, he opted instead to fly under the radar amongst his alliance and keep himself from being seen as the threat he truly is. As such, Derrick convinced the rest of the Detonators that Nicole needed to be evicted.

While that ultimately led to another unanimous and highly predictable eviction to kick off Thursday’s episode, the remainder of the night’s double eviction festivities were anything but dull. In what may have been the first one-answer victory in the history of the series, Derrick found himself taking full control of the house in a very outward way by becoming the next HOH. Yet he cleverly spun his nominations in a way that took the heat off of himself and put the focus on his alliance instead, claiming that he was putting Christine and Victoria on the block because it was what “the house” wanted.

Despite the fact that the Detonators once again had their sights on possibly backdooring Frankie, his vital win in the night’s POV competition secured himself a spot in the final five while sealing Christine’s fate, once and for all. In the second unanimous eviction of the night, Christine was sent out of the house to meet with host Julie Chen before making her way to the jury house. And while the barrage of jeers that she was met with came as no surprise to the viewers, who have long despised Christine for her behavior in the house, her fellow houseguests seemed rather shocked to hear the audience’s reaction. It did, of course, seem highly ironic that Frankie, the only houseguest who seems to be more hated in the outside world than even Christine, was the one to condemn her by stating that the audience “crushing” her was a sign that they made the right decision to evict her. Little does he know that he will be met with an even more venomous reaction the second he steps foot out of the Big Brother house. Karma, anyone?

With the next HOH yet to be crowned and the Detonators on the verge of turning on each other with only Victoria left standing as their non-alliance competition, this may prove to be the most exciting week of the entire season. Who will earn themselves this vital HOH title and who from their own alliance will be sitting on the block? Will they finally realize that they need to strike out against their fellow Detonators before they lose their chance to get a real threat out of the house or will they collectively focus all of their attention on pushing Victoria onward to the jury before duking it out against one another? And, perhaps most interesting of all, will someone push that BB Rewind button and cause the events of the coming week to become null and void? This could be an entertaining twist should the Detonators opt to turn on one of their own, only to have the week rewound and played again before they can successfully send that person packing. The drama alone would be thrilling to watch unfold, though I wonder who would be tempted enough by the mystery surrounding that button to actually push it and take their chances of it being something horrific. One thing is for certain, the homestretch of this latest season of Big Brother will certainly be intriguing to watch as the Detonators will soon be forced to go after one another. Even still, whether it will be enough to redeem a rather disappointing season? That remains to be seen.

What did you think of Thursday’s live double eviction on Big Brother? Now that Nicole is out of the game again, who are you rooting for to win? Were you glad to see Christine evicted? Who do you hope will win this week’s HOH competition and who do you want to see them put on the block? Will the BB Rewind button be pushed this week? Share your thoughts with us below!

Big Brother has altered its schedule and now airs Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 8pm on Global and CBS.