Dark Matter: The Raza strikes back

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Talk about going out with a bang. After a dramatic ending last week, Dark Matter‘s “Episode Eleven” continued its momentum as the crew coped with Two’s apparent death while in the grips of Wexler and his team. It was an episode full of terrific performances, exciting action and an answer to a major question that’s had us scratching our heads for weeks.

It turns out Two is an “advanced biosynthetic organism,” which is is a complicated way of saying she was created, not born. Of course, this only leads to more questions: Who created her? Why was she created? How did a state-of-the-art genetically engineered being become a criminal for hire?

Two was truly a one woman army in this episode, taking people out left and right all while barely breaking a sweat. Even without the help of the nanites living in her body, Two may have earned the title of toughest woman on TV based on these last two episodes. While I’m happy to see her survival, the moment she launched Wexler out of the airlock, it was clear that something inside of her was indeed lost out there in space. Although no one out there is grieving for Wexler–murdering Two is one thing, but threatening Five the way what he did is a whole different level of evil.

While the action was a big draw of the episode, it was the performances that really made it stand out for me this week. Anthony Lemke and Jodelle Ferland consistently give outstanding performances as Three and Five, Episode 11 being no different, but first I’d like to bring attention to the actor who surprised me the most in this episode.

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I’ll be the first admit I’m not One’s biggest fan, but Marc Bendavid gave his best performance of the season. He really came into his own here, giving One a lot of the personality and emotion I felt like we’ve been missing so far. It was the first time One and Five really talked and his chemistry with Ferland caught me by surprise; I really felt those emotions there. Five really may bring out the best in people. Then between his impassioned and over-the-top speech to the men and his revenge talk with Three, we got to see how aware of himself One has become, compared to just a few episodes ago. On a related note, I appreciate how all the male characters are aware of how the women completely run the ship.

Three blew me away as usual with his devastated reaction to Two’s death, and I’m sure I’m not the only who feels that way. Lemke is great at playing Three’s smug and smart-cracking persona, but it’s his seamless transition into a much more thoughtful and complicated man that gives us chills. Though another chill-inducing moment was when Five made her first ever kill to save Two. In no way do I blame her for doing it, but the decision may haunt her all the same.

At the end of the day, each actor did a great job in portraying the grief and shock accompanied by losing a friend so suddenly. On the other side of the spectrum, Ennis Esmer continued to do a fantastic job as the irredeemable Wexler, who went to lengths to live up to his reputation as the worst person ever. Still, only a person as deplorable as Wexler could have been capable of bringing the absolute worst out of Two.

Of course, now that Wexler has officially left the building, the final moments of the episode revealed that the mysterious device that caused so much trouble was capable of far more death and destruction than the double crosser ever could. What could have been so powerful that it was able to destroy an entire planet in what seemed like seconds? And could it be linked to the mysterious key Five discovered back in the early days of the season?

Now that we’re one week out from the finale, it’s only fitting that this review ends with a recap of all of the loose ends that need to be tied before the final episodes. Although no amount of answers will fill the void in our hearts once the season finally closes.

6 big Dark Matter dilemmas that need answering:

  • Will the crew finally get their memories back? At this point, do they even want them?
  • Who erased their memories in the first place?
  • Will One change his mind and take his revenge out on Three?
  • Are we going to meet villains The General or the Empress once more before the season ends?
  • Will we ever find out why the show is called Dark Matter?
  • Finally, when will they officially announce Season 2? #RenewDarkMatter

Were there any major questions I missed? Share your own questions and theories in the comments below.

Dark Matter‘s two-hour finale airs Friday, Aug. 28 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space Channel.

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