Dark Matter: Send in the clones

Space/Bell Media
Space/Bell Media

From Androids to clones, Dark Matter has been amping up the sci-fi element more and more this season, but not without good reason. What first appeared to be a nifty informercial in a doctor’s office, became a crucial plot development for both Six and One as they used clone technology to get more information on their respective revenge plans, though One didn’t exactly realize it at the time.

Dark Matter took a relatively dark turn in “Episode Eight,” even considering the depressing end of last week’s “fun” rendezvous with Wendy. After landing at another space station, Six went ahead with his revenge plot on The General, who orchestrated the mass murder terrorist plot that put Griffin Jones on the galaxy’s most wanted list. However, it was the final moments of the episode that left us breathless.

Since that massive reveal in Episode 3 that One isn’t the real Jace Corso, we’ve been itching to find out who he really is. Not only did we learn that he’s a rich CEO by the name of Derrick Moss, his motive for sneaking onto the Raza was apparently to kill Three, who was accused of killing Moss’ late wife, Catherine. These guys certainly love their revenge plots, don’t they?

While I’m sad that the budding bromance between One and Three may be doomed, I’m curious as to how One is going to take the information. Will he still want to avenge a woman that he no longer remembers? Not to mention, looking back on Five’s memory of the day they boarded the ship, One was asking Six about the code to the metal door, which happened to be where Three was storing Sarah. Could he have been out to kill Sarah instead, in a convoluted “you killed my wife, I kill your lover” scenario? If so, he may have unknowingly fulfilled his mission already, in a sad twist of fate. This is, of course, assuming One isn’t just a reckless loverboy who’s willing to throw it all away to kill someone in person, as opposed to simply using his massive wealth to hire a guy to kill Three. But who are we kidding–this is One we’re talking about.

Space/Bell Media
Space/Bell Media

Revenge plots are quickly becoming the new mainstay in Dark Matter, thanks to Six’s grudge against The General and Four’s still-unclear plans for his half-brother Hiro and the Empress. Based on their actions, the ongoing nature vs. nurture debate has slowly but surely been moving towards the nature side. Way back in Episode 1, could you imagine Six shooting a room full of strangers without blinking an eye, or choking a man to death? While Two wants to believe they can change and become new people, Six and Four are well on their way to becoming the men they used to be.

Six’s downward spiral is even sadder in light of his relationship with Five. Since the day she decided to trust him, she’s latched onto him as if he were a life vest, in spite of the fact that he’s drowning just as much as the rest of them. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but the fact is that tensions on the Raza have never been higher and there’s no indication that it’s getting any better.

One of the more cryptic moments of the episode came when the Android told Two that if she wanted to help the crew learn to trust each other she needs to “tell them the truth about herself.” All signs point to the fact that Two is walking around wearing an unnecessary bandage on her neck after her space zombie bite healed within hours, but is there more we don’t know? Dark Matter breeds mystery at a rapid rate, and that’s not even counting the question of why the Android has feelings to begin with. Will we meet her creators before the season’s end?

However, while the mystery and intrigue will always be a major factor in why Dark Matter is so compelling to watch, it’s the small, happier moments that have maintained my interest. The cast has solid chemistry together and it makes scenes like their drunken bonding on the space station add a lot more vibrance to an already entertaining show. The darker moments may be imminent, but if we keep those lighter times along the way, it may be that much easier to endure.

A few Dark thoughts:

  • Leave it to Three to be more upset about Six being a hoarder than a wanted terrorist.
  • I saw sparks of my once beloved Two/Five/Android friendship as they both coached the Android through having feelings. Do you think they’ll give her a name eventually?
  • “There is no such thing as a bloodless revolution,” or so says The General. Seems like there’s going to be a lot more bloodshed before the finale.
  • I maintain that Three would be an amazing drinking buddy. Who’s with me?

Were you floored by all the twists from the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Space Channel and Syfy.