Dark Matter: Joseph Mallozzi Talks “Welcome to the Revolution”

Stephen Scott/Syfy
Stephen Scott/Syfy

*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Dark Matter Season 3 episode “Welcome to the Revolution” ***

After the dust settled in a volatile revolt, the Raza crew is left without yet another member. Dark Matter‘s “Welcome to the Revolution” explored the reality and the consequences of the corporate war when the crew found themselves torn between helping a colony of Traugott workers or minding their own business, with much of the debate falling on Two (Melissa O’Neil) and Six (Roger Cross).

Six did all he could to find a peaceful resolution, taking matters into his own hands without Two’s consent, but after the intervention of his old enemy The General (Andrew Jackson)–the man behind the Hyadum-12 explosion that marked Six a criminal, who we last saw in Season 1 after a failed revenge mission–his only option was to put him out of commission and take command of the colony, leaving the Raza for the foreseeable future.

How will his absence affect the crew, and how will the discovery that Sarah (Natalie Brown) is technically alive and living inside the ship impact Three (Anthony Lemke)? These questions and more are answered in another installment of The TV Junkies‘ weekly postmortem with Dark Matter showrunner Joseph Mallozzi, who penned this week’s dark and dramatic episode.

The TV Junkies: Six really surprised me in this episode with his execution of The General. At this point we’ve seen Two, Three and even Five (Jodelle Ferland), by way of the Android (Zoie Palmer), pull the trigger with relative ease, but not so much with Six.

Joseph Mallozzi: But, I mean, if there’s anyone he’s going to shoot in the head… it shows how far he’s been pushed. He went out to kill The General in Season 1 and failed, and The General is essentially responsible for the fact that his life took such a spiral, so he’s always had animosity. Compounded by what he went through in that episode: coming in as the peacemaker, trying so hard and failing at the end, having to abandon them, then being called back as a savior and discovering, after all the trouble he went through to ensure the lives of these two groups, that the General ends up killing the Traugott soldiers, and lording it over him. He had it.

It was very dark, and once he takes that step he realizes, “I can’t just leave these people and go back. I’ve got to see it through.” Who knows what the future holds?

TTVJ: How will Six’s decision to stay behind affect the crew moving forward?

JM: It’ll be interesting. One of the things that One offered, and Six offered as well, is that moral drive. Even though that’s very much Five as well, she has her hands full with so many other things, she’s not really the one to say that the crew has to take up the mantle of this good cause. Who knows, maybe it’ll be something that will fall on her to do in the future, but that remains to be seen.

In an episode like this, the action of that occurs is the direct result of the war. Traugott’s munitions factory has been cut off, these people have been left to fend for themselves, the crew saves them, and find themselves in the middle of the situation. The corporate war will be coming in and out of our stories for the third season.


TTVJ: Will we get to check in with Six and the colony from time to time?

JM: We’ll be seeing him. He’s there and he’s dealing with the independent colonies. That’s what he’s stayed behind to do and that’s exactly what he’ll be doing.

TTVJ: In this episode we learned that the secret behind Sarah’s return is that the pod that kept her alive had been storing her consciousness.

JM: The idea being that when you’re in stasis, it’s able to maintain your body, but your mind could atrophy. Essentially it’s a means of keeping your mind active, not unlike the Transfer Transit that copies the template of the mind and relays it via subspace into the clone. It’s essentially the same thing. It’s something that I wanted to do and didn’t get an opportunity to in Season 2.

TTVJ: It did remind me a lot of the cloning technology when I first saw that scene. Does that mean there’s a chance Sarah could be transferred into a clone?

JM: Yeah, there’s a possibility. Right now the only option is a clone body, but, as we know, clone bodies are temporary. They degrade within a 72 hour period and are essentially locked. It’s not a viable option yet, but you would think at one point there’s gotta be a progression for her. In the meantime, Three has to deal with the fact that she now exists within the ship.


TTVJ: Three did not take the news about Sarah well. What was going through his mind in that last scene?

JM: That is something you’re going to find out in Episode 4. When I set out to write that scene, I wanted Anthony just to play it without dialogue. Everyone else in the scene talks. He’s quiet, clearly anguished, and then he just gets up and you don’t really know what is going through his mind, but you assume it’s not good. The next episode is a time loop episode, so he gets various shots at coming to terms with Sarah and dealing with various situations he comes up against. It was just a perfect episode because it’s a very funny episode, but there are a lot of really touching character moments as well, and Anthony’s just so good at both.

TTVJ: You had me at character moments, you know how much I love these characters.

JM: Yes, well there are a lot of great moments this season. I was watching the after show with Yael, Tauri-Jay and Andrew [Moodie], and they said how that episode gave them all the feels, and I was like, “You know what? This may be the feeliest season yet.” Especially when you get to Episode 10. Holy smokes. Be prepared.

TTVJ: This episode introduced Adrian (Mishka Thebaud) and Solara (Ayisha Issa), who were a really fun part of the episode for me. Where did you get the idea for these two?

JM: The Solara character was really the one I wanted to introduce. Ayisha auditioned for Nyx in Season 2, and I loved Ayisha, but she wasn’t right for the role. As it so often happens, I’ll see someone come in and I’ll file them away and say, “I’ll bring this person back and find a role for them.” I loved the idea of this character and a bodyguard, and I wanted to create a counterpart for her. I kind of liked the Tabor character, but I wanted someone who offered what Tabor offered, but with a little bit of a vulnerability and a youthful appeal to Five.

You never know, you create the characters, write the script and cast as best you can. You see who pops and who doesn’t, and I felt Mishka and Ayisha were terrific. It’s always interesting to throw in new blood on the ship to mix things up and see how our characters will react. I like the dynamic between Three and Solara right off the bat, and I like the dynamic between Five and Adrian, so it’s something we’ll explore this season.


TTVJ: Adrian dropped some interesting information about the original Raza crew members, Shrike and Jasper, who were teamed up with Boone and Ryo (Alex Mallari Jr.) before Portia arrived. I know you never drop information without the payoff somewhere down the line, so when will we get the story behind that?

JM: You do know me! Episode 10 is where we learn the fate that befell Shrike and Jasper. Episode 10 is very much an Android/Portia episode where we delve into their backstory and one of the lynchpin techniques in this episode stems from a conversation the Android had with Four at the end of Season 2. Our Android takes a parallel journey to our characters in the beginning, she’s wiped to render her docile and doesn’t have memories either. Later you find out, like our characters, that the memories are there, they’re just inaccessible. The Android will serve as a conduit to these memories that will shed light to some of the moments before the mind wipe on the Raza.

TTVJ: My favourite Zairon scene from this episode was the demonstration from the student. How did that come together?

JM: She was someone that our stunt coordinator John Stead brought in. That’s what she does, and she was incredible impressive. It’s a great opportunity to showcase stuff like that in the show and, for our stunt coordinator, that’s his forte.

TTVJ: Ryo has hired mercenaries and assassins to take back the blink drive. Will we be seeing them drop in sooner rather than later?

JM: I’d say pretty darn soon. He has no memories of what went on at the research facility, so for all he knows they stole the blink drive and destroyed the station with everyone on it, sending his war efforts back significantly. At this point, he’s pissed.


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