Dark Matter’s Jodelle Ferland on Five’s upcoming “moment in the spotlight”

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Dark Matter threw a serious curveball at viewers this past week, after a devious double cross left Two (Melissa O’Neil) literally up in the air as she was sent hurling out of an airlock. Now the rest of the Raza crew are left to cope without the Boss Lady in the midst of a takeover.

So what’s in store for our favourite crew of former (ish) bad guys? The TV Junkies got to chat with Five herself, actress Jodelle Ferland, who gave us a little hope about Two’s future. She also previewed what’s in store for Five in the coming episode, including her relationship with the crew and her role as the “little sister.” Plus we got a little insight into the trials and tribulations of filming inside the vents of a spaceship.

The TV Junkies: I have to ask–is Two actually dead?

Jodelle Ferland: Dead? Well, Two is.. there’s definitely something you don’t know about her. I’m not going to tell you what it is because it’s going to be an awesome surprise, but yeah, she’s a little different.

TTVJ: Five played a big part in the action in Episode 10. How excited were you when you saw the script for that episode?

JF: It was so exciting. I mean, I loved playing Five throughout the whole season, but when Five really got to get in on the action I couldn’t wait. It’s a lot of work and I definitely had a huge appreciation for everybody else with all the action throughout the whole season. Five was just kind of hanging around not doing much, except for Episode 6, so I was like, ‘Wow guys, you do a great job.’

TTVJ: Assuming they have the opportunity, do you think Five is going to be a part of any more missions during the remainder of the season?

JF: Five definitely gets her moment in the spotlight. She gets to share in the action with the rest of the crew, and definitely more than in the beginning when she helped out with tech things. She gets a little more physical at the end.

TTVJ: I have to say, I was surprised to see her so enthusiastic, because I know in the last few episodes she’s had a little bit of trust issues with everybody after what happened with Two on the space station. Where do you think her head was at during Episode 10?

JF: Five kind of goes back and forth a bit. She doesn’t really know who to trust. She thinks she can trust Two and then she’s not so sure when things happen with Two, and then she thinks that Six is the only one she can trust. I think that she’s learning that people have to work together on this ship for things to get done and even if she doesn’t fully trust everybody, she can still help.

TTVJ: One of the people that she’s become close with, like you said, is Six (Roger Cross). He’s also become very overprotective over the last few episodes. How does their relationship evolve over the final three episodes of the season?

JF: First of all, I love the relationship between Five and Six because Five, you know, she’s the smallest one and she doesn’t quite fit in like everybody else. Six is there to protect her and sure, sometimes he can get a little overprotective, but maybe she needs somebody like because she can be kind of overlooked as the sort of little sister of the crew.

There are definitely some interesting developments towards the end of the season and their relationship is going to go through some changes–but I’m not going to tell you what.

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TTVJ: Back in Episode 9 there was a moment when Six told Five she should think about leaving the Raza. So in Episode 10, you had a lot of scary moments: there was the nuclear missile at the beginning of the episode, then the double cross by Wexler at the end. Do you think there was any moment where she regretted sticking with the crew?

JF: I think Five has a hard time deciding how she feels about the rest of the crew, but yeah, maybe. She’s kind of back and forth a bit, trying to figure out who to trust. Maybe sometimes she has doubts about the decisions that she’s made, but in the end she knows that she needs to stick with them.

TTVJ: Her relationship with Two saw major improvement after Two volunteered her to replace Wexler. How does Five feel about her now?

JF: Five really appreciates the fact that people are starting to consider her an important part of the crew because she is kind of overlooked in the beginning. People know that she can open doors or help with tech, but people don’t realize how much potential she has, and she actually can help a lot of people if given the chance. I think she really appreciates that people are starting to notice her more and accept her as part of the crew even though she’s different.

TTVJ: Do you think the same might apply to people like Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) and Three (Anthony Lemke)?

JF: Yeah, I think everybody throughout the season starts to find their place. Everybody’s just thrown together in the beginning and by the end of the season everybody has a role to play and they start to figure out who they are and where they fit into the crew.

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TTVJ: Lately the Android’s been having a lot of feelings about having feelings. What kind of role does Five have in helping the Android (Zoie Palmer) deal with her so-called defect or flaw?

JF: I absolutely love the relationship between Five and the Android. My scenes with Zoie were some of my favourites, where it was just a one-on-one conversation with Five and the Android. The dialogue was just so much fun to play around with.

The thing about the Android is that even though she’s a genius, she knows everything about the ship and make calculations in her head in a split second, she has sort of a child-like perspective about the world. She doesn’t understand simple jokes or metaphors and I think that’s why she gets along so well with Five because she has that sort of younger perspective. That’s what the Android and Five have in common and they have a really adorable friendship; I love seeing them interact and I love playing those scenes.

TTVJ: Going forward, will we see Five in a supporting role for the Android?

JF: Yeah, for sure. They have a really sweet relationship and the Android is definitely struggling with, as you said, “feelings about feelings,” and she needs people to figure it out with her. Five is definitely there with her to help get her through it.

TTVJ: This is a little off topic, but I’m curious: do you ever get claustrophobic in those vents?

JF: Oh my goodness, the vents! I’m not really claustrophobic when I’m in that sort of situation. I wouldn’t like being in a small space that I wasn’t sure how I would get out off, that would be terrifying, but when I’m on set I know that I’m safe and I know that there’s an easy way for me to get out. I’m in a lot of boxes and vents and things like that, but I know that I can get out in a second if I’m uncomfortable, so it wasn’t much of an issue.

That being said, it wasn’t my favourite thing. It looks really cool and, in theory, it looks like it would be a lot of fun, but I just remember one specific day where the entire day we just did all of the vent scenes for a couple of the episodes. It was… a lot. But seeing it afterwards, I was like, yeah, that was worth it, that looks awesome. It’s always interesting when you’re doing scenes like that and you’re crawling through these tiny vents and you’re like, ‘What am I doing here? What am I doing with my life?’ But it’s worth it.

TTVJ: Without spoiling too much, what can you tell us about the next episode?

JF: Here’s the thing: the last few episodes, we kept filming them out of order and it was so confusing because we honestly sometimes were like, ‘Wait, what episode are we on?’ because we kept going back and forth. So they’re all mixed up in my head, if I’m being honest. Once I watch them or I look at the script again it all comes back.

I can definitely tell you that in every episode from now on there are going to be a lot of cliffhangers and surprises. Everything is going to be very exciting from this moment on. It gets really intense, I can tell you that. I remember when we were on set and every time a new episode would come out we would all freak out and all get out our phones and frantically read to see what happens. This moment on things get really crazy and we were bugging the writers all day on set to tell us what happens because there are some major cliffhangers.

Are you looking forward to seeing Five’s stronger side step into the spotlight? Sound off in the comments below.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Space Channel and Syfy.