Dark Matter Set Visit: What We Learned About Season 2


Prepare yourselves, we’re about to head back to the Raza as the Dark Matter crew is set to return to Syfy and Space Channel on Friday, July 1. The Season 1 finale saw the ship’s mole finally revealed as most of the members were taken into custody by the Galactic Authority. The show will hit the ground running in Season 2, as the Raza crew finds themselves embroiled in an intergalactic conspiracy where they are seeking out a mysterious device that may hold the key to victory in a looming all-out corporate war. Marc Bendavid (One), Melissa O’Neil (Two), Anthony Lemke (Three), Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), Jodelle Ferland (Five), Roger Cross (Six) and Zoie Palmer (The Android) all return for Season 2. They will be joined by new series regulars Melanie Liburd (Game Of Thrones) as Nyx, and Shaun Sipos (Melrose Place) who plays Devon.

The TV Junkies were invited to visit the set of Dark Matter back in February and given the opportunity to get a glimpse at the upcoming second season. We spoke with showrunner Joseph Mallozzi and cast members: Roger Cross, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Melissa O’Neil, Jodelle Ferland, Zoie Palmer, Melanie Liburd and Shaun Sipos. Read on below for what we were able to take away about what’s to come in Season 2, as well as some fun behind the scenes information and insights into the show’s new characters.

Things get really dark

“Season 2 will put the Dark in Dark Matter,” teased Mallozzi who says the overall theme of the second season will be “continued discovery, Action Adventure and tragedy.” What about the prospect of more shocking deaths in Season 2? “There are a lot more. A lot more. Three, four times more,” he previewed. Mallozzi went on to reiterate that “no one is safe. That’s why I wanted to do an ensemble. I love the fact that there is no hero. You’re going to be surprised with Season 2.”

The group gets proactive

“Season 1 was very much about the mystery and them finding out who they were,” explained Mallozzi. He said that will continue in Season 2 but “we’re going to be proactive and take the fight out to these enemies they’ve established over time.” By getting out and about “we’re going to be finding out more about the universe and colonized space. More about the corporations and the fact that it seems that we’re headed for a corporate war in Season 2,” Mallozzi said. He also confirmed that there will be “significantly more world building in Season 2.”

Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy
Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Season 2’s Cliffhanger is even bigger

Thought that Season 1 cliffhanger was pretty crazy? Well, prepare yourself now for Season 2 since Mallozzi told us that “Season 2 is going to end on an even bigger cliffhanger.” The showrunner also confirmed that they are trying “to maintain ending episodes on OMG moments.”

They’re all in jail!

Season 2 will open and find our crew locked away in Hyperion 8 Intergalactic Prison. According to Mallozzi there will be a gen pop area for the worst of the worst–Two, Three, Four–and then a minimum security wing for individuals who aren’t necessarily criminals–Five and One. So what about the Android? “I may be there too,” joked Palmer. As for Six, the one who turned them all over, is he there as well? “You know, he could be,” said Cross with a laugh.

This crew loves to fight

If there’s one big takeaway from our time on set it’s that the Raza crew loves their action sequences. Ferland teased that she’s “very much enjoyed the action I have coming in Season 2.” While Mallari Jr. enthusiastically told us “I love the sword. I absolutely love the sword,” before saying that his favorite part about Season 2 will “always be the fight choreography.” Speaking of weapons, one of the most notorious from Season 1, Three’s giant gun Bubba, is also a lot of fun for Lemke. “Bubba has become a character,” the actor joked. He said that “it’s not just that it shoots but it also doesn’t shoot. It bounces people off walls and the batteries run out. Bubba’s just not that simple.” He detailed for us how Bubba’s size presents some unique challenges for him as an actor. “It’s super heavy. It’s a really fun weapon and then you have to figure out how to manipulate it,” he explained.

Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy
Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Who is Devon?

Sipos joins the cast as Devon, a doctor that meets the crew in jail and has a very dark past, one that will explored more in Episode 207. “Devon is a guy with a bit of a dark history and he had some traumatic events happen in his past and he ended up in a prison with these guys. He ends up joining their crew and has some medical expertise that comes in very valuable,” Sipos explained. Just like the other crew members, “he has certain demons that he’s grappling with and he believes that he’s done wrong. It haunts him and he struggles with those and wanting to inflict some sort of pain on himself. I firmly believe that he believes he has to pay for what he’s done,” said Sipos.

Devon’s introduced to the crew in a somewhat surprising way. Sipos said that Devon comes on board and ends up “doing surgery on a member of the Raza that they care about.” Devon’s unique skills as a doctor make him very valuable to the Raza crew in such a situation. So why does he stay with them? “I think it’s a better place than prison,” Sipos joked. “Any chance to get out and be free in some regard, whether it’s on the run, whether it’s with people you don’t know and don’t trust, is better than being put in a cage and put alone,” he said.

Two is the only one who knows about Six

Melissa O’Neil confirmed that Two is indeed the only one that knows of Six’s betrayal. What will she do with that information? “I think for the most part she keeps that to herself.  As ever, she’s level headed about what’s going on and more than anything she wants to get to ‘Why? Why did you do this?’ Along with Five she’s always felt that they are a team and they built this family, and that kind of betrayal, I don’t think any of us saw it coming,” she told us. She previewed a discussion between Two and Six where she’ll try to understand why he did this to the group when she was so sure his loyalties were with them? As for Two, her loyalties remain clear. “Her loyalties always lie with the ship. If the shit hit the fan she would still be there with her crew and that’s what I think is so hard for her to understand. She’s grappling with that because she thought that they had that in common,” said O’Neil.

Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy
Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Meet Nyx

“Nyx is a strong, badass character that is very charming and charms her way out of a lot of situations,” explained Liburd. While we don’t know much else about the new character joining the cast, Liburd did add that “Nyx has been on her own, and in and out of prison most of her life. She uses what she has to get her along the way, whether that’s doing a bit of charming and hustling…” One thing is for certain, Liburd has had an easy time joining the already big ensemble cast. “As an actress it was a dream. My character is so much fun to play and it’s such a lovely set,” she enthused to us before Lemke could jokingly add “we’re Canadian!”

Has Two met her match?

Two and Nyx will meet in a very unlikely way. Their first encounter will actually be a fight, something O’Neil said she really prepared for this summer. “I had been training a lot to work with explosive weight training and in the fights I really felt a huge difference. I felt like I was fighting really really fast. I think that’s going to be an interesting way to kick off that episode and introduce that new character,” she told us. While initially the two women may fight and size each other up, “eventually I really feel that there’s a sisterhood that develops between these two,” said O’Neil.

Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy
Photo credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Two and Nyx’s strong bond

One thing we really got excited to hear about on the visit was more about that strong bond that forms between Two and Nyx. It’s something that has O’Neil excited as well. “If anything, they aren’t put off or made to feel defensive about this other strong woman in the room. In fact they are really empowered, and if anything impressed, that there’s another chick that can really hold her own. I think that’s really exciting to see and I think everyone’s hoping to see that in the world in general, for women to be bolstering each other. I’m really proud that we get to display a strong female relationship like that,” she said. Count Liburd among the fans of this relationship as well. She added that she’s “really excited to see what happens with our relationship. It’s great to have two girls that get on together and kick ass together.”

Changing Relationships

With the new characters in the mix and changing alliances there may be a couple relationships among the Raza crew that change this year. O’Neil previewed that One and Two’s relationship will “evolve in a way that I think will genuinely shock the viewers.” What about Two’s relationship with Five? That’s going to falter as well as the pair “really goes through a good bit of struggle this season,” said O’Neil.

Can we trust Six?

One would think the answer to that question is a resounding “NO!” after the events of last season, but Six and the crew may be in for a somewhat surprising reunion. Cross told us that “it’s not the situation where we’re going to hug and we’re all better. It evolves in a kind of organic way as possible.” He said trust is definitely part of the journey this season as the crew starts to question “can you still trust this guy? Is he in it for himself or does he have ulterior motives for some of the things he’s doing?”


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Dark Matter Season 2 premieres on Friday, July 1 at 10 p.m. on Space Channel and Syfy.