Dark Matter: Joseph Mallozzi talks “We Voted Not to Space You”

Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy
Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy
*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Dark Matter episode “We Voted Not to Space You” ***

Dark Matter served up equals part fun and fatally dark in tonight’s episode. The Android (Zoie Palmer) got her first real taste of what it’s like to be human, which provided much of the humour in the episode. It also gave Palmer the opportunity to both literally and figuratively let her hair down. Unfortunately, Randroid sucked all the fun out of the air with her worrisome warning that the Android is beginning to make mistakes.

On a much darker note, Two (Melissa O’Neil) got her revenge on Jace Corso (Marc Bendavid) for killing One. Corso’s death, however, means the crew is further away from learning why One was killed. If not Traugott, is it CoreLactic or some other devious force out there? We also met a new Galactic Authority figure known as Chief Investigator Kierkan, played by Lost Girl‘s Kris Holden-Ried. Will he continue to hunt the crew down after letting them go?

For answers to these questions and more, read on for another instalment of our Dark Matter postmortem with Joseph Mallozzi. The showrunner breaks down Two’s fatal call, that run-in with the GA and previews a cliffhanger or two in the near future. And for more on the Android, be sure to read our interview with Palmer, where we discuss what it was like creating a brand new Android.

The TV Junkies: The Android had a terrific episode this week, but we got an ominous warning from Randroid that she’s starting to make mistakes. Is there a chance of more mistakes down the line?

Joseph Mallozzi: We will find out. Like most things, we set something up and we do pay it off down the line. It’s going to pay off in a big way soon.

TTVJ: By the way, that upgrade isn’t permanent, is it?

JM: No, no. Essentially it gives her the ability to disguise herself, but she can go back. It’s discussed off the top of the next episode that she’ll be back to her regular self and she’ll mention the fact that she has a preference.

Ian Watson/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy
Ian Watson/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy

TTVJ: Glad to hear that! I have a deep fondness for our Android.

JM: As do I. I have to say, there were other individuals who were suggesting that she be more human, and that’s something I’ve been fighting against for awhile now. I love the Android the way she is and I don’t think making her more human will make her more likeable. I like the way she is right now.

TTVJ: Now, what did Marc Bendavid ever do to deserve getting shot in the face twice in one season?

JM: It’s funny, when he came back and he read the script, he said, “I’m becoming the Kenny of Dark Matter.” Basically, Jace Corso took the job from someone and Two is all about protecting her crew and making the tough choices. She made a tough choice there. She is the same person who blasted Wexler (Ennis Esmer) out the airlock, so maybe not that surprising. A little shocking, but in retrospect not that surprising.

TTVJ: Now that Jace revealed that Traugott wasn’t behind One’s death, is his company CoreLactic the perpetrator or simply the next potential suspect?

JM: The fact is we don’t know. All I can say is that hopefully we’ll address that later than sooner.

TTVJ: We met a new character in the GA’s Chief Investigator Kierkan. Now that the crew has let him know that there’s no way they’ll ever live to see a trial, has he stopped the hunt for them?

JM: They could tell him they’re not getting a fair trial, but whether he believes them… He weighs what is better for them in the run long: basically letting these guys go at the risk of having them commit more crimes or bringing them in and ending their reign of terror. I think he would probably lean towards the latter.

TTVJ: We are starting to see this issue of morality within the GA. There’s corruption, but people Lieutenant Anders (Jeff Teravainen) and Kierkan are still essentially good.

JM: For Lt. Anders it’s being the lessor of two evils. He doesn’t like it anymore than Six (Roger Cross) did, but in his mind at the end of day they’re a small fry in a much bigger pond, so they’ll have to roll with the punches as much as they don’t like it.

TTVJ: Will we see more of that corruption storyline as the season goes?

JM: It’s quite possible. All the stuff that we set up we do fully intend to come back to and pay off in some way. Definitely that, Anders’ fate, Kierkan, these are all things that we’ll be following through on somewhere down the line. Not necessarily soon, but we’ll get to it.


TTVJ: Six is finally back on his feet, but it’s still very tense between himself and the crew. Will it be that way for awhile?

JM: Yeah. The last thing I want to do is say, ‘Oh great, he helped them escape and everyone’s back to the way they were.’ They’re not, he betrayed them. Two let him back on the ship, Five (Joelle Ferland) obviously still cares for him, Three (Anthony Lemke) doesn’t care for him, or cares for him even less, and with Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) we don’t really know what his deal is. Clearly there are some very conflicted feelings and that’s something we’re going to explore as the season progresses. There will be no easy answers to that one.

TTVJ: I’m curious about that scene with Devon (Shaun Sipos). From the looks of it he allowed a patient to die on the table.

JM: It would seem as though, yes, he lost a patient.

TTVJ: Is that tied to why he wound up on Hyperion-8?

JM: Quite possibly, yes.

TTVJ: Interesting, interesting… I really am enjoying Nyx (Melanie Liburd) and Devon the more we see them. I’m assuming we’re going to learn more secrets about them soon?

JM: Very soon. In fact, the next two episodes will bring some surprises with regard to both characters.

TTVJ: What else can you tell us about next week’s episode?

JM: Priority number one for them is to find out what the hell is mysterious key in their possession and why Reynaud (Inga Cadranel) wants it so badly. They’re going to need to find out about her and they’re going to end up calling on an unlikely ally in Tabor Calcheck, played by David Hewlett, who is going to end up on the ship and has some great scenes with the Android. Before that we’re going to find out what the hell is up with Nyx. We’re going to get her story, and then episode six and seven will end in shocking fashion.


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