Dark Matter Preview: The Raza Stumble on a Revolution

Dark Matter is back after a nail-biting two-hour Season 3 premiere, where both the corporate war and the very personal war between the Raza and former ally Ryo Ishida (Alex Mallari Jr.) are raging on. By the end of the premiere, the crew stole back a damaged blink drive, while a surprise sequence revealed that Five (Jodelle Ferland) is harboring a secret that will have huge ramifications for one member of the crew in particular.

The corporate war is still in full force on Friday night’s “Welcome to the Revolution” as the crew find themselves intercepting a battle between Ferrous and Trauggot in their search for their old semi-ally Tabor Calchek (David Hewlett). In the process, they discover they’ve landed in the middle of a tense fight for independence between colony workers and Traugott security.

We’re dropping a few hints about what you can expect from “Welcome to the Revolution”, which has more than a few surprises in store. And don’t forget to check back with The TV Junkies after the episode airs to read our full episode breakdown with showrunner Joseph Mallozzi.

Meet Adrian and Solara

Dark Matter newcomers Mishka Thebaud and Ayisha Issa make their debut in this episode as Adrian Maro and Solara Shockley. Turns out the corporate war has sent Tabor into hiding, and Adrian has kindly stepped into his role, and hired Solara as his bodyguard. The pair could not be more different, which might be exactly why their dynamic works so well. Not only do Adrian and Solara bring in the element of fun in this episode, they also develop interesting bonds with some of the crew.

Six and Two clash over the colony

Two’s (Melissa O’Neil) struggle between doing what’s right and doing what’s best for her crew–who have really become her family at this point–is once again tested here, as Six (Roger Cross) fights to help the members of the colony take back their independence from Traugott. Making a difference is all well and good, but what if it comes with the price? That’s something both Two and Six struggle with here, and the conclusion might not be what you expect.


Ryo plans his revenge

He may not look it from the outside, but Ryo is still reeling from the destruction of his research facility, the theft of the blink drive and learning the truth about what happened to Nyx (Melanie Liburd). As a result, much of the action on Zairon shows Ryo carefully considering his options for how he’ll retaliate on the crew and take back the blink drive. Meanwhile, tensions between Teku (David Moodie) and Misaki (Ellen Wong) continue to rise.

The Android makes a discovery

Back on the ship, the Android (Zoie Palmer) notices a strange anomaly in the ship’s system: a section of the data that has been closed off and inaccessible to her. She begins an investigation to discover exactly what’s going on. Those who have seen the Season 3 premiere can easily guess what this mysterious data is, but will the Android discover the truth?

An old enemy arrives

Someone from the crew’s past makes a surprise appearance in this episode, and their presence has a profound effect on the outcome of the colony revolt. It also forces one of the crew to make a dramatic decision no one could have predicted.


Will the crew decide to get involved? Share your theories in the comments below.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space Channel and Syfy.