Dark Matter Finale: The Crew’s Future Looks Bleak for Season 3

Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy
Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy
***Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Dark Matter episode “But First, We Save the Galaxy”***

Boom. Dark Matter dropped the proverbial mic in a devastating Season 2 finale when the Raza crew’s attempt to prevent a corporate war literally blew up in their face. With no knowledge of the fates of Two (Melissa O’Neil), Three (Anthony Lemke), Five (Jodelle Ferland) and Six (Roger Cross), there is a bigger question mark than ever hovering around the series’ third season.

With the exception of a helpless Android (Zoie Palmer), Four (Alex Mallari Jr.), also known as Emperor Ishida Ryo, is perhaps the only character who made it through the finale unscathed, the now certain war offering his home world a chance at victory.

We certainly don’t have all the answers here at The TV Junkies, but Dark Matter‘s co-creator and showrunner Joseph Mallozzi has offered some insight into the events of the episode and confirms one heartbreaking loss.

There’s one crew member who won’t be returning

It turns out there really is no hope after being cut by a poison blade. Mallozzi confirmed to the The TV Junkies that Nyx, played by Melanie Liburd, won’t be making a surprise recovery, in case the Android’s devastated expression wasn’t enough indication. As for the rest of the crew on EOS-7? That answer will have to wait. “We’re in the process of hammering out Season 3 now,” says Mallozzi. “Stay tuned.”

We now know the betrayal Milo predicted

Remember when Milo (Mpho Koaho) predicted one of the Raza would betray the other crew members? While some of us may have speculated that betrayal was Milo’s own death, Mallozzi says the events of the season finale was Four’s real moment of betrayal. “His stealing of the Blink Drive–and the circumstances in which he took it –was the predicted betrayal,” he says.

The way is clear for Zairon to win the war against Pyr

With the blink drive in hand and a now imminent corporate war on the horizon, Zairon is now primed to return to its former glory. But how long was this plan in motion? “In ‘Stuff To Steal, People To Kill’, Four learns that, in the alternate reality, Ryo was able to lead Zairon to victory over the Republic of Pyr when Pyr’s corporate backers had their attention diverted to an all-out corporate war precipitated by the destruction of EOS-7,” explains Mallozzi. “When our Four/Ryo retakes his throne, he already knows how to weaken Pyr–by diverting their corporate backers. To do that, he has to ensure that the destruction of EOS-7 happens, just as it did in the alternate reality.”

Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy
Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy

We haven’t seen the last of Anders

There was death and destruction to spare in Season 2 of Dark Matter, but somehow one man managed to rise from the ashes in time for his inevitable season finale cameo. Anders (Jeff Teravainen) lives! So what does he want with Three? Was he following Kierkan’s (Kris Holden Ried) orders or acting on his own agenda? “We’ll have to wait to find out what role Anders plays in the coming conflict,” says Mallozzi.

There may be more loss ahead in Season 3

With the explosion of EOS-7 our beloved Android may be crewless, but Mallozzi says there is still plenty of story left for her in the next season, offering a “huge” revelation in store for her character. But what else should we expect for next season? “Hard to say,” says Mallozzi. “I suppose it depends on who survives.”


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Dark Matter will return for Season 3 in 2017 on Space Channel and Syfy.